Wednesday, April 30, 2008

your wednesday threesome

Here's tonight's lineup:


Virtually every Mexican restaurant in town hosts some kind of Wednesday margarita night. Try El Vaquero, 2976 North Lake Parkway and 3135 Cross Country Plaza. There, 16-oz. margs are $2.95 and 28-oz. margs are $4.50. The deal is 5-10 p.m.


Celebrate Hump Night at the Shanty Shack, 4475 Warm Springs Road, and cash in on $1.50 beer.


Check out the "Rock Band"/"Guitar Hero" contest at Aqua Nightclub, 1812 Midtown Drive. Winner gets a trip to Mexico. It's at 9 p.m. Cover is $5, and there's no fee to enter the contest.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a 'healthy' marriage?

Seven percent of Americans say they or someone in their household has gotten married in order to receive health insurance benefits, according to this article.

Is there any circumstance when you'd consider it OK to marry for such a reason -- whether it be health insurance, financial reasons, or something like a green card?

your tuesday threesome

Here are my picks for tonight:


Get a cool island vibe at Spices Caribbean Restaurant & Bar, 4022 University Ave., where you can get $1 off all bar drinks from 5 to 8 p.m.


Local party band Haywire performs at the Shanty Shack, 4475 Warm Springs Road. The free show starts at 8 p.m.


Go for a good, old-fashioned game of bowling at AMF Peach Lanes, 1636 Bradley Park Drive. The hot spot is open until midnight tonight.

Monday, April 28, 2008

'partying' together?

Recently, I found this blogger's post about her increased willingness to talk to a significant other about potentially divisive topics like religion and politics.

She brings up a good question.

From early on, we're told not to bring up those discussions at social gatherings. But when, if ever, is it OK to have a meaty political discussion in a romantic relationship?

Especially given the current presidential what extent should couples discuss their candidate(s) of choice?

(For more information on the 2008 election, check out the Ledger's political blog here.)

your monday threesome

In hopes of providing even more suggestions for local nightlife fans, I'll now be offering three additional party suggestions on a daily basis. Want more? Just ask.

Here's today's lineup:


Get $1 off bar offerings from 3 to 7 p.m. at Mellow Mushroom, 6100 Veterans Parkway.


It's karaoke night at Soho Bar & Grill, 5751 Milgen Road.


Try a game of poker at The Sports Page, 5736 Veterans Parkway. There's no buy-in and the action starts at 7:30 p.m.


Just found out about Bud Light Lime, the newest member of the girly beer family. See its official Web site here.

Thanks to an increase in girly beers -- everything from Miller Chill to Landshark -- more and more of my female friends are chugging bottles. Even formerly adamant anti-beer drinkers have found a soulmate, even if it is pomegranate-raspberry flavored.

Here's a question: Do these new flavors make beer less manly? And at what point, if ever, is beer no longer beer?

Ponder those questions, then take this quiz:

What's your favorite girly beer?
Miller Chill
Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus
Free polls from

Sunday, April 27, 2008

at ease?

Prior to moving here, my experience with the military consisted solely of hacking into a ROTC file in my college's computer system.

While I did come away with some pretty cool new hand signals, it wasn't necessarily the best immersion into a soldier's life.

That all changed when I moved to Columbus. Fort Benning's presence made conversations with servicemen/women a standard part of any weekend party outing. What's more, I watched plenty of my close female friends deal with significant others who belong to the military -- elements like deployments, Army politics and PTSD.

Now, Columbus will see an even stronger military presence, as over the next two weeks about 3,800 Army soldiers will return to Columbus after deployments overseas.

If you're a soldier looking for stuff to do during your 48-hour break, check out this article I wrote for Sunday's paper.

I'll be updating this blog regularly with additional going-out suggestions, geared largely toward single folks.

But I'm also looking to offer some tips for nightlife partiers looking to adjust to soldiers' return. If you're a single woman well-versed in fending off pickup lines, send your comments my way. And if you're a soldier fed up with the stereotypes you think dominate the downtown scene, drop me a note as well.

