Tuesday, July 31, 2007

it seemed like good exercise

That's among the answers in this scientific study disclosing 237 reasons people have sex.

The study, published in the August edition of Archives of Sexual Behavior, is reportedly "the most thorough taxonomy of sexual motivation ever compiled."

Other noteworthy responses include "I wanted to feel closer to God," "someone dared me" and "(to) change the topic of conversation."

The reason ranked most often among men and women? "I was attracted to the person."

Now, there's another study being conducted about reasons people DON'T have sex. I tried to link to the questionnaire, available here, but apparently the study's already full.

Which means it's time to extend the discussion to this blog.

Submit your craziest reasons to do it -- or not do it. Top answers will get a shout-out, or something equally cool.

Monday, July 30, 2007

the monday moan

This week's question is inspired by my current No. 1 guilty pleasure, "Age of Love," a reality TV show in which "kittens" (20-somethings) and "cougars" (40-somethings) vie for a tennis pro's affection.

Is it fair to use age as a deal breaker in relationships? Who do you think would attract more questions from your friends -- a mate five years older than you, or five years younger?

The pic above, by the way, is the guy the "Age of Love" women are fighting for. I don't really think he's that hot.

robot porn!

Image courtesy this site via Nerve. Turned on yet?

work it

Just learned yesterday that auditions for cycle 10 of "America's Next Top Model" are coming to Columbus on Aug. 11. The fun starts at Peachtree Mall at 10 a.m. Auditioners must be 18-27 years old and at least 5'7" tall. Read the full set of eligibility requirements here.

Start perfecting your runway walk NOW.

weekend recap

Another great weekend. I moved off the beaten path and ventured to some hot spots off downtown's main drag. Friday, we hit Broad Street Blues, the Phenix City club I've raved about in the past.

House band Peggy Jenkins and the Rhythm Roosters was wonderful as usual, and the crowd significantly exceeded what I've seen in previous visits. But the place kind of cleared out shortly after midnight, and one of my friends guessed it was because the majority of partiers had to get home in time to pay a babysitter.

Saturday, after running with the Chattahoochee Valley Hash House Harriers, I went to the upscale cigar and martini bar Belloo's. I don't go there consistently, mainly because it's pricey. I bought four drinks -- two berry whites, one regular martini, one beer -- and my tab was $39.

No, those drinks weren't all for me.

Here's the thing, though. On select nights it's possible to go upscale without breaking the bank. Every Saturday is Little Black Dress night...ladies wearing little black dresses get in free PLUS a $10 gift certificate.

Thursdays are Gold's Gym Nights, when you get free admission and a $10 gift certificate after showing your Gold's Gym membership card.

Even if you don't have a little black dress, or a Gold's Gym membership, you should at least splurge once and check out Belloo's. There's a unique vibe, and I'd like to know what you think.

Friday, July 27, 2007

read and reap

Just fulfilling your desires, Lisa!

Today's passage is from "One with the Night" by Susan Squires, a book that's all about romantic trysts in 1822 London.

She had to face the truth. She had never felt so alive, so connected to another person as she did with him; not her father, not her friends, and certainly not with Mr. Blandings. The act of sexual congress with Kilkenny might not be exactly transformation, but it had changed forever her perception of pleasure and intimacy. And she had to admit she wanted it again. Now would be ideal.

My favorite part? You guessed it: "sexual congress."

Brings new meaning to the term filiBUSTer.

fork it over

Partiers in San Francisco will celebrate Paul Reubens Day this weekend. Paul Reubens = Pee-wee.

"Pee-wee's Playhouse" used to be one of my favorite shows. I think my favorite episode was when Pee-wee married a fruit salad. Maybe I'll try that this weekend.

So in honor of Pee-wee, I encourage all of you to adopt a "secret word" at least one day this weekend.

In other noteworthy happenings...

*I'll hit Broadstreet Blues Friday night for next week's bar profile. House band Peggy Jenkins and the Rhythm Roosters will perform.

*For some fail-safe cover band action, head over to Muldoon's for Friday and Saturday performances by local band Mindblender.

*Out of curiosity, I might check out Pipers Down at Daileys. They hit the stage both nights this weekend.

*Don't forget to marry a fruit salad.

you had me at eww

I guess there's only going up after a starring role in "Like Mike."

Check out these then and now photos of Jonathan Lipnicki, the child star you probably know from "Jerry Maguire." They're available courtesy of this site.

Is that Stuart Little in your Speedo, or are you just happy to see me?

potter action

Happy Friday!

It's been a week since the big Harry Potter book release, and I still haven't laid my hands on any of the titles. I did, however, watch the first installment of the film series Sunday.

