Friday, November 30, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

Don't forget about the lighting of the downtown Columbus Christmas tree, 6-8 p.m. Friday.

FYI...Downtown Baking Co. will have an open house Saturday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. It's at 1039 First Ave. Expect lots of breads and sweets.

As far as nightlife offerings's pretty much the standard scene. I'm most (read: kinda) excited about the MAC cosmetics party at Rumors, 1107 Broadway, Saturday night. The details on this shindig are kind of vague, aside from the fact that there will be drink specials, food and a photographer. But proceeds from that stuff, as well as the $7 cover charge, go to the MAC AIDS Fund, so I guess it's all for a good cause.

See you there, bitches!

exes and express food

Why don't guys want to stay friends with girls who broke up with them?

Well, Cosmo usually says it's because guys move on quicker, carry fewer long-term obsessions, etc., etc.

And now for a different take on the phenomenon...this guy offers up a McDonald's analogy. Don't laugh. It kind of makes sense. Here goes:

Imagine if you went to McDonald's a lot and ordered a Big Mac Combo meal. A Big Mac, Large Fries and a Coke. You really like this meal. One day, you pull up to the drive-thru and order the Big Mac Combo meal and the girl tells you, "I'm sorry - you can have the Big Mac and the Coke, but you can't get fries with that anymore." You think about this for a moment, and sure - the Big Mac is the centerpiece of the meal, but McDonald's has some really good fries and you like their fries with your meal. So you say, "I've been able to get fries with that before, why can't I have fries with my Big Mac combo anymore?" The girl says, "Well, I just think it is better if you only have the Big Mac and the Coke from here on out."

At this point, a lot of guys are going to go to Wendy's or BK and see if they can get fries with their combo at that drive-thru window. But there are some guys who REALLY like McDonald's Big Macs and they might think, "If I keep coming here and ordering the Big Mac and Coke, maybe she'll change her mind and give me some fries with that later." So they will keep on getting the combo without the fries until the dealbreaker happens: One day that guy is going to order the Big Mac and Coke and then he's going to pull up a little bit to pay, and someone else is going to pull up to the drivethrough speaker and order the "Big Mac Combo" and he is going to hear the girl say, "Would you like fries with that?"

That's why guys don't like to be friends with a girl who breaks up with them.

Thoughts? Does this analogy apply to girls being friends/not being friends with guys who break up with them?

naughty or nice?

American kids find Britney Spears and Paris Hilton naughtier than the Grinch and Darth Vader, according to a results of poll released this week.

Get the full story here.

I guess this is a good thing...until you consider the fact that the majority of today's kids think naughty isn't necessarily a bad thing. Like the 15-year-old girl I interviewed last Friday who was waiting to shop at Victoria's Secret at 5 a.m.

Just a thought.

let's get it on

Happy Friday!

Here's another reason to get busy this weekend. Researchers now say losing your virginity later in life -- say, 21-23 years old -- appears to be lined to a greater loss of sexual dysfunction. Especially among males.

Get the full story here. An excerpt:

"Men who lose their virginity in their 20s, in particular, seemed to be more likely to experience sexual problems that include difficulty becoming sexually aroused and reaching orgasm."

No further questions!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

thanks. kinda.

Today I came across this Hillary Clinton Nutcracker and I started thinking about gifts gone wrong.

In 99.9 percent of cases, I'm extremely appreciative while receiving a gift -- regardless of what it is. Even if it's something I'll never use, I appreciate the fact that somebody's willing to go out of his/her way to buy something especially for me.


I can name my worst gift-exchange experience in a heartbeat.

In high school, every senior had to name an underclassman as her "honor guard." In a ceremony prior to graduation, graduates walked across the school gymnasium to exchange gifts with their honor guards while sappy music played in the background.

The norm for these gifts was huge plastic storage containers filled with stuff -- the underclassmen would get the seniors college supplies, while seniors would give the underclassmen stuff to get them through the rest of high school.