And in the meantime, look forward to more "what to do" posts in upcoming days.

(Today's suggestion: Don't forget about Phenix City, sports bar fans. That's where you can find Sports Rock Cafe, a place where you can snag stellar food specials on Wing It Wednesdays. See the hot spot's MySpace here.)

Friday, April 25, 2008

what's going on this weekend?

First, some bar-hopping options:

*Nightlife newbie Aqua Nightclub, 1812 Midtown Drive, heeded my advice and reduced their Friday night cover charge. To nothing. Yes, the hot spot now has no-cover Fridays, so check it out. You have nothing to lose. Visit Aqua's Web site here.

*Speaking of new kids on the block, The Roadhouse -- formerly Knockin' Boots -- debuts this weekend. It will be a rock bar featuring no local bands. The hot spot is at 1047 Broadway.

*Also, if you're brave enough to join me, I'm venturing to Gray's Bar for a bar profile this weekend. It's at 1698 S. Lumpkin Road and it opens at 9 a.m. That should tell you a lot.

And finally...SpringFest, SpringFest, SpringFest. Here's the entertainment lineup for the downtown arts and music festival:


7 p.m. Eileen Desterno/Donald Tipton (traditional Ma Rainey covers)

7:15 p.m. Peggy Jenkins (special Ma Rainey showcase)

8:30 p.m. Geoff Achison (blues)


10 a.m. Kent DuChaine (delta blues)/Bibb City Ramblers (bluegrass, Americana)

11 a.m. Callab (hip-hop)

12 p.m. Levi Rose (country, Americana)/Ruby James (acoustic, blues)

1 p.m. Ed Cox and The Tender Blenders (jazz)

2 p.m. Jonathan and Lisa Moore (Christian)

3 p.m. Music in Columbus showcase featuring Donald Tipton, Brent Lindley, Josh Becker, Jason Ezell, Marshall Ruffin

4 p.m. Peggy Jenkins (soul, R&B, funk)

5 p.m. Whisky Bent (alternative country, rock)

6 p.m. Marshall Ruffin (roots music, blues)

7 p.m. Delta Moon (blues, rock)

7:30 p.m. Cowboy Crush (country) -- ticketed act @ RiverCenter

no means no

Here's a weird story about people who actually have to talk to each other before making out.

The reason? Allergies.

Yes, some people -- including lots of teenagers, apparently -- have to screen what's been inside their smooching partner's mouth. And not just to guard against herpes. An excerpt:

"It's a difficult icebreaker to say, Please don't eat peanuts or, I can't kiss you if you have that milkshake," said Dr. Robert Wood, director of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. "Once couples become couples, everything gets much easier. … The more comfortable they get with someone they're friends with or dating, the easier it is."


Would you give up your favorite food if that dish made it impossible for you to be intimate with your significant other?

the doctor's in!

Thursday, I did something very random and watched "Grey's Anatomy" for the first time in ages. I used to watch it to impress a guy I had a crush on. Random, I know.

Anyway, I was surprised not only by the lack of whining, but also by the suggestion of a future lesbian relationship between Callie & Hahn.

Mmm...where the girls play.

You can get a full summary of last night's "Grey's" here.

Did you watch? If so what did you think?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

what's going on tonight?

Here's your Thursday night lineup:

*Gary Parmer, 10 p.m. Belloo's, $5. 706-494-1584.

*The Bastard Sons, 10 p.m. Soho Bar & Grill, $5 (free for military). 706-568-3316.

*Connor Christian and the MorningStar Revival, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy's, $5. 706-322-3460.

*Mojo:Saint with Peggy Jenkins, 9 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

Have fun!

sex & feminism

I, too, once decorated walls with "Sex and the City" quotations. I copied the show's fashions. I even used it as post-breakup consolation.

Now, however, I get a little leery every time a friend mentions the SATC movie.

Shortly after college, I hit a point where all my conversations with my female friends centered around who's getting married. Or who wants to get married.

To some extent, it was great. We were having the talks that in mind were previously confined to Carrie & company on the small screen.

