Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new year's eve parties

Here's your updated roundup of local New Year's Eve shindigs. I'll note if additions are made throughout the day.

Quick FYI: The Saloon & Oyster Bar, 6005 Macon Road, is still doing renovations and will no longer be having a New Year's Eve party.

Here's what's going on elsewhere:

H2O, 6499 Veterans Parkway, has a New Year’s Eve Bash featuring DJ music, free champagne at midnight and a balloon drop with cash prizes. Action starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Call 706-327-9700.

Neighborhood bar Pop-A-Top, 210 32nd St., hosts a country music party beginning at 8 p.m. Door prizes and free food. Call 706-323-9292.

The Sports Page, 5736 Veterans Parkway, has karaoke until 1:30 a.m., as well as party favors. A steak special that serves two is $20.09. The meal special begins at 6 p.m., karaoke starts at 9 p.m. Cover is $5. Call 706-641-9966.

The Shanty Shack, 4475 Warm Springs Road, has free mini champagne bottles and lots of party favors. The Naked Eskimos and Foreplay entertain. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Action starts at 6 p.m. Call 706-507-3418.

SoHo Bar & Grill, 5751 Milgen Road serves up black-eyed peas for good luck and collard greens for prosperity. Ham, cornbread, party favors and champagne will also be available at the shindig, which begins at 9 p.m. The M&M Band entertains. Cover is $10. Call 706-568-3316.

Cigar and martini bar Belloo’s, 900 Front Ave., has live entertainment from Java Monkey. Other draws include free champagne, snacks and party favors. Action starts at 9 p.m. Cover is $10. Call 706-494-1584.

Downtown bars celebrate with everything from live music to giveaways. Cover charges average $5-$10. Highlights include: Peggy Jenkins at The Loft, Spent at Daileys and The Grayhill Conspiracy at Scruffy Murphy's.

Alabama partiers can hit up Del Ranch Bar and Grill, 4920 Lee Road 430. The Ranch Hands entertain at the Smiths hot spot, and you can also look forward to party favors and champagne. Party starts at 9 p.m. Call 334-297-9177.

Head to Zoo City USA, 2301 Airport Thruway, for all-ages, alcohol-free party. A $30 wristband includes everything except food and beverages. Atlanta-based Family Force 5 entertains, with opening act The M&M Band. The party is 5 p.m.-12 a.m. Call 706-507-9661.

AMF Peach Bowl Lanes, 1636 Bradley Park Drive, also has an all-ages party. It’s 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Cost is $99 per lane for parties of six, or $22 per person. Guests 21 and older who make early reservations with a $40 deposit get a free bottle of champagne. Call 706-324-4431.

Buckhead Bar & Grill, 5010 Armour Road, offers live entertainment and special entrees, as well as party favors and a variety of drinks from the restaurant’s bar. Doors open at 5 p.m. Call 706-571-9995.

fun with slankets

A blanket. With sleeves.

The statement alone should put you on the edge of ecstasy, but if you can't fully grasp its significance, let me repeat:

A blanket. With sleeves.

Those are the defining qualities of a Slanket, an advance in modern technology that I just can't seem to get off my mind today.

My day started with a story I read on a friend's Facebook about a girl whose bf proposed by buying her a Slanket, sewing pockets into it and putting an engagement ring in the pocket. Yes, I was fighting back tears.

Then, Nerve's Daily Scanner names it one of the 3 things we wish we'd gotten for Christmas.

My house is so cold that in order to get my dog to warm up my feet, I have to bribe her with fully loaded nachos from Taco Bell. That's not helping the Slanket obsession, either.

A blanket. With sleeves.

Warmth never looked sexier.

bored in the dirty dirty

Is there nightlife in downtown Atlanta?

That's the question the AJC asks in this article, which points to a belief that downtown Atlanta lacks an "after-hours component." An excerpt:

While nightlife downtown is not as pervasive as it was in Buckhead during the area’s heyday, it is not nonexistent. Several clubs operate at Underground Atlanta, and the Tabernacle brings throngs of concertgoers to the area on a regular basis. A handful of restaurants also has become popular at night.

Still, much of the city’s inner core is deserted after the business day is done, adding to the perception that downtown is dangerous. In addition, metro Atlanta has more than one urban center, which gives investors in nightlife many options beyond downtown.

I probably go to Atlanta about once every three months. But rather than nightlife, it's usually shopping or restaurants that bring me there.

I've been to a couple clubs in Atlanta, and it's not a bad scene, but the hassle of steep cover charges, overpriced drinks and driving back to town at 3 a.m. can be a bit much.

Columbus-area readers: Is the Atlanta club scene worth the drive?

Monday, December 29, 2008

eggs over hard

All the cool bloggers are writing about this study, so I better join the crowd.

The research shows that teens in Japan who skip breakfast have sex at an earlier age than those who don't.

While I respect the irrefutable power of science, I have to respectfully disagree with these findings.

Breakfast is totally sexy.

Dishes like Moons Over My Hammy. Tremendous potential for bare skin covered in powdered sugar. Repeated references to sausage links.