As a graduating senior, I spent about $100 and three hours of labor on the gift I gave to my honor guard. It was a senior-year survival kit. Maybe it included some porn. OK, maybe not. You get the picture, though.

So I walked across the gym floor on ceremony day...lugging a huge plastic box...only to see my honor guard with seemingly open hands. "OK," I said to myself, "don't panic. Maybe she just got you a gift card."

Not the case.

As we exchanged gifts, she proudly handed me a Feng Shui instruction book. Without an inscription.

For those of you who have seen my house, you know I have absolutely no use for Feng Shui. You're lucky if you can even get me to pull the lint out of my dryer once a year.

I was beyond words, and couldn't even utter a fake "thanks."

So to my honor guard -- who shall remain nameless -- if you're reading this, I hope you've learned the art of splurging. Or at least putting some thought into your gift-selection process.

And if not, I hope karma's sent you at least one novelty nutcracker. Or more.

watch it

I'm no movie buff, but my ass went all Ebert last weekend when I finally got the courage to use the $1/night rental kiosk at Publix. I spent all of Saturday night watching movies on my laptop screen.

(My only other movie-viewing machine is a VCR. Sorry.)

One of the movies I watched was Sarah Polley's "Away From Her," a really good story about a woman who goes into a care facility after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. There, she forgets who her husband is, but falls in love with another man.

The film is all about her husband's reaction, and it raises all these interesting questions about memory and love and family and all that stuff.

I can't imagine what it would be like to live with a spouse who has Alzheimer's. As tragic as their situation is, I see those couples also a reflection of probably the strongest form of love. You can go on romantic vacations, give expensive gifts and share all the right compliments...but devoting your life to a partner who doesn't even recognize you? Maybe there's no stronger bond than that.

Wow. Tangent alert. Sorry.

Anyway, "Away From Her" is No. 4 on this list of the 50 best films of 2007. I know Brad might be mad that "Knocked Up" ranked higher than "The Darjeeling Limited."

ho, ho, whoa

I'm might fly to Australia for the weekend.

Why? Sunday's the 2007 Hookers Ball, hosted by Tara Reid.

Gotta love the promotion flier, which not only spells "American" incorrectly, but also includes mention of bondage beds and The Booty Bar.

Who else is in?

Get the full story here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

hot or not?

So...just because you're pregnant doesn't necessarily mean you have to pose naked.

That said, what do you guys think of these pics of Christina Aguilera? Get the full story here.


Happy Wednesday!

This is exactly what you need at 2 in the afternoon -- a list of 25 great drinking quotes, available here. Did I mention it includes insights from Homer Simpson? Here's some samplings to wet your appetite:

"Reality is an illusion that occurs due to the lack of alcohol."

"I drink to make other people interesting."
George Jean Nathan

"Beer -- the cause of, and solution to, all life's problems."
Homer Simpson

Monday, November 26, 2007

oh baby!

Yep, you read that correctly.

This site jokingly posts a collection of "what all cool babies are wearing this winter." The styles come from a site called T-Shirt Hell, where you can conveniently buy everything from the mildly offensive ("Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Play Date") to the very offensive ("Just Like President Bush Daddy Didn't Know When to Pull Out").

It's a good time to be a baby!

top heavy

Just in time for Christmas...

This site has a list of 10 reasons why people think you're a bimbo if you have breast implants. This should be fun. Here goes:

1. They are unhappy with their own body.

2. They are uncomfortable with sensuality.

3. They don't believe in modifying their own bodies.

4. They feel threatened by your looks.

5. They are afraid.

6. They were raised differently.

7. They are jealous.

8. They don't understand.

9. They have preconceptions.

10. They are ignorant.

Or, maybe you're just really a bimbo.

beware the awesome blossom

Happy Monday!

If an extended weekend of culinary gluttony wasn't enough for you...