But at the same time, I became more cognizant of the fact that in our efforts to "bond," we conveniently forgot to ask each other about the jobs we'd envisioned since college.

As I got more and more frustrated with friends who had given up careers in the name of love, I felt almost guilty for being such a huge fan of a show that some argue does nothing but endorse that decision.

Which makes me want to know your thoughts on the question this article raises:

Can a feminist really love "Sex and the City"?

hard news!

In perhaps one of the greatest journalistic decisions ever, SF Gate has this article offering expert advice for aspiring porn stars.

An excerpt from the guidance, courtesy of "rising adult superstar" Lorelei Lee:

It's good to be prepared for slow periods and periods when you might need to take breaks. Burnout happens to everyone. You will also need to be prepared to pay your taxes — keep detailed records of all of your work expenses. For the first time in your life you will get to write off both lipstick and enema bottles.

Hungry for a career change?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

tequila & testosterone

Hey guys...feeling jealous of Diva Wednesdays? Sad it's not socially acceptable for you to indulge in a frozen beverage decorated with an umbrella?

Then check out this list of the 11 manliest cocktails in the world. Entries range from Jagerade to something called, um, nuclear waste.

(FYI...that's a combination of vodka, Sunkist and ice. I don't know where the nuclear part comes in.)

Cast your vote for the manliest beverage EVER in the comments section of this post.

hump day mania

Just wanted to pass on a couple Wednesday night party options you can (temporarily) catch on a weekly basis.

Aqua Nightclub, 1812 Midtown Drive, is hosting a "Rock Band"/"Guitar Hero" contest every Wednesday. Each weekly winner gets a trip to Mexico. The fun starts at 9 p.m. Cover is $5, entering the contest is free. Check out Aqua's MySpace here.

Also, Diva Wednesdays return to Houlihan's, 800 Front Ave. This time, there's a promotion that offers five different "Sex and the City"-themed martinis for just $5 each. The limited-time deal lasts all day. Get more details here.

Have fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

men wanted

As if you're not already depressed enough.

This article gives a scientific explanation for the shortage of single, attractive men. An excerpt:

The pool of appealing men shrinks as many are married off and taken out of the game, leaving a disproportionate number of men who are notably imperfect (perhaps they are short, socially awkward, underemployed). And at the same time, you get a pool of women weighted toward the attractive, desirable "strong bidders."

Where have all the most appealing men gone? Married young, most of them—and sometimes to women whose most salient characteristic was not their beauty, or passion, or intellect, but their decisiveness.

The moral, I guess, is to get married NOW.

If you are lucky(?) enough to be coupled, check out this intriguing article, "5 must-try outdoor sex experiences." Just in time for spring.

Monday, April 21, 2008

plastic fantastic

Happy Monday!

I have tons to report from the weekend, namely the skinny on my trip at Aqua's pre-launch party Friday. But I'm a little swamped, so I'll leave you with a quick post to ponder.

This book, a plastic surgery primer for kids, is making headlines. Conveniently titled "My Beautiful Mommy," it's a picture book written by a board-certified plastic surgeon. The plot(?) centers on a mom who's getting breast implants, a nose job and a tummy tuck.

And yes, surprisingly, she does come out looking even better than ever.

Sorry if I spoiled the ending.

Naturally, this beautiful mommy has her critics. Does the book outrage you? Is it wrong to believe that moms shouldn't get plastic surgery?

Friday, April 18, 2008

what's going on this weekend?

Hey party people...

I'm going to take a slight departure from the usual weekend offerings and direct you to two places you've probably never been before. I know...I'm outta control. Don't try to stop me.

Party spot No. 1: Aqua Nightclub, 1812 Midtown Drive

This is the venue formerly known as Memory Lane. It became Aqua and now it's hosting a pre-launch party Friday. The party features Mustang Sally, an all-girl country rock act from Nashville. Tickets are $10 and the party starts at 9 p.m. Visit Aqua's Web site here.