Anyway, couldn't resist passing on these T-shirt designs courtesy of Fashionista. Who says fantasy novels can't be sexy?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

thursday night party spots

Like it or not, weeknights are becoming bigger and bigger extensions of Columbus nightlife. There's a whole bunch of new mid-week theme nights popping up, as illustrated by tonight's lineup:

*Just learned today that Savana's is hosting Tropicana Thursdays. Happy hour is 6-8, dance lessons are 7:30-8:30 and there's mojito specials all night. I've never been, and won't be able to go tonight, but I hope to check it out next week.

*I still recommend Viva la Diva at Houlihan's (800 Front Ave.). From 6:30 to 9:30, you can get special girly cocktails for just $5.50 each.

*The Cove , a Columbus-based rock band, performs at Soho Bar & Grill. The show starts at 10 and it's $5 (ladies free).

*Go to Broad Street Blues and catch a performance by house band Peggy Jenkins and the Rhythm Roosters. It starts at 9 and cover is $5.

*Finally, Fountain City Coffee hosts its usual free open mic beginning at 8.

Party on!

we'll see...

Thanks for the awesome Backstreet Boys comment, Erin!

This week's column is about party cameos. You know, those parties you don't necessarily look forward to in advance. Or at all.

But you're obligated to attend, because you either:

a. Know the person really well
b. Owe the host/hostess a favor
c. Made an ill-advised promise
d. Desperately want free food

Either way, all these scenarios bring to mind the idea of the party cameo, a quick appearance that fulfills your obligation to the host/hostess and produces the illusion you're having tons and tons of fun.

By now I like to think I've mastered the art of the nightlife cameo, but certain situations and schedules can even throw experts off guard. It's a challenge, so think twice before sending back your next RSVP with a hesitant "we'll see."

quit playing games...

No foolin. The Backstreet Boys are set to release a comeback album in October, according to this article.

The only drawback, aside from the fact that you might be forced to hear a remix of "I Want it That Way," is the fact that their resurgence in popularity will take place sans Kevin Richardson. He left the band.

In case you're wondering, Richardson is the one rocking the weird facial hair in the pic. I realize that to non-Backstreet fans, that could apply to everyone.

Ready for Nick Carter to show you the shape of his heart again?

yellow = yowza

Turns out my fantasies of a threesome with Selma and Patty aren't that weird after all.

To celebrate "The Simpsons Movie," Maxim has posted a list of the Sexiest Ladies of "The Simpsons." It includes sexy starlet Mindy Simmons, pictured above.

And while you're dreaming of all things yellow, check out my co-worker Brad Barnes' column about which Simpsons character best embodies the spirit of Columbus.

I'm still rooting for Ned Flanders.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

three cool things

1. Check out the Fish 'n Flush, a real live aquarium that's also a functioning toilet. HOT.

2. I knew there had to be some coolness behind my Hungarian ancestry. Hungary's 8 million voters may soon consider a law warranting an afternoon nap, according to this article.

3. Finally, if you need a way to relax -- and your country DOESN'T mandate siestas -- head over to Broad Street Blues tonight. The Frank Johnson Trio will perform and, even better, domestic longnecks are just $1.85.

i do?

Happy Hump Day!

Bored? Check out this article about the wackiest proposals on YouTube, including a guy who proposes while wearing a Madonna mic and Old Testament shepherd costume during the final act of a church play.

The sampling also includes a guy who spends four days and five nights covering 5,940 Post-It notes in memories, and then filling an entire room with the notes.

Sweet or scary?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

read and reap

Today's passage comes from "Wolf at the Door" by Christine Warren, a novel that's all about what happens when danger meets desire.

Cassidy gloried in the consuming pleasure of being claimed by her mate. She answered the stroke with a feral cry and clamped down around him as the first wave of spasms took over, shaking her like prey in the jaws of a hungry beast.

Poetic language at its best.

la lohan

Enough said.

Monday, July 23, 2007

caffeine rush

Don't forget to check out the new Starbucks that's now open in the Saint Francis shopping center on Manchester Expressway.

If you're leery of the calorie-packed coffee drinks, I recommend the iced green tea lemonade. With two pumps of sweetener.

Still can't get enough Starbucks? Read this diary from a guy who vowed to visit every Starbucks in Manhattan over a 24-hour period. That's 171 locations, in case you were wondering.

size matters?

Check out this male g-string that conveniently has a tape measure attached to it.

Ladies...buy one and have it ready the next time you want to instantly turn a so-called "18-inch anaconda" into a garter snake.