Check out this list of the 20 worst foods in America. Sad news for some of my friends -- surprisingly, there's a whopping 2,040 calories in Chili's Honey Chipotle Crispers with Chipotle Sauce.

By the way...the Awesome Blossom, an appetizer at Chili's, has 2,710 calories.

Just in time for lunch!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving!

To celebrate, I'll leave you with this Tampon Turkey. How-to instructions are available here.

And quickly...

In celebration of the holiday, I want to thank everybody who's ever visited this blog. Even if it was just to post a comment calling me a slut. I really appreciate all the interest, and I hope I've provided at least one solid moment of distraction.

I spent my last Thanksgiving bawling because I was broken-up with via a changed relationship status on MySpace.

Life has only gotten better.

what's going on tonight?

Anyone looking to party it up on Thanksgiving Eve should check out my article here. Thanks!

best baby gift ever

I met my Daddy on Maury. Nuff said.

burrito bitch

Burritos are probably my favorite food.

While living in California, I conducted an experiment to see how long I could go with just having burritos for every meal of the day. (That's how you find excitement while living with your parents for two years.) Anyway, I lasted about two weeks, and not because I ran out of appetite, but because I ran out of acceptable dining venues.

Anyway, my fascination naturally extends to breakfast burritos, and I've been a fan of the kind McDonald's offers since working at the fast-food chain as a 16-year-old.

Last week, I hit the drive-thru expecting my usual pleasantly congealed tiny burritos and instead learned of a giant McSkillet Burrito.

I shared one with Brad this morning -- my second since the offering debuted locally last week -- and loved it. It was especially satisfying since I tried to get one yesterday and was rejected due to a power outage at the restaurant. Still a sore subject.

In summary, the McSkillet is kind of a big deal and it even has its own blog, which unfortunately hasn't been updated since 2006. This is the first time since 2003 that Mickey D's has updated its breakfast menu, according to this article.

Read Brad's McSkillet experience here.


Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I have lots to talk about today, including a burrito-eating venture with Brad, but I wanted to with the double rejection we got on "The Bachelor" this week.

For those of you who have lives and didn't follow the show's 11th season, Bachelor Brad Womack made for the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER when he surprised viewers by rejecting both of the reality TV show's final contenders. Get a full recap here.

Anyway, out of intrigue (read: loneliness and boredom) I watched last night's "After the Final Rose" and came back with a few insights:

Is this guy a bad person for turning down a relationship that would have resulted in nothing but a staged courtship and PR-driven separation? No. I can't believe how shocked people were that he "led both women on" and "waited until the last minute to share his feelings."

Wow. It's like there were TV producers directing his every move or something.

Imagine that!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a new word

One of the most productive things I did today was make up a new word.


This term refers to awkward silence between guys, particularly the kind that occurs at a club, when their girlfriends ditch them to hit the dance floor. It's also known to happen when no female is present to start conversations during a major meal.

Let me know what you think.

how sick!

Think your sinus medication is gross? Check out this article about the 10 most insane medical practices in history.

A highlight:

"...The cure for female hysteria was a doctor's hand down your bloomers until you weren't only thinking of England but screaming its name. Is it any wonder the list of symptoms for female hysteria was so long, literally any ailment could fit the diagnosis? In those sexually repressed times visiting the doctor's office must have been like a trip to Disneyland for most women."

Anyone else feeling a little hysteria coming on?


The Internet is buzzing about this pic of Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Leon.

When do you think a kid's too young to be criticized for something like a unibrow? Are tasks like shaving, plucking and waxing signs of maturity...or simply matters of personal hygiene?

Discuss. Now.

Monday, November 19, 2007

trapped no more

Ironically, just a week after the R. Kelly hoopla hit Columbus, the entertainer's publicist has unexpectedly quit.

"There are some lines that should never be crossed professionally or personally," Regina Daniels, the artist's publicist of 14 years, writes in a statement.

She adds, "Mr. Kelly crossed a line that forever altered the scope of our relationship. For this reason I made the decision to resign."