Party spot No. 2: Mickey's Pub, 4105 Buena Vista Road

Yes, this suggestion is totally random. In fact, I had never even heard of this place until I got a MySpace message a couple days ago. But at 31 years old, it's allegedly the oldest nightclub in Columbus. They're having an anniversary party that begins Friday with a show by local band Mindblender. Then, it's almost all-day party Saturday, with festivities that start at 3 p.m. Yes, there is food. Check out this hot spot's MySpace here.

So that's it. Give one of these venues a shot. Variety, remember, is the spice of life.

Peace out.


You know it's Friday when...

ABC News posts this article about people with sneeze fetishes. Which means that for them, pollen season is porn season. An excerpt:

Music to the ears? Maybe not for most. But for those with a sneezing fetish, hearing, seeing or having a sneeze tickles them in all the right places. And with allergy season upon us, enthusiasts can look forward to some quality sneezing.

Turned on? You can check out the Sneeze Fetish Forum here.

Consider yourself God blessed.

before he cheats

Brog reminded me to post this article about semen detection kits.

For just $50, you, too, can have a quick and easy way to "detect and identy semen in undergarments in 5 minutes or less."

Take that, Joey Greco!

Seriously, though...

What's the most drastic measure you'd take to find out if a partner was cheating?

color me slutty

Some social experiments involve Easy Cheese. Some social experiments involve prostitutes.

This site opts for the latter.

It's a collection of people's drawings of prostitutes. Why? Um, why not? My favorite note is this insightful note from the founder:

I love how no two hoes are the same, and most of all, I love how enthusiastic most people have been about submitting whores.

Anyone have a spare Crayola?

mapping desire

Happy Friday!

Craving a change in scenery? Consult this list of America's Most Lustful Cities, courtesy of Forbes. It's based on measurements of people's condom and contraceptive purchases.

Here are the top 10:

1. Denver

2. San Antonio & Portland (tie)

4. Seattle

5. Salt Lake City & Boise

6. Washington, D.C.

7. Cincinnati

8. Columbus, Ohio

9. Baltimore

10. Buffalo, N.Y. and Rochester, N.Y.

Yeah, I kind of don't get the number scheme. Either way...who's ready to move to Denver?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

what's going on tonight?

Here's your Thursday night lineup:

*Mojo:Saint, 9 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

*Whisky Bent, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy's, $5. 706-322-3460.

*The Redaction, 10 p.m. Soho Bar & Grill, $5 (free for military). 706-568-3316.

*The Relics, 10 p.m. Belloo's, $5. 706-494-1584.

Also...don't forget that the Shanty Shack hosts karaoke and Oxygen hosts beer pong.

Have fun!


Here's an interesting article about stars whose appeal is driven in part by "purity."

That means you, Miley Cyrus. The Jonas Brothers. Jordin Sparks.

The author says that in making chastity such a huge part of their public image, these celebrities are simply marketing their sexuality in a back-handed way. Here goes:

On the surface, the reason why these performers are taking virginity pledges has to do with religion. But why advertise this particular aspect of religion? Because by talking about how they’re not having sex, they’ve discovered a sly way to market their sexuality. There’s an unsettling exhibitionism in all of this. Since these artists are putting issues about their sexuality front-and-center, it’s hard to see them and not immediately think about their sex lives. Do we really need to know Joe Jonas isn’t getting any?

The same piece cites this article pointing to abstinence clubs that have gained prominence at a variety of big-name colleges.

What do you think? Are you offended or inspired when someone makes abstinence part of his/her public persona?

how was your day?

That's one of the entries in this article, "Things Women Love To Hear."

Quick: Do you think it was written by a girl or a guy?

Maybe this additional example will help:

“Those jeans look great on you.” This is a polite (and obvious) way of telling her that she has a nice ass.

Cluelessness aside, the article's suggestions aren't entirely off par, but my favorite part is the disclaimer that comes at the end:

Just as important as what you say is how you say it. If you dish up these phrases and don’t actually mean them (which is often the case), you obviously have your work cut out for you if you want her to actually believe you. Work on your style and delivery, and don’t bandy these phrases about without some serious recognition of the power they hold.