And while we're on the topic of, um, stuff...head over to my co-worker Annie's blog, which caught my interest today with a post that includes the phrase "penis lion." Don't expect any 18-inch anacondas, though. It's about parenting.

the monday moan

In a recent interview, actress Jessica Biel reportedly said, "There's something exciting about being with a guy who could cheat on you. It's pretty exciting."

That comment is inspiration for this week's Monday Moan.

Are you turned on or turned off when your date is complimented by members of the opposite sex? Is there a point in a relationship when those compliments generate pride rather than jealousy?

Discuss. Now.

best machine!

Forecast calls for scattered panties.
-From a billboard advertising an Atlanta strip club

Happy Monday!

In addition to the quote featured above, the best part of my weekend by far was the crane machine at the Saloon and Oyster Bar. Don't be fooled by the stuffed animals. There's porn in it. Look at the pic above...the DVDs are wrapped in paper. And it gets better. See if you can find the "Love Dome."

Did I try to win something? Sorry, but no. I'm terrible at those crane machines, and I kind of doubt that the item I wanted most was even within the crane's grap. Still...good story, though.

All in all, I give the Saloon strong reviews. Good ambiance and great food, even though a friend shattered my fantasies when she refuted all claims that oysters are aphrodisiacs.

Zero aphrodisiac power may have been a good thing, however...given the sketchy quality of most men I encountered at the Shanty Shack later that night.

I hadn't been to the Warm Springs Road party spot since its expansion, and once again the Shanty Shack offered an eclectic mix of partiers.

The highlight? A sparkling confirmation of my belief that age is no obstacle to partying. Lowlight? The guy who came up to me with a breaking news update that he would not try to hook up with me outside the building.

Thanks, dude.

Friday, July 20, 2007


You should already start looking forward to Monday's weekend recap post.

That's because I have a whole buttload of plans, beginning with a Friday night dinner at the Saloon & Oyster Bar (6005 Macon Road). Local party band Autumn Haze performs a free show beginning at 9:30 p.m.

After that, I'm hitting the Shanty Shack (4475 Warm Springs Road).

Saturday, don't forget to hit the bar crawl downtown, when one $8 cover gets you into the majority of downtown bars.

I, meanwhile, will likely still be in Atlanta. I'm visiting my little sis Serena, who's studying at Emory over the summer.

Anyway, for the first ever, I'm hitting the Mall of Georgia and I really can't wait. Also on the agenda? A second trip (minus my sis) to the Clermont Lounge, Atlanta's first and longest continually operating strip club.


diva dish

Thursday's Viva la Diva at Houlihan's was a blast. A few details...there are four signature cocktails, all of which are just $5.50 from 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. They are pretty girly, though, so guys might have to opt for beer. The pic above shows the Brazilian wax cocktail next to a classy Bud Light.

Featured drinks include a blueberry martini, an x-rated flirtini, a green tea-based zentini and the citrus brazilian wax cocktail.

Also, you get a cute little glow in the dark bracelet for every one of the special drinks you buy. Except if you're serious about getting the bracelets, I recommend hitting the bar early. Last night, they ran out of bracelets before 9:30.

All in all, I had a great time. Don't expect a scene dramatically different from what you might expect out of Houlihan's any other night. The signature drinks make the night worthwhile, however. And even though it's billed as a night for girls to gossip, it fits couples just as well.

Viva la Diva happens every Thursday night at Houlihan's, 800 Front Ave. in Columbus. Call 706-653-1898 for details.

read and reap, friday edition

Today's passage comes from "Forbidden Pleasure" by Lora Leigh:

"Just be you, Kei," he said gently. "All you. It's about your pleasure, honey. It's about what makes you burn, makes you scream for more. It's about your fantasies and desires. I'm just your guide."

"My guide, she breathed out roughly as she clutched the edges of her dress together and stepped toward the stairs. "You're not guiding me, Mac. I feel more like a very small boat riding a tidal wave."

"Become the wave, baby." He grinned. "It's real easy."

Small craft advisory! Small craft advisory! Small craft advisory!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

hot enough?

That's the question that this Web site, Darwin Dating, asks.

It's exactly what its name sounds like -- dating based on survival of the fittest. Make that survival of the hottest.

"Darwin Dating was created exclusively for beautiful, desirable people. Our strict rules and natural selection process ensures all our members have winning looks," the site says.

Designed for ages 18-35, Darwin Dating bans things like fat rolls, acne, pasty skin and "red hair and too many freckles." Click here to see a full list of banned features.

Applicants are judged based on attractiveness rankings from the site's members.