You don't get that kind of foreplay from an egg salad sandwich.

new year's eve deals

There are a handful of places where you won't have to pay a cover Dec. 31, but most Columbus hot spots have some kind of entry fee.

Here's a heads up on some of the places where an advance ticket will save you some money:

H2O has $10 advance tickets for its New Year's Eve Bash. You'll save $5. The party features DJ music, free champagne at midnight and a balloon drop with cash prizes. Action starts at 8 p.m. The bar's at 6499 Veterans Parkway. Call 706-327-9700.

At the Shanty Shack, a $20 advance ticket saves you $5. The New Year's Eve party will have free mini champagne bottles and lots of party favors. The Naked Eskimos and Foreplay entertain. The bar's at 4475 Warm Springs Road. Action starts at 6 p.m. Call 706-507-3418.

Finally, make early reservations with a $40 deposit at AMF Peach Bowl Lanes and you'll get a free bottle of champagne -- if you're 21 and older. The bowling alley at 1636 Bradley Park Drive has an all-ages party Dec. 31 from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Cost is $99 per lane for parties of six, or $22 per person. Call 706-324-4431.

back in action

Recovered from the Christmas excitement yet? My holiday was the BEST EVER. Usually that description doesn't apply to vacations in Alabama, but I really did have a fantastic weekend. I hope yours was just as wonderful.

With luck, you're enjoying another leisurely week off work. I, however, am back in the saddle.

Fortunately, that means you can count on this blog as your go-to source for all info on local New Year's Eve parties. I'll be updating regularly, so if you still need plans, don't worry.

Also this week, I'll try to post some advance photos of Flip Flops, the much-anticipated bar that's opening at 1111 Broadway. Originally they were shooting for New Year's Eve, but now the MySpace page says Jan. 9. My birthday.

So this week is going to be a very exciting time for everybody involved.

Still depressed? Take comfort in the fact that one out of five people don't have anyone to kiss on New Year's Eve, according to this article.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas!

Hope everybody has a great one.

I'll be traveling Thursday through Saturday, but I'll update the blog as Internet access allows. Enjoy your Christmas and feel free to post all tales of tacky sweaters and off-base gifts in the comments section.

Thanks so much for reading. I'll play my Mariah Carey Christmas CD a couple times in your honor tonight.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

what it all means

If you weren't already planning to spend Christmas in romantic analysis mode...

The Frisky has this guide to what your boyfriend's present means.

You'll learn the relationship significance -- or, um, insignificance -- of everything from chocolates to extra RAM for your computer.

But as a word of caution, sometimes it's best to accept gifts simply for what they are on the surface: a sign that somebody cares.

Yes, there are emotionless gifts, effortless gifts...even recycled gifts...but don't let one paper-wrapped gesture overshadow the rest of the year.

Unless, of course, it's something you really, really hate.

the gift of debt

It might be a little after the fact, but I came across this guy's advice for how much a girl should spend on her significant other's Christmas present.

Let me give you the first two tips to see if you're as shocked as I am:

If you're broke, spend $10 for every month you've been monogamously dating, or cook them something wonderful.

If you're sort of middle of the road (they killed the middle class but you get my point) you can jack that to $15-$20 for each month you've been dating.

Like, SERIOUSLY?!? Maybe it's just my journalist's salary talking, but those numbers seem a little high. Especially the one with the "if you're broke" disclaimer.

Now that your shopping's (probably) over and done with, tell me:

Do you and your significant other set a price limit for the gifts you exchange?

Monday, December 22, 2008

flip flops update

Last week I told you about Flip Flops, the new bar at 1111 Broadway.

Now, the hot spot has its MySpace page up, which you can access here. Right now the bar only has 5 friends, one of whom is Brody from "The Hills." Score.

The bar is shooting for a New Year's Eve grand opening, but if that doesn't work out, it'll be Jan. 9.

That's another very monumental holiday: my birthday.

Flip Flops, similar to the Fat Tuesday bar chain, is a chain that also has locations in Valdosta and mid-town Atlanta.

Check out the Atlanta location's MySpace here.

risky business

Happy Monday!

The results of this study suggest that when men are "in the mood," they're more likely to engage in risky behavior. The summary:

"The bottom line is that risk-taking can be a tool that men use to show potential mates that they have desirable qualities such as confidence or ambition," said study co-author Michael Baker, a doctoral student in social psychology at Florida State.

An adventurous guy is one thing, but that daredevil quality can only go so far without backfiring to the point of stupidity.

A guy in Columbus once drove the wrong way on a one-way street in hopes of scoring my phone number. I wasn't wooed.

Ladies: What's the stupidest risk a guy has taken while trying to pick you up? Smartest risk?

Friday, December 19, 2008

what's going on this weekend?

Good luck with all those last-minute Christmas tasks.

Quick FYI: The Saloon & Oyster Bar is doing some remodeling and will reopen next weekend. Hopefully the writing on the walls -- literally -- will remain intact.

Anyway, here's where to go this weekend if you need a cocktail break:


Whisky Bent, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy’s, $5. 706-322-3460.

Java Monkey, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, $5. 706-494-1584.

Mile Train, BPM, 10 p.m. SoHo Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.

• DJ D Rock and DJ Skates, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, free.