OK, blogosphere, it's your turn to talk back.

In relationships, when do come-on lines transform into compliments?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

fit to strip

It's Hump Day and the sun has returned. Time for a nudity-themed post.

*YouTube has launched The Naked Vlog Campaign, which encourages people to video blog while naked. (They're only shown from the shoulders up, a good thing in most cases.) See the launch video here, and decide whether you'd rather be watching Dustin Diamond.

*In some news that's more visually appealing, Wii is reportedly considering a pole-dancing game. See? Some temporary elbow damage doesn't seem that bad when given the prospect of a lifetime of seduction lessons.

And finally, since all good things come in threes...

*Here's the IMDB profile for "Zombie Strippers." Yes, you read that correctly. Popcorn optional.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

free shows!

Whoa. What's up with all the recent party momentum on Tuesdays?

Two more free shows tonight:

The Athens, Ga.-based rockers from WiLX take the stage at Soho Bar & Grill, 5751 Milgen Road. The show starts after the bar's open mike night, probably around 10:30 p.m. Call 706-568-3316.

Local party band Mindblender performs at the Shanty Shack, 4475 Warm Springs Road. The music begins at 9 p.m. Call 706-507-3418.

Monday, April 14, 2008

local hero

Who says nothing good ever came out of Alabama?

Smiths Station native Ambre Lake won Poison frontman Bret Michaels' heart on the "Rock of Love 2" finale. We'll see how long they stay together.

I didn't watch the show -- I don't have cable -- but I met Ambre when she made a cameo at The Loft in February. See photos, as well as my recap of that night, here.

And click here for more information on "Rock of Love 2."


Friday, April 11, 2008

what's going on this weekend?

Here's your lineup. Have fun!

Don't forget that Saturday is the Foxie 105 Spring Break Concert and Talent Show, which features hip-hop and R&B acts like Mike Jones, Ray Lavender, One Chance and Lil' Will. Local acts will also compete in a talent competition. The show starts at 6 p.m. in Golden Park. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the show. Buy tickets at the radio station at 2203 Wynnton Road. Call 706-576-3560.


*Autumn Haze, 9:30 p.m. Caliente, free. 706-507-0723.

*Mojo:Saint, 9:45 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

*Pipers Down, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy's, $5. 706-322-3460.

*Holdcell, 10 p.m. Soho Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.

*Hired Guns, 10 p.m. Daileys, $5. 706-320-3353.

*Big Saxy, 6 p.m. Mediterranean Cafe, free. 706-320-9111.

*Buddy Lee Rogers and The Codetalkers, 9:30 p.m. The Loft, $10.706-596-8141.

*Racket Club Band, 10 p.m. Del Ranch Restaurant & Lounge, $5. 334-297-9177.


*Basic Rock Outfit, Rockets to Ruin, 10 p.m. Soho Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.

*Mojo:Saint, 10 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

*Pipers Down, 9:30 p.m. Mediterranean Cafe, free. 706-320-9111.

*Last Episode, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy's, $5. 706-322-3460.

*Hired Guns, 10 p.m. Daileys, $5. 706-320-3353.

*Geoff Achison, 9:30 p.m. The Loft, $5. 706-596-8141.

*Racket Club Band, 10 p.m. Del Ranch Restaurant & Lounge, $5. 334-297-9177.

face off for sex

Believe it or not, those bushy eyebrows may tell people something more than the fact that you're too cheap to buy a new pair of tweezers.

Someone's face composition alone is often enough to tell people if he or she is looking for serious commitment or a one-night stand, this article reports.

An excerpt:

Researchers created composite images of college students who identified themselves as either looking for a fling or true love and asked 700 participants to separate the hussies from the prudes. And most of the time, their instincts were accurate – 72 percent of the participants were right more than half the time, although they couldn’t exactly explain their guesses.

Which physical feature -- in men or women -- do you think is most indicative of sluttiness?

(Speaking of sluttiness...check out this racy commercial for new episodes of "Gossip Girl." Hot.)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

get your thursday pong on

Want to do something different tonight? Play beer pong at Oxygen!