I think my favorite line is an explanation of how much Darwin Dating costs: "It is completely free to join and use Darwin Dating! If you're hot, you should never have to pay for anything. We'd like to charge ugly people when we reject them, but that might be a bit hard to enforce. If you think of a way to do this, please let us know."

Some people maintain the entire thing is a joke. Read a Seattle Post-Intelligencer column about the site here.

The best part? Charles Darwin himself (pictured above) probably would have been rejected.

read and reap

Looks like the new blog feature is going very well. And yes, please feel free to submit your own blog-worthy passages via the comment section here or by e-mailing me at ssorich@ledger-enquirer.com.

While you're at it, check out Brad Barnes' blog, which today has suggestive passages from Harry Potter. Hot.

Meanwhile, here's a bonus passage for your reading enjoyment, once again from "Secret Fantasy."

"What is it you want from me?" he inquired.

"You once asked me if I was every lonely, and I am -- most of the time. I want to stay with you. I want you to fill a few of my hours, so I'm not quite so alone."

He eased away from her, glad he'd had the foresight to don a pair of drawers before he slipped under the blankets. Usually, he slept in the nude, and if he'd been naked, there was no telling what he might have done to her.

Something tells me it would involve filling something other than a few hours, if you know what I mean.

calling all divas

Don't forget about Viva la Diva, the girly happy hour tonight at Houlihan's (800 Front Ave., Columbus). The party starts at 6:30 p.m., and I've been told that we should expect a crowd. When I was there for lunch last Friday, a server told me women had to be carried out last week. Perfect.

And yes, guys are allowed. Assuming they can brave an abundance of girl drinks.

If you can't make it, don't worry. It's a weekly thing. Plus, if all goes as planned, I'll post pics of the featured cocktails tomorrow.

read and reap

Today's passage comes from "Secret Fantasy" by Cheryl Holt, a romance novel about a virgin orphan who falls in love with -- you guessed it -- a really rich guy.

"I want to show you something," he murmured.
"It may seem strange at first, but let me do it."
"You may try whatever you wish," she assented. "I'm happy to allow it."
"It will feel very, very good."
"I'm sure it will."

How many times have you regretted having THAT conversation?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

attention partiers...

Just wanted to pass along a few local events that might interest you:

*Tonight, The Frank Johnson Trio, a Phenix City-based jazz/blues act, takes the stage for a free show at Broad Street Blues. I don't really know that much about the band, but beer is apparently only $1.85. Score. The show starts at 9 p.m., and the club is at 913 Broad St. in Phenix City. Call 334-297-3200.

*Thursday, Houlihan's (800 Front Ave., Columbus) will host its really cool weekly party called Viva la Diva. The event, which starts at 6:30 p.m., is basically a happy hour that's geared toward women. (The motto is "girl's night, gossip and good grub.") But guys are invited too, assuming they can brave the girly cocktails...which have names like Brazilian Wax and X-Rated Flirtini. Perfect.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

cheers to health

Came across this article about how some alcoholic drinks are going organic.

In cocktails, more big-city bars are replacing sugary syrups with organic fruit and vegetable purees and vitamin-rich sports drinks. Examples include the popular New York beverage Vitamin Dj, which has juice from carrots, Granny Smith apples, ginger and limes as well as elderflower liquer and vodka.

That way, some partiers say, you can eat your dinner through an alcoholic drink.

I seriously doubt these healthy drinks will come to Columbus, home of the scrambled dog.

Still, I wonder if cocktails could really become an extension of a health-conscious population. Do you think bartenders should keep their eyes on things like cutting calories? Or, will drinking always be one of those things -- like fast-food dining -- where calories don't matter?

that's a wrap

Check out this article about cool Japanese condoms. Love Cannon makes Trojan Man seem kinda weak.

read and reap

Congratulations! You just stumbled across a new feature on this blog.

Every now and then the paper gets review copies of books. Fortunately for me, many of these books are romance novels that we'll never actually write about. So now I have a significant stack of novels on my desk, just begging for their own blog feature.

Your wish is my command.

Now I'll be starting Read and Reap, a blog feature that will include a short excerpt from one of the books for your personal enjoyment.

So without further ado, here's a gem from "Try," a Western romance novel by Lily Burana:

"This is what girls check out on a rodeo guy: buckle, eyes, smile. Then the appraisal goes around back. Cowboy butt is the stuff of legend. J.W. did indeed have one of those Eighth Wonder asses, hard and muscled to almost equine perfection."


Monday, July 16, 2007

the monday moan

Watch out. I'm about to get all fantasy novel on your ass.