Sure, Regina, you're probably feeling a bit down now, but something tells me another opportunity is going to open up very, very soon. After all, you beefed up R. Kelly's image so much that even after three hours of interviews in Columbus, I was only able to get about two people to speak against him.

So cheer up, Reggie. I, for one, will give you a good recommendation.

sunny daze?

You can get all jazzed that the earliest seasons of "Sesame Street" are on DVD, but think twice before sharing your enthusiasm with your favorite preschooler.

That's because the DVDs come with a warning: “These early ‘Sesame Street’ episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.”



Producers now say the earlier versions of many of the show's characters -- everyone from Cookie Monster to Oscar the Grouch -- are unsuitable for today's kids. A sample from this article:

"Snuffleupagus is visible only to Big Bird; since 1985, all the characters can see him, as Big Bird’s old protestations that he was not hallucinating came to seem a little creepy, not to mention somewhat strained."

In retrospect, which "Sesame Street" character scares you most?

not so ex-cellent

Good afternoon!

Sure, it's Monday, but be happy that this is a short week (for most of us). Unless, of course, you're worried about turkey germs, awkward dinner table sentences and the biggest problem this holiday season...


Sex between exes becomes more likely during the holiday season, according to this article.

"Loneliness around this time is inevitable, and many single people like to turn to a familiar place for comfort: the arms of an ex. We all have one stuffed in the closet of our lives — whether it is a long-ago love, or a recent breakup, exes always seem to be just a phone call away."

OK, blogosphere...complete the following sentence:

Sex with an ex is OK if _____________.

Friday, November 16, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

Hey guys...sorry for the lack of posts today. Busy.

As far as weekend party spots go, I vote it's time for you to check out Hookahmeup, the new hookah bar downtown. There's no alcohol, but there's a cool ambiance and Arabic coffee and tea. Read my bar profile here.

And don't forget...the Cowgirl Cutie Contest continues Saturday nights at Knockin' Boots. Show up in your best cowgirl getup and vie to win a spot in the finals.

What am I up to? Tonight, I'm having dinner at Ryan's -- random, I know -- and then finally watching this week's episode of "The Hills." Saturday, I'll be at the Cottonmouths game and then Belloo's for Little Black Dress Night.

If I see you at the three aforementioned places, I'll officially know that you're stalking me. Perfect.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the best years of your life?

CollegeHumor just released its annual Power Rankings -- the top U.S. colleges where you can have the maximum amount of fun while putting forth the least amount of effort.

Judging criteria include factors like percentage of females, percentage of Greeks, stadium capacity and closest Taco Bell.

Also considered are elements like the average temperature in February because, "When it starts getting colder, girls will inevitably enter their 'comfortably fat hoodie' stage. This means staying inside instead of going out, while chowing down on Cool Ranch Doritos with the girls."

(I'm convinced this one is what knocked my alma mater, where the temperature hovered around zero, out of the list. Not to mention the fact that we didn't have a stadium.)

Anyway, No. 1 on the list is Penn State.

Here's how some local schools did:

*Auburn University -- No. 5

*University of Alabama -- No. 6

*University of Georgia -- No. 16

*Georgia Institute of Technology -- No. 29

*University of South Alabama -- No. 44

Not too bad. Right?


Three words: Bacon. Wrapped. Turkey. Get the recipe here.

For more info on how to pimp out your turkey, check out Brad's recent article, available here.

romance or career?

Listen up, guys. This news seriously challenges your ability to accuse us of constantly wanting to talk about our feelings.

Women are less romantic than men, this study concludes.

Well, kinda.

The study focused on participants' willingness to choose a relationship over a career, or vice versa. The conclusion?

"The outcome of the study highlighted the fact that men are far more romantic and will much sooner choose...a relationship over any career."

But wait. Researchers caution that the study focused only on students, so the findings might not be universal.