The nightclub, located at 1040 Broadway, now has Thursday tournaments to benefit a good cause. It's just $10 per two-person team and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Participants drink for free all night while playing.

The fun starts at 9 p.m. Get there at the right time and you can try to beat me.

Call 706-596-8397.

between the lines

Ironically, I found this article about Awkward Facebook Encounters shortly after I spent an entire lunch hour describing all the random guys who try to holler at me on social networking sites.

So I thought it would be fun to showcase a few of the recent noteworthy ones. I've made them all anonymous to protect the not-so-innocent. Still, the lines that follow are cut and pasted verbatim from my inbox.

Here goes:

"hope you like to meet new people because i am as new as they get if you would like to find out what i mean then just hit me back "

"Hey there dear. I know I would regret it if I didnt make a valiant attempt at starting up a conversation with you, or in the least bit just saying hello. Form what ive read, and seen in your pictures, you have this something that just set you apart. Something that makes you stand out among all the rest."

"i know this is going to sound way out of left field but im sitting at work really bored. I was browsing around myspace and saw that you were online and thought id say hello and see if you felt like BS'n for a little while. Like i said im just really bored out of my mind."

And my favorite...

"Just had to say I've read your articles several times and they make me think alittle which thinking hurts my head but think you for allowing me to enjoy the newspaper which basically consists of bad news except for your articals."

This is the stuff that makes my day go round.


OK, I want to go on the record as saying that within 2 years, this idea will reach Big City Club:

A Los Angeles nightclub is hosting the Spring Break Breast Augmentation Contest Series. Translation: They're giving away a boob job to a lucky woman who succeeds in challenges ranging from apple bobbing to the limbo.

See the full story, complete with video, here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

sweet little lies

Unfortunately, "size matters" isn't on this list of eight sex myths you shouldn't believe.

You will, however, learn that men do have sensitive nipples after all.

Follow-up question: What are the eight sex myths you SHOULD believe?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

potty mouth

Here's an article about bathroom etiquette. Granted, it's geared strictly to men and some of the advice is so straightforward ("always flush") that it seriously makes you lose your faith in the power of public restrooms.

Still, I think it's always good to remind people of the levels of acceptability surrounding the world of toilets.

My biggest pet peeve? Using cell phones in the bathroom. In college, one of the girls on my floor would always talk to her boyfriend on the phone while, um, performing certain bodily functions in the public lavatory. That's gross. I don't care how open your relationship is.

Naturally, I also hate it when people don't wash their hands. Even if you are morally opposed to hand-washing, you should at least make an exception when someone's WATCHING YOU.

Once, I was in a public restroom when a lady asked if she could touch my touch my hair. I couldn't tell if she had washed her hands yet, but I wasn't clever enough to think of a quick way to say no. So I relented. That was a really disgusting experience.

Since I'm sure this was probably the most appetizing post ever, I'll direct you to this site, where you can buy a whole slew of edible insects. Mmm.

two for tuesday

For at least one week, Tuesday could be the new Saturday.

Bands will play free shows at two local hot spots tonight: Soho Bar & Grill and the Shanty Shack.

Soho hosts Echovalve, an Atlanta-based rock quartet. The party starts after the bar's open mic night, probably around 10:30 p.m. The club is at 5751 Milgen Road. Call 706-568-3316.

Local Southern rock act Whisky Bent takes the stage at the Shanty Shack, 4475 Warm Springs Road. The show starts at 9 p.m. Call 706-507-3418. Starting this week, the nightclub will have live music every Tuesday.

Both shows are open to partiers 21 and older.

Monday, April 7, 2008

stars & stripes stripped

Hopefully that conjures images of politics and nudity. That's what I was going for.

If so, I would have provided an unofficial summary of the newest blog you should add to your must-read list.

Alan has entered the blogosphere with "Political Pork & Beans." Sure, the topic might seem a bit dry at first, but here's what you can expect from the past entries alone:

*A sexy pic of Ron Paul in shorts. Mmm.