If you could date any of the Harry Potter characters, which one would it be and why?

Discuss. Now.

weekend recap

What a weird/interesting weekend. Between Friday and Saturday, I hit a total of seven nightlife venues, and came away with a whole bunch of insights. A sampling:

*My first venture into Plush, the new hip-hop club at 2955 Warm Springs Road, was relatively uneventful. Friday, my friends and I got there around 11:30 to avoid paying a cover charge, and there were maybe a dozen people in the entire place. It could have been the timing, though, as the bouncer promised us there would be a full house by 12:30 a.m. We were impatient, however. So I'm not passing judgment yet, although I seriously question whether the club's upscale vibe (there's a $20 cover at times) is fit for Columbus. Someone recently told me it costs $50 to park right next to the club, and there's a jacuzzi inside that hosts $500 VIP parties. Remember, this is a club that sits next to rich-and-famous landmarks like Burger King.

*Another place that was kinda dead? EndZone Sports Bar & Grill, which is right next to the Johnston Mill Lofts in Bibb City. There's a great ambiance, as the bar is inside an actual gym. And there's food. The only missing element? People. The club isn't having its official grand opening until Aug. 4, so I'll keep you posted.

*Last night I got into a relatively interesting discussion about all the "secret" gay clubs in town, including a new one on the south side of town that's reportedly slated to open Aug. 4. I'll follow up on this more in a future post.

*I saw at least three fights happen downtown. Among those was a girl who took off her shoes and threatened to beat up a bouncer at Oxygen. She lost.

*Finally, I continue to be amazed at how aggressive some guys are in trying to pick up women downtown, and I don't really understand why. In situations when a woman clearly isn't interested, why does the guy stick around?

Is he dense? Is the girl not being obvious enough? Is he sticking around out of perseverance?

shoe love is true love?

Just days after a spirited features department discussion about the ugliness of Crocs, I came across this article, "The Croc Epidemic: How a Heinous Synthetic Shoe Conquered the World."

The article notes that Crocs represent a gigantic rebellion against all that is normal in the fashion industry. They thrive under a basic premise that comfort outweighs ugliness, even though most podiatrists agree the shoes only provide moderate support.

By 2006, the company was earning more than $200 million a year from sales in 40 countries, the article notes.

I still don't get it.

I'm more in line with this blog, which is "dedicated (to) the elimination of Crocs and those that think that their excuses for wearing them are viable."

In addition to poking fun at Croc testimonials, it describes various ways to destroy the shoes, and gives stories about things like breaking up with your girlfriend because she bought a pair.

Basically I really hate Crocs. I think you should only bust them out while gardening, if at all. Sometimes, when it comes to fashion, you don't necessarily have to wear the MOST comfortable thing. If that was the case, I'd wear my velour tracksuit to work every day.

Recently, I checked out a friend's wedding pics online, only to learn that she wore flip-flops during the entire reception. So now, she has a whole bunch of photos -- including her first dance, the bouquet toss and the garter removal -- in which she's wearing a $1,000+ gown. And flip-flops. That look like they came from Wal-Mart.

To me, this is fashionably unacceptable.

Granted, I shop with a journalist's salary, but I've always dressed under the assumption that beauty hurts.

Maybe that's now an archaic idea.

Do Crocs represent a major step in comfort or evidence of the erosion of the fashion industry?

Friday, July 13, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

If you missed downtown's recent luau, Friday offers another opportunity to show off your coconut bra and grass skirt. Broad Street Blues (913 Broad St., Phenix City) will host an island party featuring a performance by house band Peggy Jenkins and the Rhythm Roosters. The $5 show starts at 9:30 p.m. Call 334-297-3200.

Saturday, the band takes the stage again at the blues club. Same time, same place, same cover.
Other weekend highlights include a Friday performance by the local rockers from The Cove, who are joined at Soho Bar & Grill (5751 Milgen Road) by Sacred Hollow. The show starts at 10 p.m. Call 706-568-3316.

Saturday, get slimy when the guys from rock band The Fiddleworms take the stage at The Loft (1032 Broadway). The show starts at 9:30 p.m. and will also feature Four Way Free. It's $5. Call 706-596-8141.

Need to spice up your nightlife routine? Check out one of Columbus' recently opened venues. Standouts include R&B clubs After 5 (3709 Gentian Blvd.) and Plush (2955 Warm Springs Road). You can also visit EndZone Sports Bar & Grill. It's at 3201 First Ave., near the Johnston Mill Lofts in Bibb City.

retail therapy


If you're bored at work and already sculpting your weekend plans, consider a trip to the new women's fashion retailer in town, maurices (5550 Whittlesey Road).

