Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Relationship time warp

Sad news, readers: I'm abandoning my blogging aspirations to pursue a more important goal.

The new mission? Devote my entire life to helping my boyfriend succeed.

Calm down, I'm just kidding. Blame it on the side effects of spending too much time perusing this blog experiment.

One woman is temporarily embracing the role of a husband-obsessed housewife from the '50s. It's her second housewife experiment.

Putting my extra change in a "nag jar" doesn't sound too appealing, but I'm not entirely adverse to the idea of relationship time traveling.

It's interesting to wonder if your romance would succeed if you were transported to another decade or century.

You know, a time when it wasn't as easy to regard marital dissatisfaction as blog inspiration.

(via Double X)