*Use of the phrase "augmented cupie doll"

*An all-around good time

Devour your own portion of pork and beans here.

sex & science

It's an odd pairing, and one that definitely contradicts all memories of anyone who ever taught me about protons and neutrons.

But so much scientific research has been devoted to sex that this author even made an entire book of it, conveniently titled "Bonk."

The aforementioned link brings you to a review of the book, where you'll learn stuff like the fact that the San Francisco Fire Department has its own special shorthand for sex toy emergencies.

Oh, and a Chicago study revealed that men's colognes surprisingly(?) reduce physical arousal in women.

While looking for blog-worthy material, I usually read at least one of these studies daily, whether it be analyzing physical attractiveness or the appropriate duration of sex sessions. I like to tell myself it's my job.

Do they have any worth beyond a role as conversation ice breakers? Probably not. But I won't complain.

Craving some sexual science? Check out this article about researchers in Tel Aviv who have taught a computer how to recognize attractiveness in women. Luckily, the computers here at the L-E still can't even recognize the "on" command.

the monday moan

This one's pretty straightforward.

NKOTB reunion: The right stuff, or not?

For more info on their revived efforts to hang tough, click here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

what's going on this weekend?


Here's your weekend lineup:

The Columbus Catfish play Friday-Sunday. Beer won't be $1, but tickets are still super cheap. Get more info here.

There's a First Friday Block Party on Broadway. You know the drill: seven venues, one (undisclosed until the night of the event) cover. Participating venues include Oxygen, Big City Club, The Uptown Tap, Daileys, The Vault, Scruffy Murphy's and The Vault.

Also on Friday, Osanippa Creek Lodge in Valley, Ala. hosts a benefit for cancer patient John Keith. Blues act Mojo:Saint will perform. It starts at 8 p.m. EDT. Cover is $5.

And on the nightlife scene...


• Bluegrass festival, noon-9 p.m. Hoofer's Gospel & Bluegrass Barn, $25 reserved and $20 general admission. 706-884-4186.

• No Longer Mica, Trap County, 10 p.m. Soho Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.

• Autumn Haze, 9 p.m. Saloon & Oyster Bar, free. 706-568-8400.

• Java Monkey, 10 p.m. Belloo's, $5. 706-494-1584.

• Neal Lucas Trio, 9:45 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

• Grayson Capps, 9:30 p.m. The Loft, block party fee. 706-596-8141.

• Whisky Bent, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy's, block party fee. 706-322-3460.

• Human Nature, 10 p.m. Daileys, block party fee. 706-320-3353.

• Big Saxy, 6 p.m. Mediterranean Cafe, free. 706-320-9111.

• Racket Club Band, 10 p.m. Del Ranch Restaurant & Lounge, $5. 334-297-9177.


• Bluegrass festival, 11:45 a.m.-10:15 p.m. Hoofer's Gospel & Bluegrass Barn, $25 reserved and $20 general admission. 706-884-4186.

• Colossick, Noxious, 10 p.m. Soho Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.

• Java Monkey, 10 p.m. Belloo's, $5. 706-494-1584.

• Col. Bruce Hampton and The Quark Alliance, 9:30 p.m. The Loft, $10. 706-596-8141.

• The Tommy Talton Band, 9:30 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

• Human Nature, 10 p.m. Daileys, $5. 706-320-3353.

• Pipers Down, 9:30 p.m. Mediterranean Cafe, free. 706-320-9111.

• Racket Club Band, 10 p.m. Del Ranch Restaurant & Lounge, $5. 334-297-9177.

• Whisky Bent, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy's, $5. 706-322-3460.

birds, bees & booty

The clearest evidence that spring has sprung? An onset of sex tip articles, some of which are more helpful than others. Consider the following:

*This female writer performed extensive research in order to devote an entire article to "the sometimes hard-to-believe but still lovable world of men." Among her conclusions? Men are perverts. Research here clearly involved the complicated process of stepping outside with boobs. And, um, remind me where the "still lovable" part comes in.

*This week, some more research confirmed that short sex is the best sex. The ideal time is 3-13 minutes, sex therapists say. Cuddle time, unfortunately, is not included. Get the full story here.