I went Thursday night for a special sneak peek and I was pretty impressed. Expect the usual mix of sundresses and cute tops, plus some pretty cool accessories and getups that are work-friendly. Prices are relatively affordable...most dresses are about $40. Necklaces are about $14.

All in all, I was impressed...mainly happy just to see the local fashion scene expand a bit. It's kind of annoying when there's only like three good stores in town and you can't buy something new without worrying you're going to see 2,571 people downtown with the same outfit on.

Anyway, hours for maurices are 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 1-6 p.m. Sunday.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

what's going on tonight?

First, a bit of advice.

Opt for Fourthmeal, the meal between dinner and breakfast, tonight. In preparation, you can read my column all about late-night eateries. Be sure to check out the crafty caption under the photo, courtesy of the brilliant Chris Johnson. It's pretty much the talk of the town.

Back to tonight's happenings...

Macon-based rock act Caleb Grimes and the Celebrities takes the stage at Scruffy Murphy's (1037 Broadway). Frontman Grimes is a singer/songwriter who was born in Memphis, and moved often with his preacher father as a child. The traveling lifestyle inspired him to take up music. He and his band now cite influences like Weezer, Bush and Radiohead. The show starts at 10 p.m. and cover is $5. Call 706-322-3460.

Rock fans can also head over to Soho Bar & Grill (5751 Milgen Road), where Leslie will play. Hailing from Charleston, S.C., members of the rock and blues band name influences ranging from Oasis to Neil Young. The $5 show kicks off at 10 p.m. Call 706-568-3316.

Or, head to Phenix City and party at Broad Street Blues (913 Broad St.). Beginning at 9 p.m., blues singer Peggy Jenkins will perform, accompanied by musicians Larry Rose, Phillip Quinn, Eddie Robinson and Roy Zito. It's $5. Call 334-297-3200.

Also, at 8 p.m. there's a free open mic night at Fountain City Coffee (1007 Broadway). Call 706-494-6659.

what's under there?

Hopefully, I just made you say underwear.

Even if I didn't, consider this fun fact courtesy of a medieval historian:

In the 13th century, more people moved to urban cities. Because of that, the use of underwear increased, since developing cities frowned upon the peasant tendency to wear nothing under a smock. With an increase in underwear came an increase in rags made out of worn-down underwear.

And, with an increase in rags came an expanded supply of material used by papermakers to make books.

With more material came more books. More books brought more literacy.

So thank your underwear for furthering Western culture.

Just don't do it out loud.

don't judge a book...

Hope everyone's having a great day.

And if not, your spirits might brighten with this news -- you can safely erase all images of your mousy second-grade librarian. Apparently librarians are hot now, at least according to this article.

It talks about how more and more cool young people are studying library science, especially since the field has become less about books and more about connecting people with information, music and movies.

Many librarians now must become proficient in social networking Web sites like Facebook and MySpace, the article notes.

The coolest part? The median salary for librarians was about $51,000 in 2006. Hot.

It's all actually pretty interesting, even if you're not into books or Dewey Decimals.

And yes, any fantasies involving tied-back hair and glasses will remain fully intact.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

junk in the trunk?

Happy Hump Day!

Speaking of humping...today I came across this entertaining article, "Why I Love Getting to Grips With a Fat Man." Its female author writes all about why she loves fat guys, including the one with whom she is currently sleeping. She claims fat guys are funnier, more genuine, better cuddlers and better in bed.

"There is something comforting about being with a man who has heavier thighs than I do, considerable love handles and breasts only marginally smaller than mine," she writes.


Anyway, the piece seems to have attracted considerable attention online, from both fans and critics. While some people praise the author for loving her man for the way he is, others question her stance...saying she's embracing unhealthy behavior.

"Loving him does not mean you have to embrace unhealthy behavior and attitudes, including the slow suicide of overeating and underexercising," one critic writes.

I think it's funny that the article -- maybe initially designed as a humorous relationship piece -- really draws on some serious social issues.

When I've dated guys who have wanted to diet, I've always discouraged them from doing so, telling them I love their body the way it is.

Granted, none of them were obese...but still, where do you draw the line between accepting somebody for who they are and encouraging unhealthy behavior?

Have you ever had to tell a partner he or she needs to lose weight? If so, how did it turn out?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a fact of life?

Is anyone faithful anymore?

That's the question asked in this new book by American author Pamela Druckerman, "Lust in Translation: The Rules of Infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee."

In it, Drukerman examines various attitudes toward cheating, including cultures who view infidelity not as the be all/end all of a relationship, but rather as an insignificant, meaningless fact of life.