They might be on to something, though. In part, I think some women are still in the mind frame that their career opportunities are limited -- at least compared to opportunities available for men -- and are more inclined to jump on an ideal offer, even if it's not the best match for their personal life.

OK. You've just gotten the job offer of your dreams, but your significant other refuses to move. What do you do?

if you're bored...

Happy Thursday!

If you're bored, be sure to check out my TV debut tonight during the 7 p.m. newscast on WLTZ 38. Until further notice, I'll be on TV every Thursday, telling people what to do on the weekends. It's a family-oriented roundup, so don't expect me to publicly endorse Starship.

That's what this blog is for.

Thanks for the consideration. The rest of today's posts will be better, I swear.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Sarah Michelle Gellar is back, apparently. What do you think?

speaking of head...

You think it's good move for recycling, but a decision to turn used condoms into hair bands is having negative consequences in southern China.

According to a Chinese dermatologist:

"People could be infected with AIDS, (genital) warts or other diseases if they hold the rubber bands or strings in their mouths while waving their hair into plaits or buns."

Buy a scrunchie, people!

Get the full story here.

when are you going to get married?

If that's the question you're dreading most this Thanksgiving, think again.

Radar has a list of 50 things not to say at the Thanksgiving table. Some highlights:

*Roasting the turkey should kill off any herpetic virus obtained during preparation, right?

*Remember Jason Biggs and that apple pie in American Pie? Well, it also works with turkey.

*I'd like to thank all of you for providing me with so much depression-memoir material.

*Shh ... I think this is the "To Catch a Predator" I'm in.

What's the worst thing you've heard at a family dinner?

color me superficial

Forgive me for making this the first real post of the day, but I have to share these excerpts from Heidi Montag's recent interview in Blender.

“I like to read a couple books at once. I was reading the Princess Diana book. I’m reading a book about Chicago and the mob. Right now I’m also reading the Bible, beginning to end. I’m very religious. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.”

And this:

“I also plan to win an Oscar,” she says. “I’m very ambitious.”

I would explain who Heidi is, and the significance of all this, but I'm just going to pretend this blog post never happened.

i return

Sorry for the recent lack of posts...I was swamped with interviews for my R. Kelly story that ran on the front page of today's paper. Read it here.

No, I didn't get to interview the Pied Piper of R&B. Sorry. Instead, the interview is about what division, if any, exists between an artist's private life and public persona.

The issue comes into play given the child pornography charges R. Kelly currently faces. Locally, a few people say the legal controversy makes them unable to appreciate him as an entertainer. Most, however, say what an artist does in private has no bearing on his/her value as an entertainer.

Where do you stand? Is there any crime that would make you lose total acceptance of your favorite singer or movie star ?

(The R. Kelly show is 7:30 p.m. tonight in the Columbus Civic Center. Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo and J. Holiday will open. Tickets are $42.50, $52.50 and $62.50. Get more info here.)

Monday, November 12, 2007

weekend nerdcap

OK, I'm back. With just enough time to post some pics of last weekend's Nerdacon.

We stopped by around 7 Saturday night, and were greeted by the inevitable deluge of costumes. I think my favorite part of the evening was the video game room, which was more than consistent with the photo that ran with last week's column. All in all, it was a great time.

Among the weekend's other highlights was my first venture into the world of Clubexcise, as well as two hours in downtown's newest party venue, Hookameup. You'll read about both experiences in this week's To Do section. Get excited.

How was your weekend?

weekend recap...delayed

Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I have lots to report, including photos from the highly anticipated Nerdacon. But I'm spending most of the morning working on stuff for the upcoming R. Kelly show, so be patient.

Thanks, and I promise you'll have lots to look forward to!

Friday, November 9, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

No reason to stay in this weekend. Here's why:

*Knockin' Boots marks the first week of its four-week Cowgirl Cutie Contest, hosted in conjunction with Rooster 106. Show up in your cowgirl gear. One winner will be chosen every Friday and Saturday night, and then the finals will go down on the fifth week. There's no fee to enter.