Spent, 8 p.m. Daileys, $5. 706-320-3353.

• Chris Collins, 9 p.m. H2O, free. 706-327-9700.

Corey Crowder CD release party with Classic Addict, 9 p.m. The Loft, $8 in advance and $10 at the door. 706-596-8141.


Spent, 8 p.m. Daileys, $5. 706-320-3353. Columbus Cottonmouths meet and greet.

Whisky Bent, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy’s, $5. 706-322-3460.

Java Monkey, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, $5. 706-494-1584.

• DJ D Rock and DJ Skates, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, free.

Uncrowned, Last Red Ransom, 10 p.m. SoHo Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.

WILX with Zoogma, 9 p.m. The Loft, $5. 706-596-8141.

Neal Lucas Trio, 9 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

christmas wrapping

Hey everybody! I'm trying to wrap things up a little early today, but here are some holiday links to keep you busy before I post the weekend lineup:

*Yes, you really can find great gifts at your local drugstore. Just read this article.

*Ah, the perils of gift-giving in a new romantic relationship. Here's advice from the Washington Post.

*This AJC blogger tackles dating's gift-giving rules.

*When are you getting engaged? Answer that annoying question and more with the help of this guide from The Frisky.

*Finally, this blogger shares what 2008 taught her about dating. Hint: Appetite, appetite, appetite.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

new downtown bar

Flip Flops will soon be spotted in downtown Columbus -- whether the weather's warm or not.

That's because Flip Flops is the name of the new bar opening at 1111 Broadway, the area near Big City Club and The Oasis.

I stopped inside today and spoke with the owner briefly. The bar is an extension of this chain, and the owner compared it to hot spot Fat Tuesday. It's designed to have a relaxed, Jimmy Buffett-type vibe.

Yes, there will be frozen daiquiri machines on the wall. Score!!!!

They're shooting for a New Year's Eve grand opening, but things are still up in the air.

Stay tuned to The Walk of Shame for updates.

Exciting, huh?

free shipping day

Pop Candy reminds us that today is Free Shipping Day -- a day when online merchants give free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

There's a pretty cool assortment of participating retailers, ranging from World Market to Ulta to Urban Outfitters.

It's perfect for last-minute shoppers...or those very necessary gifts for yourself.

Shop away!

what's going on tonight?

Is anyone else getting really excited about Christmas? I recommend hitting the town in anticipation.

Here's your Thursday night lineup:

Whisky Bent, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy’s, free. 706-322-3460.

• College night featuring DJ D Rock and 50-cent draft beer, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, free.

Java Monkey, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, free. 706-494-1584.

Surgestone, 9 p.m. Shanty Shack, free. 706-507-3418.

• Open mike, 9 p.m. After 5, free. 706-507-0024.

intimidated by your sexiness

You know the type: That one friend who rebounds from every breakup by saying her guy broke things off because he was, um, intimidated by her.

You nod enthusiastically, encouraging her with simple "uh-huhs."

All while thinking that line is a shot of BS. You know, right up there with guys who break up with you because they're "scared."

I'm glad The Frisky is finally debunking the "he was intimidated by me" mentality with this article, a list of reasons you WON'T get dumped. A sample:

Don’t blame your broken heart on his inability to handle your extreme fabulosity. The fact of the matter is that nobody but a psycho is going to dump you be because you’re too perfect.

It's tough love, but the author touches on a valid point:

We over-analyze breakups. Most of the time, severed ties aren't a result of some deep psychological flaw. A breakup is just what happens when things get stale.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

consider yourself warned

The NY Observer introduces us to another word in the "why boys suck" vernacular:

The Homme Fatale.

It basically translates into an artsy guy who woos you, and then dumps you. Yeah, I wish they would have just said "douchebag," too. Anyway, here's part of the definition:

Often the creative type, he projects a deceptive vulnerability, while maintaining an appealing confidence. He’s usually not the best-looking guy in the room, but he is the smartest; he turns these traits to his advantage, playing up the contrast with the typical hot guy or womanizer (physical inferiority, emotional evolvement). His courtship begins with a rushed sense of intimacy and, yet, a disarming lack of forward physical advances; a first date might involve a game of Scrabble or perhaps a cup of tea; his target usually leaves wondering if in fact it was a date at all. And yet the story always has the same ending—he grows distant, stops calling and eventually disappears with little explanation, if any.

From personal experience, let me say there is usually sushi involved in the equation. Possibly Moroccan food as well.


Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

(via Jezebel)


Here's some news that will either make you rejoice or reach for a tub of hot wax:

Chest hair is popular again.

At least that's the lesson from this article, an ode to males' fuzzy chests. An excerpt:

Then there are the ubiquitous everyman hunks of the Judd Apatow empire, the thinking woman’s boyfriends: Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, and Seth Rogen. All three are endowed with chest hair that could best be described as “enough for a handful” (employing the phrase I’ve heard men use to evoke the ideal-sized breast.) And while they all play man-children with immature tendencies, their resolute hairiness is a reminder of their ultimately full-grown hearts.

Personally, I think chest hair is one of the sexiest things ever. Mmm. The closer the resemblance to a grizzly bear, the better.