In Japan, for example, men praise their wives to their girlfriends, allegedly making an affair a form of flattery rather than betrayal.


Anyway, the book also suggests infidelity's role as "bad" in the U.S. is driven largely by an industry -- like therapists and counselors -- that gets paid to uphold the idea that cheating destroys a marriage.

So...IS anyone faithful anymore? And more importantly, does your understanding/tolerance of indefidelity differ from, say, your mother's?

Monday, July 9, 2007

wizards are hot

I've never seen any of the Harry Potter films, or read any of the books, but this new pic of Daniel Radcliffe sure makes me want to practice a little black (leather) magic of my own.

Are you with me?

the monday moan

Today I'm trying to turn a regular post idea into a thought-provoking question.

This weekend I started reading a fascinating book called "Singled Out: How Singles are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live." It's all about the social disparities between married people and single people -- including increased tax burdens, decreased social security benefits and an implication of loneliness.

Relax...this isn't going to get all complicated. But the book did get me thinking about the dynamics of being single, and the way in which your relationship status can impact other aspects of your life.

Which brings me to today's question.

Would you rather be criticized for being single, or being in a bad relationship? Have you ever stayed in a relationship longer than necessary just because you feared your partner couldn't stand to be alone?

Discuss. Now.

getting pinned

Saturday night, after unloading my family in Atlanta, I hit the local bowling alley with some friends. I hadn't been bowling in ages -- read: six months -- and I was surprised by how much fun I had. You'll read all about it in this week's bar profile.

What won't make it into the bar profile? The fact that there was a serious fight inside just minutes before we started our game. People cleared out instantly...my friend Holly mistook it for a fire drill.

Oh, and we were also approached by a stickler who (very rudely) criticized us for not adhering to the game's intricate rules...namely the fact that you're not supposed to bowl at the same time as someone else. OK, for all future Saturday night bowlers who plan to be that stringent about the rules, I have three words for you -- join a league.

Hope everyone is surviving Monday. And if you're not, take pride in this research that suggests the herpes virus could kill cancer.

One in five Americans, bitches.

Friday, July 6, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

Columbus-area partiers looking to beat this weekend's heat with a cool drink and a sweaty dance floor are in luck. In downtown and beyond, nightlife festivities are in full force. Here's some of the standouts:

Friday, go downtown for the First Friday Bar Crawl. For one cover charge (usually between $7 and $10), you can get into the majority of downtown party spots. The party usually starts around 11 p.m.

Or, if you want a change in scenery Friday, drive to Valley, Ala. Local party band Autumn Haze will perform at Osanippa Creek Lodge (14000 Lee Road 379). The $5 show starts at 10 p.m. Call 334-756-5644.

Saturday, Atlanta-based cover band Lixx takes the stage at Scruffy Murphy's (1037 Broadway). Female members from the band sported Catholic schoolgirl uniforms and fishnets the last time they came to town. The $5 show starts at 10 p.m. Call 706-322-3460.

Unwind Sunday at the Columbus Jazz Society's Concert and Jam Session featuring the Courtney Jones Septet and Family. It's 6-9 p.m. in Liberty Theatre (821 Eighth Ave.). Tickets are $7. Call 706-653-7566.

light my fire


This has been a super-stressful week, largely because I've been dealing with out-of-town guests. I'm dropping them off in Atlanta tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to at least one solid night of partying. Which will probably translate into one beer, since I'm absolutely exhausted.

Anyway...I just found this article about what's supposedly one of the newest trends in dating.


It's the combination of smoking and flirting. Romantic connections often happen when you're standing around making awkward conversation with your fellow puffers, the article notes.

The camaraderie between smokers has always amazed me. As I spend more time in the professional world, I've grown to view smoking more as bonding activity than an indication of a raging fraternity party nearby.

In fact, I recently read a fascinating article about the workplace alliances that can form as a result of smoke breaks...simply because, with the right conversation skills, you're able to create a one-on-one daily connection with another smoker.

Do you believe in smirting? What's the best conversation you've had while smoking?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

thursday is the new friday

Nightlife pickings are kind of slim tonight, so if you want to party I suggest you head out to Suite 23, which is also the subject of this week's bar profile.

The pic above is from the venue's bar. Tonight is ladies night, so you'll get $1 off all drinks. And there's a hookah.

Enough said.

what a girl wants

Hope everybody had a great 4th. I spent the day hanging out with my mom and sis, who are visiting Columbus from California. We grilled (a la George Foreman) at night, and then watched fireworks from the top of a downtown parking garage.