*Montell Jordan comes to Plush tonight. Doors open at 8 p.m., tickets are $5-$15. Guests must be at least 25 years old and a business casual dress code will be enforced. Call 706-984-8476.

*Don't forget about Nerdacon v2, which goes through midnight Friday and then 10 a.m.-midnight Saturday. I'll probably be there Saturday. I heart nerds.

*Attention, Starbucks fans...the Starbucks off Manchester Expressway (4519 Woodruff Road) is having a party to kick off its holiday flavors Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

*Dueling pianos continues with performances at 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday at The Vault.

*Or, take Brad's advice and hit up Soho Bar & Grill Saturday night for performances by The Hot Rods and Adam + The Pinx.

friday with brit brit

Thanks to a vacant social calendar and an equally lifeless TV lineup, I blew $9.98 on Britney Spears' newest CD, "Blackout," Sunday night.

Yes, I realize this is money better spent saving South African children, or at least buying an extra round of shots at a downtown bar. Oh well.

So I sat down and listened to all 12 tracks -- equal to something like 43 minutes -- and in turn entered a parallel universe of morphed voices that I initially attributed to a malfunction in my two-inch speakers. Not the case, my friends. Not the case.

I contemplated doing a track-by-track review here, but my reactions don't vary that much. Plus, I have a hard time getting past track 6, "Get Naked," without a little, um, alone time. That said, I'm settling for the next best thing: the five most memorable phrases Brit -- or a manufactured version of Brit -- utters on "Blackout." Here goes:

5. "Intoxicate me, on the rush. I'm a lush." (Track 3)

4. "Me and my girls like to get it on." (Track 7)

3. "Baby, I'm a freak and I don't really give a damn." (Track 6)

2. "Watch your fingers, boy. You might get burned." (Track 9)

1. "Give it to my bummper." (Track 11)
Aren't you jealous you don't have this lyrical masterpiece at your fingertips?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

what's going on tonight?

Lots of options for Thursday night partiers.

Open mic nights:

*Rhino's, 11 p.m., free. 706-322-0084.

*Fountain City Coffee, 8 p.m., free. 706-494-6659.

Songwriter showcase:

*Broadstreet Blues, 8 p.m., free. 334-297-3200.

Live acts:

*Dueling Pianos, 10 p.m., The Vault, $5.

*The Kat Redd Band, 10 p.m. Soho Bar & Grill, $5 (no cover for military). 706-568-3316.

*Toy Shop, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy's, $5. 706-322-3460.

of mice and paris

Just when you thought science couldn't get any weirder...a cardboard cutout of Paris Hilton has a painkilling effect on mice, according to this research.

The disclaimer?

"As in humans, Paris's effect appears to be gender-specific. Male mice spent less time licking their wounds when fake Paris was in sight, but females showed no such effect..."

What can I say? Mice -- male ones at least -- know cheese when they see it.

worth it?

This article is about the money people pay in their efforts to be on reality TV.

We're talking thousands of dollars here.

It's something I never really thought about, since most reality TV competitions give you the impression the contestants go from rags to riches.

But that's not the case. Between transportation, lodging, clothing and audition-tape mailing costs, contestants can easily spend well over $5,000.

The article points to one guy who spent $7,000 trying to get on "Project Runway." He didn't make it.

How much would you be willing to pay to fight for your dream on reality TV?


This week's column is about NerdaCon, an event hosted by Columbus State University's Campus Nerds.

The first NerdaCon, held in March, had 1,300 attendees. NerdaCon v2 will take place this weekend. The group is hoping for 2,000 people.

You guys should all check it out. Given my obsession with stilettos and club music, it might seem slightly odd I'm recommending this event, but I've always loved nerds. I might even show up in costume.

While we're discussing matters of nerdiness...check out this article about what a guy's videogame console says about his relationship style. A sampling:

PlayStation: Your guy is sophisticated, intelligent and willing to wait for a good thing. He's also a mover and shaker who knows the right people.