Do y'all agree, or are there any fans of -- gag -- waxed chests on guys?

(via Daily Scanner)

all that glitters

Lemondrop has this piece about how to wear body glitter.

It made me very happy since I was previously resigned to a belief that pink glitter was reserved for fifth graders and, um, me.

But even though it can apparently be worn tactfully, it seems incredibly prone to mishaps.

Refer to the girl who wears it to work. Or at 2 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. Or that awkward feeling that comes with seeing your boyfriend's sheets covered in silver body sparkles post-hookup.

Body glitter: Must have or must retire?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

idol fever

A bit of shameless self-promotion: I just started posting again at my "American Idol" blog and I'll be writing daily until AI's eighth season premieres Jan. 13.

Once the show kicks off, I'll blog every episode "live" as usual, so you'll again be able to weigh in with your on-the-spot thoughts about Paula's antics.

Visit the blog now to get a recap of the changes in store for the new season. Hint: No "Idol Gives Back" charity extravaganza.

Access the blog by clicking here.

unhappily ever after

If you need another reason to hate Meg Ryan:

Romantic comedies -- er, "rom coms" -- can destroy your love life, according to the results of this study. An excerpt:

Rom coms have been blamed by relationship experts for promoting unrealistic expectations when it comes to love.

They found that fans of films such as Runaway Bride and Hitch often fail to communicate with their partners effectively, with many holding the view that if someone is meant to be with you, then they should know what you want without you needing to tell them.

The article continues:

Kimberly Johnson, who worked on the study, said: "Films do capture the excitement of new relationships but they also wrongly suggest that trust and committed love exist from the moment people meet, whereas these are qualities that normally take years to develop."

Finally...scientific research backing my refusal to see "Four Christmases."

free tuesday shows!

Two cool -- and free -- options for Tuesday night partiers:

*The local rockers from Spent take the stage at the Shanty Shack, 4475 Warm Springs Road. Show starts at 8 p.m. Call 706-507-3418.

*Feeling adventurous? Head to Smiths, Ala., where Del Ranch hosts Karaoke Kountry. It's 9 p.m.-1 a.m. The bar's at 4920 Lee Road 430. Call 334-297-9177.

Both events are open to guests 21 and older.

wrapped packages

Be grateful Trojans have replaced dried sheep guts.

That's one of the things I learned from this history of safe sex, courtesy of TIME. It's written in conjunction with attempts to revive the popularity of the female condom, which you can read about here.

A second-generation female condom just won a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel's approval. The new version costs less and is supposedly, um, less slippery.

At it's progress from the ancient Egyptian spermicide: crocodile dung.

Monday, December 15, 2008

hooking up

Dating is soooo yesterday, according to this NY Times column.

What's taking its place? Hooking up.

The column has hit the blogosphere today -- mainly because it's not really news. This Salon blogger puts it nicely:

"For many people older than 20, 'hookup culture' will sound remarkably like, well, 'college.'"

But even beyond college, I've seen more and more serious relationships start with a spontaneous physical encounter. It's not a one-night stand, either. That first hookup takes the place of inevitably awkward "what kind of movies do you like?" first dinner date.

You start off as friends, hook up to break the ice and then go out to dinner to see if it's a connection worth pursuing.

In your experience, what comes first: the date or the hookup?

something came up

Most holiday parties are awkward, but tolerable.

Some shindigs, however, are just unbearable. Maybe an ex will be there. Maybe you know you'll hate the Secret Santa gift you receive.

Either way, you have to be thankful for this Holiday Party Excuse Generator.

It's a Web site that gives you a personalized version of "thanks but no thanks" based on your answers to questions about the party you're avoiding.

Just try to keep a straight face when you tell the hostess you're vacationing in Budapest.

(via The Frisky)

mom knows best?

Happy Monday!

This Florida mom took out a $500 newspaper ad to help her son land a wife by Christmas. He's apparently OK with mom's efforts, as he notes, "I figured it was worth a shot."

The story comes as Ryan Seacrest is about to premiere his new show, "Momma's Boys" -- in which bachelors' mothers weigh in on an eligible pool of single women.

In high school, I heard horror stories from friends who let their parents find them a date for formal dances.

But now, even Ryan Seacrest sees potential in parents' match-making skills.

Mom knows your favorite foods. Your annoying habits. Maybe even your clothing size.

But does she know your type?

Friday, December 12, 2008

what's going on this weekend?

Here's where the party's at:


Jaded Soul, 8 p.m. Daileys, $5. 706-320-3353.

Claiborne & Friends, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, $5. 706-494-1584.

Trust Company with Spent, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, $10.

Wicked Dixie, 9 p.m. Saloon & Oyster Bar, free. 706-568-8400.

Classic Addict, 10 p.m. SoHo Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.


Sonia Leigh (full band) with Jessi Lynn, 9 p.m. The Loft, $5. 706-596-8141.

Jaded Soul, 8 p.m. Daileys, $5. 706-320-3353.

• Ten Cent Cigar, 7 p.m. Ossahatchee Oyster Bar & Grill, free. 706-582-2629.

• DJ Mystic, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, free.

Claiborne & Friends, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, $5. 706-494-1584.