*Finally, here's a headline targeting the erotic experience everyone desires: "College Sex: Recreate It at Any Age." Because you're never too old to get busy while staring at a Periodic Table of Mixology poster.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

what's going on tonight?

Hey party people...don't forget that that the Columbus Catfish play at 7 p.m. in Golden Park. Yeah, the weather sucks and I'm not really a die-hard baseball fan, either. But there's $1 beer and $1 hot dogs. Get the details here.

Here are your other Thursday night happenings...

*Bluegrass festival, 12:30-9 p.m. Hoofer's Gospel & Bluegrass Barn, $25 reserved and $20 general admission. 706-884-4186.

*Java Monkey, 10 p.m. Belloo's, $5. 706-494-1584.

*Bulletproof Marshmallows, 10 p.m. Soho Bar & Grill, $5 (free for mililtary). 706-568-3316.

half full

Our office air conditioning is broken, the e-mail system has been down all day and I just wrote a post about unhappiness.

Seems like we need some good news.

No. 4: These $24,000 "Sex and the City" tours of New York. Batteries not included.

No. 3: They're remaking "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Read more here, and be excellent to each other.

No. 2: This actual headine: "'Battlestar Galactica': Why It Might Save Your Marriage"


There's a bra made of bacon. That's right. Bacon. Breasts. Perfection.

See it here.

don't worry, be happy?

Yes, we have therapists. And anti-stress body lotions. And the luxury of retail therapy.

But today's Americans "are little or no happier than earlier generations," this Wall Street Journal article reports.

I think unhappiness now is largely a result of the growing belief that it's OK, maybe even necessary, to ruminate in your sadness. Rather than simply moving on with life, we're encouraged to analyze why we're sad -- whether it be through self-help books, blogging or an out-of-town retreat.

While that stuff serves a purpose at times, I think it also has tremendous potential to backfire and only prolong sadness.

Wow. I am soo depressed now. Time for a chick flick.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

baby mama

Happy Hump Day!

I've noticed that if you're a woman, it's socially acceptable to approve of your friend's romantic relationship by saying, "You guys would have really cute kids."

Seriously. Does anyone else have a problem with that?

I guess it's OK simply because you're publicly saying something that's likely crossed your friend's mind since the first day of the relationship. Yes, as psychotic as this sounds, girls really imagine what their kids would look like. Often before they've even become boyfriend and girlfriend with a certain individual.

Anyway, why simply imagine when you can visit this site?

A promo for the upcoming Tina Fey movie "Baby Mama," it lets you morph your pic and that of a significant (or insignificant) other to find out how your spawn would look.

Have fun!

In the mood for more baby making? The Shanty Shack, 4475 Warm Springs Road, celebrates Hump Day tonight with $1.50 beers, $5 pitchers of beer, $3 shots, 99 cent bbq sandwiches and $10 margarita pitchers.

I went last Wednesday and had a blast. Despite my poor decision to take a sip of a random partier's Patron and cranberry juice cocktail.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

welcome back!

I really wasn't kidding about that "90210" spinoff.

Casting has started for the show, which apparently will center on the following plot:

Published reports have said the spinoff will revolve around the Mills family of Beverly Hills whose matriarch, Tabitha, is a 60-something has-been actress and alcoholic. Tabitha's adult son, Harry, moves back to Beverly Hills to care for his mother. Joining him are his wife Celia, an Olympic athlete-turned-personal trainer, and their two 16-year-old children who may make up the new 90210 crew.


banging your bartender

The NY Daily News has this article with tips about how to pick up a bartender.

It's an uphill battle, as illustrated by bartender anecdotes like this one:

"Customers think they can abuse you and say anything they want," she says. "They think, 'Ooh, she's nice to me, she must like me and want to have my babies.' They expect you to take their number. Sometimes I just tell them I'm a lesbian to make them back off."

She pauses. "But then, of course, that turns them on, too."

Still want to take the plunge?

Tread lightly, and avoid all cheesy references to red-headed sluts.