All in all, it was a great time, though I'm definitely all about making July 5 a nationally recognized holiday as well.

Anyway...I just came across this article about research that shows women and men talk just as much. The findings refute previous claims that women talk significantly more than men.

Authors of the study say those claims came from stereotypes surrounding a woman's willingness to talk about her feelings and a man's, um, unwillingness.

On the same note, as a woman, I absolutely hate it when a guy asks, "Are you mad?"

Because naturally, my first instinct is to say "no" -- not because I'm not mad, but because I know if I go into a detailed description of WHY I'm mad, the average guy will proceed to either ignore me or tell me I'm overreacting.

So guys...even if you do allegedly talk more than we do, please eliminate three words from your vocabularies by vowing not to ask us if we're mad.

In 99 percent of cases, you already know the answer.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Hope everyone has a great 4th of July. Here's some nightlife suggestions:

Head over to Broad Street Blues for a party and jam session that begins at 3 p.m.

There's a downtown bar crawl with no cover for participating bars. Start the party early by attending a BBQ at Scruffy Murphy's that begins at 1 p.m. The Cove Band performs.

Finally, Soho Bar & Grill will host a free beach party featuring Lower Definition, a rock band from San Diego.


maybe not

In this article Victoria Beckham claims her bra size is only 32B. Which means the pic above must have required the most effective Wonderbra ever. Or she's lying.

On another note, this study suggests sex could make your brain grow. I'm sure that's the sole explanation for all the local bad pickup lines...right?

Finally, I just found the only pizza topping better than mushrooms. A Canadian entrepreneur has launched Porno Pizza, a delivery-only business that puts porn on the cardboard underneath the pizza. Mmm...cheap sausage. Read more here.

Monday, July 2, 2007

the monday moan

Today's question is inspired in part by loyal reader Mimi, who last week questioned my decision to decline a guy's request to buy me a drink in exchange for conversation.

I did so out of caution, because I knew I didn't want to get involved romantically with him. And, I figured even if I left after a 20-minute conversation, he'd still perceive me as a tease.

Which brings me to this week's inquiry:

What's your policy on accepting free drinks? Will you do so even if you have a significant other? And if so, when do you tell your benefactor that you're taken?

Discuss. Now.

something to talk about

Since summer brings parties, and parties bring a tremendous potential for awkward conversation, I thought I'd pass on a few recent gems to fill the silences. You can thank me later.

*Want to avoid divorce? Tell your man to pick up the vacuum cleaner. Chore-sharing is the new key to a successful marriage, according the results of this recent survey by the Pew Research Center. Some 62 percent of respondents cited chore-sharing as "very important," up from 47 percent in 1990. The significance? Its importance replaces that of having children. In a 1990 survey, 65 percent said children were very important to a good marriage. Now, just 41 percent say so.

*Young professionals, read this article about etiquette at the company picnic. Rule No. 1? Show up. My addition? Show up sober.

*Some people are so important they have to outsource their social networking. This piece is all about tekkies who pay people to update their blogs, approve their MySpace friend requests, etc. I wish I was that cool.

The Monday Moan will follow shortly.

grateful i'm not dead

Happy Monday.

Had to post this pic of Stephanie Tanner, in case you're in the 1 percent of the population who hasn't already seen it while mindlessly surfing the Internet. Feel free to insert any popular joke involving a full house, Uncle Jesse or the only set of twins bigger than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. (That line's courtesy of Best Week Ever.)

Time for weekend stories. Lesson No. 4791: Don't drink potent alcoholic beverages on the night before your family comes to town.

(Bandit...I apologize in advance for talking about alcohol again. I promise to make it up to you with a rawhide post soon.)

Anyway, my trip to the Shanty Shack was aborted at the last minute due to my friends' spur-of-the-moment decision to go to The Loft, where the Modern Skirts were playing. Nightlife drama. As much as I hate deviating from established agendas, I had to join my friends. Flexibility is a central component of nightlife. Remember that.

Once I arrived at The Loft, I opted for a $5 drink special called Grateful Dead. The bartender convinced me I'd get the most bang for my buck because it included five different liquors.

Long story short...I was hardly banging the next morning, and barely mustered the strength to clean the house before my mom and sis arrived at 7 p.m.

In case you're interested, here's a recipe for the cocktail, but limit yourself to one. Or prepare to become very, very good friends with your toilet bowl the next morning.

Grateful Dead

1 oz. rum
1 oz. vodka
1 oz. triple sec
1 oz. gin
1 oz. Chambord liquer
3 oz. sour mix
Splash of Sprite

Mix, and drink at your own risk.