Sub Cam, Joan Red, 10 p.m. SoHo Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.

Mojo:Saint, 9:30 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

Wicked Dixie, 9 p.m. Saloon & Oyster Bar, free. 706-568-8400.

sunday fundraiser

I'll post your full weekend party lineup in a minute, but here's one special event to consider:

Sunday, Del Ranch Bar and Grill will have its first Schryl Carden Breast Cancer Benefit. The event includes live music and raffles, with all proceeds benefiting breast cancer research.

The action starts at 1 p.m. and lasts throughout the day. The Ranch Hands headline, and the performance lineup also includes Southbound, Will Dockery, Blue Harvest, Jimi Jam and the Big Fun, Henry Conley and Rick Edwards.

There's no admission fee, but donations will be accepted. Open to guests 21 and older.

Del Ranch is at 4920 Lee Road 430 in Smiths, Ala. Call 334-297-9177.

the thought that counts?

More than one-third of women say a bad gift is a relationship dealbreaker, according to a survey described in this article.

Yeah, it's largely a reflection of superficiality, but hear me out on this viewpoint:

Many women interpret a good gift as a sign that their partner knows them well -- or at least listens well enough to their not-so-subtle hints.

Therefore, when your partner gives you a gift that is completely off base, you sometimes think he doesn't care enough about you to know what you'd like.

Just some food for thought.

Personally, I've grown to love every gift I've ever received. I'd rather get something that takes some getting used to than immediately love something that came with no element of surprise.

(via The Frisky)

eau de shower sandals

Happy Friday!

This new fragrance line includes a series of signature scents that let you smell like the college of your choice.

I appreciate the effort, and I normally love all things fragrance-related, but I can't say this offer is too appealing.

The main scents I remember from college involve hallways that reeked of cigarette smoke, as well as the nasty aftermath smell that somehow accompanies all situations involving a rubber band on a door.

Oh, and the cafeteria exuded this really barf-worthy aroma for half the year.

College smell memories?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

what's going on tonight?

Here's your Thursday lineup, don't forget about the martini tasting at Belloo's:

• US, 9 p.m. Shanty Shack, free. 706-507-3418.

The Cove, 10 p.m. SoHo Bar & Grill, $5 (free for military). 706-568-3316.

• Gary Parmer, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, free. 706-494-1584.

• College night featuring DJ D Rock and 50-cent draft beer, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, free.

• Open mike, 9 p.m. After 5, free. 706-507-0024.


Think it's hard sharing a bathroom with your sister? Try sharing one with your ex.

It's not just your worst nightmare. Increasingly, couples are continuing to live together after breaking up -- all in the name of saving money, this article notes.

I'd have to be pretty poor to go for that option. Especially in situations where the breakup was under very emotional circumstances. Let's just say I'd rather sleep on the street than share a living setup with somebody who cheated on me.

What's more, even if the breakup was fairly amicable, moving on would be pretty difficult if you're constantly watching your partner bed new people.

Would you ever live with an ex post-breakup?

what grows beneath

A weak economy has led many women to skimp on body hair maintenance, especially when it comes to bikini waxes.

This article explains the phenomenon. An excerpt:

It should probably come as no surprise that the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression would inspire a little fuzz. Conspicuous spending is out, after all. And maintaining a stripper-worthy wax job ain't cheap.

Word to that. Waxing can total close to $100, a price tag that not only makes a rough dent in your income, but also comes with a whole lot of pain.

My advice? Savor the luxuries that come with sweatsuit-covered skin as long as you can.

Nothing's wrong with a little extra insulation. Even if it is kinda stubbly.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stalk much?

Here, after reassuring us for the 29 millionth time that she's over Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift talks about her dating rules.

Among the entries?

"You can't ever send two text messages in a row."

I don't consider myself clingy. Generally, if I call or text a guy and he doesn't respond, I just put the anecdote in my grudge file and end up spontaneously starting a fight over it on a random Thursday.

Haha. Actually, I'm not kidding.

But I do know girls who will call or text a significant other between 10 and 20 times a day.

Is it still called stalking when the victim is your boyfriend?

lucky panties

You know that certain dress -- or undergarment -- that somehow makes you always have a great night?

Well, you might want to submit it to this blog, a site devoted to photographs of clothing that helped people hook up.

The blog has attracted its share of critics, especially this Salon blogger who says it promotes the idea that you can purchase sex appeal.

Sex appeal doesn't require a price tag, but it can be enhanced by one. Wear nice clothes and people will notice you. Duh.

Here's something else obvious: If you're looking for consistent romantic partnership, or at least someone who will cuddle with you the next morning, you have to do more than wear a hot pair of boots.

But if those boots -- or that expensive bra -- is the gateway to developing a sense of confidence that outlasts a fancy getup's appeal, go for it.

P.S. - You look really hot today.

best is yet to come

For me, at least.

Women feel most sexy at 34, this article notes.

I still don't really understand the methodology behind this. So I'm choosing to attribute the findings to age-accumulated wisdom that makes you finally stop believing any Cosmo article involving the phrase "inner sexy beast."

But putting limits, much less peak points, on sexiness can be dangerous.

Feeling sexy is more about being comfortable in your own skin than crossing a monumental birthday or receiving 10 pickup lines in one night.

And I didn't learn that from Cosmo.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sharing is caring?

This BellaSugar poll wants to know if you use your significant other's razor.

If you're in a comfortable, disease-free relationship, sharing personal hygiene products can be fun. Especially when the ones you're borrowing are more effective than products for your own gender. (Refer to razors and deodorant, ladies.)

That said, is there any product that shouldn't be shared, no matter how intimate your relationship is?

What about sharing hairbrushes? Bars of soap?


free tuesday show!

Local party band Haywire performs a free show tonight at the Shanty Shack, 4475 Warm Springs Road. Music starts at 8 p.m.

The show is open to partiers 21 and older. Call 706-507-3418.

pucker up

This Chinese man kissed his girlfriend so hard that she partially lost her hearing.

Don't worry, though. Things should be back to normal in two months.

I've been fortunate enough to never encounter anyone I'd call an entirely "bad" kisser. If worse came to worse, I'd rather suffer a ruptured eardrum than drown in someone's slobber.

I'll never forget a particularly disturbing Cosmo piece in which a female reader detailed how she told her boyfriend he was a bad kisser. She planted a really gross, sloppy one on him and said something like, "Pretty bad, huh? Well, that's how you kiss."


Sometimes, assuming you come out of the experience with your hearing intact, you should just appreciate the kiss alone. Too often, locking lips becomes just a way to say "hello" and "goodbye" in a relationship. When done spontaneously, it reflects a romantic innocence that can be pretty damn cute.

Wow. I am such a girl.

Monday, December 8, 2008

a girl's best friend?

Good news, single ladies: If the deluge of TV commercials for engagement rings has made you gag -- repeatedly -- you're completely normal.

This piece cynically discusses the holiday season's ads for diamonds, taking critical aim at their underlying message that happiness exists through shiny objects alone.

I hate the holiday jewelry commercials, especially the ones that center on a proposal. I guess the fact that I spend 99 percent of my TV-watching time accompanied solely by my dog probably doesn't help.

Which holiday ad campaign do you hate most?

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filthy rich

Beware the Toxic Wife, this article warns:

Not to be confused with the stay-at-home mother who selflessly devotes herself to the upbringing of her children, with all the housework and domestic chores that entails, the Toxic Wife is the woman who gives up work as soon as she marries, ostensibly to create a stable home environment for any offspring that might come along, but who then employs large numbers of staff to do all the domestic work she promised to undertake, leaving her with little to do all day except shop, lunch and luxuriate.

Having married her wealthy husband with his considerable salary uppermost in her mind, the Toxic Wife simply does not do "for richer, for poorer".

In today's shaky economy, is it fair to judge women who value marrying rich?

at first sight

Happy Monday!

This soldier proposed to his girlfriend less than a minute after meeting her for the first time. They'd been communicating for about a year via phone and Internet.

How long do you give their relationship?

Internet conversations can eliminate many of the superficial things that at times define a relationship's early stages.

Still, I think you need at LEAST a couple months of face-to-face communication before getting married. That's why I'm sometimes cynical about long-distance relationships. It's easy to fall in love with someone when you can turn off their annoying quirks by simply hanging up the phone. Real life is a lot harder.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

what's going on this weekend?

Don't forget about the First Friday Block Party, when you can get into the majority of Broadway bars for just one cover charge (usually $7-$10).

Here's the rest of your lineup:


Rock 103’s 19th Birthday Bash featuring Jesse James Dupree and Dixie Inc., Nigel Dupree Band and Uncrowned, 9 p.m. SoHo Bar & Grill, $19 advance tickets available at SoHo. 706-568-3316.

Peggy Jenkins and The Bizness, 9 p.m. The Loft, block party cover. 706-596-8141.

Spent, 9 p.m. Saloon & Oyster Bar, free. 706-568-8400.

• DJ D Rock and DJ Skates, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, block party cover.

Pipers Down, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy’s, block party cover. 706-322-3460.

Java Monkey, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, $5. 706-494-1584.

Zero260, 8 p.m. Daileys, block party cover. 706-320-3353.


Jen Woodhouse Band, 9 p.m. The Loft, $5. 706-596-8141.

Boneheadz, 9 p.m. Saloon & Oyster Bar, free. 706-568-8400.

The Hot Rods, Red Rocket Deluxe, 10 p.m. SoHo Bar & Grill, $5. 706-568-3316.

Pipers Down, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy’s, $5. 706-322-3460.

• DJ D Rock and DJ Skates, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, free.

Java Monkey, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, $5. 706-494-1584.

Zero260, 8 p.m. Daileys, $5. 706-320-3353.

Bibb City Ramblers, 9 p.m. Broad Street Blues, $5. 334-297-3200.

need a ride?

Just wanted to remind y'all that SafetyCab, the free service from St. Francis Hospital, starts Saturday.

It runs 9 p.m.-2 a.m. through Jan. 1. Services cover Columbus, Phenix City and Fort Benning.

You can get a ride home, but the friendly cab driver won't take you to another bar or party. For real.