Wii: Your guy is fun, physically fit and cognizant of your needs. (Of all the consoles, the Wii is often believed to have the most games that appeal to both sexes.)

Xbox: This analysis is my favorite. Why? One sentence: "These guys are passionate about gaming and that transfers into the bedroom as well."

Who's ready to score?

somethin' 4 da honeyz

Montell Jordan, of "This is How We Do It" fame, will perform at Columbus nightclub Plush Friday.

Doors open at 8 p.m. and guests must be at least 25 years old. Tickets are $5-$15. A business casual dress code will be strictly enforced.

Believe it or not, I've actually seen Montell Jordan in concert before. Yeah...I was in seventh grade and he was the opening act for a Boyz II Men show. My partner in crime for the night? My dad.

Plush is at 2955 Warm Springs Road. Call 706-984-8476.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

fun with novelties

Radar has an interesting piece about what happens when one guy walks around New York City sporting some unique novelty T-shirts, all of which feature phrases unsuitable for print here.

Ah, novelty tees.

They always look so cool -- and affordable -- on store shelves, luring you to fork over a modest amount of cash for a piece of clothing that at the time seems to perfectly summarize your thoughts about life/politics/boobs.

Then you get home and realize you wouldn't be spotted dead in the shirt you just bought.

For about two years, I've had an Abercrombie & Fitch tee in my closet that features a martini glass and reads, "I need a stiff one."

Yeah, don't laugh. Please.

Here's the thing with these shirts: In 99 percent of cases, nobody will say anything if you wear them in public.

Still, there's that feeling that they're thinking witty commentary/judgment. Even if the prevailing sentiment is simply, "Why the hell did she pay $20 for that?"

What's the best -- or worst -- shirt you own, but have never worn in public?

the white stripes?

What would it take to get you to wear these pants?

Zubaz, the zebra-print pants featured above, are back, Best Week Ever reports.

The manufacturer notes the collection "suggests 'in your face' by the athletes, sports fans and casual connoisseurs of high fashion."

It adds, "With only slight refinements, our Zubaz pants are ready for the next generation."

Add a chunky belt and I'm in!

the L-bomb

This site has 100 ways to say "I love you." Wait...before you gag, it's actually kind of funny.

The suggestions include spelling the three dreaded words "across the bottom of the bathtub in her hair, which you’d dutifully collected from the shower-drain."

In all seriousness, send me your thoughts about dropping the L-bomb. Are guys still expected to say it first? A guy recently told me he's heard that when a girl says "I love you," you should always say it right back. (To ensure getting laid, of course.)

Is that a recipe for romance or destruction?

true love doesn't wait

Here's another reason to stop feeling guilty about events that may or may not have transpired after your high school prom:

Programs that focus exclusively on abstinence don't work, according to the results of this study.

"At present there does not exist any strong evidence that any abstinence program delays the initiation of sex, hastens the return to abstinence or reduces the number of sexual partners" among teenagers, the study concluded.

Sooo...just say yes?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

girls gone too wild?

Happy Tuesday!

So the Internet is buzzing with controversy over a recent Facebook online forum, "30 Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night," which allows young women to post pics of themselves drunk and share stories of all their intoxicated antics.

(No, I'm not on there.)

Anyway, some people say the site glorifies drinking and demeans women. Others say it's just harmless fun.

Get the full story here.

What do you think?

While you're formulating your thoughts, check out the full list of 30 reasons, available here.

No. 3: You've become convinced that dancing with your arms overhead, shaking your ass, and yelling "WOO HOO" is truly the sexiest dance move EVER.

Monday, November 5, 2007

sex and the shitty?

Sarah Jessica Parker has been named the No. 1 Unsexiest Woman Alive, according to the latest edition of Maxim.

Get the details here.