Call 706-660-6069.

long & short of it

Does a short haircut mean a woman has lost interest in sex?

That's the question raised in this article, which touches on how women often cut their hair post-breakup or in conjunction with a renewed sense of independence.

An excerpt:

While long hair appears to indicate to the male brain a more submissive and available woman, in simple terms it also distinguishes women from men in appearance

That's why it is such a powerful symbol of femininity and why, conversely, if a woman even subconsciously feels she is losing interest in sex, she will cut her hair.

I've always thought there was a shared understanding that guys like long hair better than short.

Male readers, weigh in with your thoughts.

When it comes to women, is short hair ever sexy?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

bf. boyfriend. honey.

They're all labels to describe the other half of a romantic partnership -- and they're also terms that can get pretty annoying.

Here's a letter from a girl who's engaged and hates the term "fiance."

A lot of girls feel the same way about "boyfriend" -- a word that seems to carry connotations of the giddy note-passing that comes with adolescence.

As an outsider, I hate it when people rub in their recent marriage by overusing "husband" or "wife." Throw in no-so-clever variations of those terms -- "hubby," "wifey" -- and I'm pretty much ready to slit my wrists.

Which relationship-related word do you hate most?

god bless you?

Over half of the women surveyed in this study said their sympathy for a boyfriend with a cold lasts just five minutes.

Yeah, I know: Women are evil.

But could the findings have anything to do with the fact that many men become drama queens -- er, kings -- when afflicted with the slightest head cold?

Maybe the five-minute sympathy span isn't so much a result of callousness, but rather a product of the dread that comes with knowing you'll spend the next few days fetching things like chicken soup.

The worst cold patients to put up with are the ones who put all your plans on hold because of a little sniffle. Seriously. Suck it up.

Under normal circumstances, my illness sympathy goes far beyond the five-minute rule.

Pull an attitude or demand a pity party, though, and I'll be outta there in 30 seconds.

what's going on tonight?

A standout option:

The New York-based Southern rockers from HER & Kings County perform at H2O, 6499 Veterans Parkway. The six-piece band, composed of five guys and one woman, recently opened for Kid Rock. They’ve also been featured on CMT. Doors open at 6 p.m., show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10. Call 706-327-9700.

The rest of your Thursday lineup:

Pipers Down, 10 p.m. Scruffy Murphy’s, free. 706-322-3460.

Lynam, 9 p.m. Shanty Shack, free. 706-507-3418.

Jacobs Ladder, Vega Under Fire, 10 p.m. SoHo Bar & Grill, $5 (free for military). 706-568-3316.

• Greg Barrett, 9 p.m. Belloo’s, free. 706-494-1584.

• College night featuring DJ D Rock and 50-cent draft beer, 8 p.m. The Roadhouse, free.

• Open mike, 9 p.m. After 5, free. 706-507-0024.


Entice your holiday guests with this candied bacon martini, a recipe that comes from the LA Times.

Want something a little more, um, vegetarian?

Don't forget about the weekly Thursday martini tasting at Belloo's, 900 Front Ave. The event lets guests sample five miniature martinis. It's $20 for individuals and $35 for couples.

The action starts around 8 p.m. and continues throughout the night. Greg Barrett entertains.

There's no cover, and you can attend the bar without participating in the tasting. Call 706-494-1584.

(Oh...but back to the subject of bacon, everybody in my office is salivating right now over Baconnaise. Click here and experience the magic for yourself.)

meet the parents

I'm surprised by how many responses I've already received to today's column, which talks about meeting a significant other's family for the first time.

It's one of those situations you love for moving your relationship forward, but you hate for being accompanied by so much awkwardness.

There's always that fear you might accidentally mention that pants-off dance-off award you won back in college.

Or, even worse, ask if grandma's coming to dinner -- and then have your boyfriend remind you she died two years ago.

Still, even with those threats, few moments are more special to me than meeting the family of someone I really love. Maybe it's just my sick fetish for social judgment.

Seriously, though, watching someone interact with his or her family tells a lot about character. Play your cards right and you'll leave the once-daunting scene with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Even if those blackmail-worthy baby photos are intercepted before you can see them.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This one's dedicated to a special former co-worker obsessed with a phrase that never made it into the paper.

Click here for a site that lets you virtually slap some random guy over and over. And over.

No questions asked. He moves his head aside in pain and everything.

This might be a healthier way to unleash you aggression than, say, deflating helpless snowmen.

Virtual slaps don't fully compensate for a history of smack down "should haves," but they definitely help.

(via Zoomdoggle)

sloppy seconds

This guy was recently suspended from the National Hockey League after calling an ex "sloppy seconds" while talking to reporters.

Today, the AJC's dating blog, Misadventures in Atlanta, asks readers their thoughts on talking trash about someone post-breakup.

It's a good debate, one I had when a friend more or less publicly revealed that an ex had a serious drug problem.

Certain things don't deserve to be aired in public, no matter how bad the breakup was.

Still, if you're forced to tolerate a negative behavior for an extended period of time, and someone totally plays with your feelings...why should you have to remain mum?


beep this

During my Black Friday shopping exodus, I repeatedly witnessed one of my biggest driving pet peeves ever:

People who hold up traffic by waiting for the parking spot closest to a store's entrance.

Now, Slate has this article addressing another popular annoyance on the road.

The horn.

The writer renders the horn pretty much useless, noting that it's gone from an essential safety device to a mere accessory for aggression. An excerpt:

In theory, the horn is a safety device; it might rightly be called the world's first "collision-avoidance system." But exactly how many collisions it serves to avoid has never been clear. From its earliest days, some observers wondered whether the horn wasn't actually facilitating certain road mishaps by shifting the burden of evasion from the honker to the honkee.

While I'm sure the horn prevents a small share of mishaps, I also agree that it can be incredibly annoying under other circumstances.

Say, the guy who honks relentlessly if you don't move forward the second a light turns green.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i love you but...

Here's a cool Internet project with illustrations centered around the phrase "I love you but..."

An example: "I love you but, you are not enough to keep me here."

I think every relationship has its "I love you but" moments. If you're lucky, most of them will pertain to quirks that are mostly annoying, but sometimes endearing.

Say, "I love you but I hate how much you love Golden Corral."

But sometimes, "I love you but" marks a turning point in relationship -- a realization that you genuinely love someone, but also genuinely don't want to be with them.

I guess I'll file these reflections with my thoughts on other cringe-worthy statements like:

"You're a great girl, but..."

"Last night was fun, but..."

"You mean a lot to me, but..."

Any additions?

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better with age?

Just when you thought you'd finally mastered "the game," some 9-year-old boy goes and publishes a book about how to pick up women.

Alec Greven, a fourth-grader from Colorado, has written "How to Talk to Girls."

Among its advice?

"The best choice for most boys is a regular girl. Remember, some pretty girls are cold-hearted when it comes to boys. Don't let them get to you."

At first I thought the whole thing was totally outrageous, but then I realized I'm probably still just as clueless about guys as I was in fourth grade.

So maybe I should have published those insights when I was a kid to look cute. Instead of publishing them as an adult and looking pathetic.

Despite all the talk about maturity and life lessons, do you really understand the opposite sex any better than you did as a kid?


Here's a handy little device that lets you calculate your chances of getting divorced.

I guess at least it helps in deciding whether you should skimp on Christmas gifts.

But here's a deeper question: Are people more likely to break up, or get together during the holidays?

One school of thought says that people break up because they're afraid of the pressure and implied seriousness that comes with spending a holiday together.

The other says that people are so afraid of being alone during the holidays that they'll be more inclined to enter a relationship.

What do you think?

Monday, December 1, 2008

do frenemies deserve gifts?

Lemondrop has this collection of gifts for your frenemy -- "the friend you have to buy for."

Interestingly enough, some of the article's commenters oppose the concept, arguing that in today's economy, you shouldn't spend money on people you dislike.

It's a good idea in theory, but it kind of doesn't work in practice. It's hard to let personal feelings dictate gift lists. Sometimes it's just easier to hand over a cheap gift rather than risk the awkwardness of giving nothing at all.

How often does social obligation make you buy gifts for people you dislike?

aqua nightclub closes

Columbus hot spot Aqua Nightclub has closed its doors "for good," according to a blog post on the venue's MySpace page.

The club's last day was Saturday, the message says.

Here's the full thing, which was posted Friday:

As sad as it is to say....we are closing the doors for good Sat Nov 29th. So come on out and help us say goodbye to a one time hotspot here in Columbus. I know alot of you have some wonderful memories here, I hope you all get to stop by a relive them one last time



PS.....All the beer and open liquor has to go......can you say drink specials

For nearly 20 years, the 1812 Midtown Drive venue housed Memory Lane. It got new ownership and became Aqua Nightclub earlier this year. About two months ago, ownership changed again.

I put in a message to Tim, the bar's most recent owner, and hopefully I'll get some comments on the closing a little later today.

It's an unfortunate thing, especially since I was really looking forward to the Dec. 12 Chippendales show. I always felt really comfortable at Aqua, even if the crowds didn't rival what you'd expect from H2O or the Shanty Shack.

Based on pure speculation, I think one of Aqua's biggest challenges was it location (right near the Columbus Public Library). When you have a bar outside the main downtown area, people have to make a deliberate point to go there -- and arrive under the assumption that they will want to be there all night.

That can be a tough sell.

If a new venue takes over the former Aqua, it has to open its doors every night knowing that it must compete with not only downtown -- but also powerhouses like H2O. Another generic dance club probably won't cut it.

What do you think will?

drunk on love

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I definitely did -- and even better, I made a serious dent in my Christmas shopping. Oh, and I had one of my favorite nights EVER in Columbus while checking out DJ Roonie G at H2O Friday night. More on that later.

For now, I'll kick things off with this Glamour article that asks whether you drink more when you're in a relationship.

I'll answer with an emphatic "yes." It's easy to get in the pattern of just sitting around, talking and drinking wine on a Saturday night.

I hate it when a relationship gets to the point where all your recreational fun is defined by alcohol. In that situation, I get a creeping feeling that the other person can't tolerate being around me unless he's under the influence of some mind-altering substance.

That fear is one of the worst things in the world.

Do you drink more when you're seeing someone?