Does anyone else think the results are a little skewed? Um, hello. Two words: Amy Winehouse. Two more words: Britney Spears.

Are you honestly telling me you'd rather make out with either of them?

just can it

Just in time for lunch...

See some of the Internet's weirdest canned foods here. Mmmm.

girly men

Hey...did you know Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany?

It's part of a quiz that asks you to match male celebrities with their traditionally female middle names.

Warning...very difficult. Let me know how you did.

porn is good?

Happy Monday!

Here's some news that could wet your whistle: There's no truth to the long-held belief that porn is a catalyst of sexual violence, some researchers say.

It's not Ron Jeremy making the argument, either. This column in the Chicago Tribune says that even though erotic Web sites have expanded significantly in recent years, national incidents of rape are down 72 percent and other sexual assaults have fallen by 68 percent.

"In a paper presented at Stanford Law School last year, he (Clemson University economist Todd Kendall) reported that, after adjusting for other differences, states where Internet access expanded the fastest saw rape decline the most. A 10 percent increase in Internet access, Kendall found, typically meant a 7.3 percent reduction in the number of reported rapes."

Oh...and Facebook is now officially more popular than porn, this unrelated article concludes.


Friday, November 2, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

Don't forget...First Friday Bar Crawl downtown. One cover, nine bars.

The Erotic Hypnotic performs at The Vault Friday (11 p.m.) and Saturday (midnight). Friday's show is included in the bar crawl cover, Saturday's is $5.

I'm also hitting up Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens Saturday. I guess there's a horse race going on, but the insiders all say it's a prime opportunity to socialize. You'll get the whole story Monday, including whether I wore a hat.

Have a great weekend!

so yesterday?

This pic is one of many from Hilary Duff's recent spread in FHM.

Do you think it's hot? Or does she still look 12?

She's 20, btw.

the hills are alive

Until now, I've shied away from discussing my obsession with "The Hills," a popular scripted reality series on MTV.

Why? Um, it's "The Hills." And I watch it.

For those of you who spend your Monday nights doing something useful, here's a recap: The show's all about rich 20-somethings in L.A. You get the picture.

So anyway, as much as I maintain the show isn't necessarily 100 percent worthy of blog attention, I made an exception when I spotted this article earlier today.

It claims MTV is now casting for Spencer and Heidi's wedding. For further evidence of the fact that the show is staged, check out this interview with Gavin, a guy who went on a date with LC on "The Hills." (Via Best Week Ever)

In an attempt to make this a quasi-meaningful post, I'll pose this question: Does knowing the truth behind a "reality" show bother you? Or, do you watch those shows for entertainment value alone?

chug away

Happy Friday!

If the weekend isn't enough to get you in a good mood, here's some research that will intoxicate your spirits.

Beer after exercise may be a good thing, according to this article.

At first I thought it was all a joke, since for years I've been told that alcohol dehydrates you. But Spanish researchers now say beer can help someone who is dehydrated retain liquid better than water.

So get your ass on the treadmill...and then party away.

Kind of.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

the last batch

Took these pics at The Loft, which I think won the Best Decorations honor of the night. The club was all decked out with a "Price is Right" theme.

You're probably wondering about the guy with the socks on his shirt. I was, too. So I asked...and he said he's the dryer monster that makes your socks magically disappear. Too cute.
Oh yeah...and the top photo is of Leah Randazzo, an especially stellar songstress who performed at The Loft. Bonus points to her band for dressing up like superheroes.

photo by alan riquelmy

and more

OK...which costume is better: Gene Simmons or Amy Winehouse?


Wow. Is anyone else wishing we had one more day of socially acceptable slut attire?

The Halloween bar crawl downtown was a success, and as promised I took tons of pics all night. I'll be posting small batches intermittently all day, so if I snapped your mug, be sure to keep checking this blog.

Here are the first set. Sorry to one-half of the Siamese twins...your eyes were closed in all my pics. My favorite of this batch? Britney, hands down.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts.