Friday, September 28, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

Hey everybody...

Downtown is a good bet for both Friday and Saturday. Mainly becase The Erotic Hypnotic is coming back. Shows are 11:30 p.m. both nights at The Vault and cover is $5.

Also, don't forget about the Greater Columbus Fair, which runs through Sunday at the Columbus Civic Center. See you at the foot-long hot dog stand, bitches!

get a room

Happy Friday! I'm sooo happy the weekend's almost here. Did this week go slowly for anybody else?

While you're counting down the hours until 5 p.m. -- or in my case, 7 p.m. -- here's a question for you to ponder. Are PDAs acceptable or tacky?

This article raises that question, particularly in regard to the recent controversy surrounding Richard Gere's kisses with a Bollywood actress during an AIDS awareness event in New Delhi. Gere's behavior was deemed obscene in India, and it prompted an Indian court to issue a warrant for his arrest.

When it comes to PDAs, is anything acceptable? Or is it best to just shy away from the whole scene entirely?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

don't ask, don't tell

Attention, guys. Here are the top 10 things to never ask your girlfriend, according to this article.

10. What's for dinner?

9. Can I borrow some money?

8. How many guys have you slept with?

7. Are you wearing that?

6. Don't you ever want to start over somewhere new?

5. Do you want to have a threesome?

4. Why don't you join the gym?

3. Was it good for you? (Censored for this blog. Read the real question here.)

2. Are you PMS-ing?

1. Why do you have to be such a bitch?

Any additions?

it must be the facial hair

Men are now happier than women, according to the results of these studies.

Yet another reason to justify retail therapy.

thanks, coach!

Came across this article about $125/hr. dating coaches.

How much, if anything, would you pay someone to help you find a mate? And what makes a dating coach a better guide than, say, a really good friend?

As the article's author concludes:

"You can take a million courses and pay a million dollars, but that is no guarantee that you’ll ever find love. You may feel better about yourself — always a good thing — but that’s all. So, in the meantime, go out and live your life. And that advice is free."

self-service shopping

For those of you who have already exhausted the inventory at Starship...there's a new porn shop in town.

Last night I hit up Pleasure World for the first time. It's at the corner of Veterans and River Road, across the street from Crazy Cecil's.

It's definitely worth checking out. The shelves are still a little low, seeing as the place just recently opened, but staff members promise it will expand soon. You can also give them recommendations of things you'd like to see. I looked at the suggestion list last night and all that was listed was a stripper pole. Fair enough.

Have fun!


Yesterday I embarked on my 2nd annual journey to get a foot-long hot dog for lunch at the Greater Columbus Fair.

This activity is perhaps the most glaring reminder that we live in a town where people love to eat. We stood in line for about 30 minutes for our foot-longs, which you can order with "The Works" -- also known as chili, onions and pickles. Mmmm.

The best bet is the $7 combo, which comes with fries and a drink.

It's pretty unbelievable that I just donated an entire post to hot dogs, but they really are soooo good. My dining partner described the experience as refreshing.

If nothing else, you should go for the sole purpose of shamefully telling your friends you devoted an hour of your life to fair food.

The lunch stand is open 11 a.m.-2 p.m. through Friday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

doing it. or not.

Americans have less sex than almost everyone else in the world, according to this article.

On average, people in our country do it 85 times a year, compared to the global average of 103 times. We also spend an average of 57 minutes a week having sex -- 14 minutes below the global average.

The moral? Cut out of work early and get busy!

the hills on hump day

Happy Wednesday!

Heidi Montag, best known for her role on MTV reality show "The Hills," is finally confirming she's had plastic surgery on her nose and boobs.

Hopefully next, she'll get some work done on her sense of judgment.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hey roomie!

Check out this Web site, where you can share roommate horror stories and commiserate with other sufferers. All the stories are written in the form of "Dear Roommate" letters, and some are really entertaining. Here's my favorite:

Dear Roommate,

Get a job. All you do is play videogames in your underwear. I don't care if you are my brother. I'm telling mom.

Your Brother.


See, it really does happen to all guys!

Here are the biggest sex mistakes women and men make, courtesy of this article. Let me know what you think.

1. Women don't understand why men don't like to cuddle.

2. Women don't understand the extent to which performance anxieties, self-esteem issues and body-image issues all affect male sex drive.

3. Women think that me are always ready and willing to have sex any time, any place.

4. Women don't understand how men can differentiate so easily between love and sex.

5. Men assume that women have lower desire than men.

6. Men assume that all women want romance, not raunch.

7. Men assume that women want guys to look and perform like porn stars.

8. Men assume that if they're ready for sex, she's ready for sex.


weighing in

Check out this scale that lets you measure your weight in terms of celebrities. Let's just say you might not be on the right track if you step on and it reads "Mr. Ed."

channeling your inner ho

Tired of taking on your one-night stands with bad breath? Me too.

Luckily, I just learned about this Ho On the Go kit, which includes a thong, two condoms, toothbrush and toothpaste and an aromatherapy towelette.

The greatest invention since the lipstick-shaped vibrator!

Monday, September 24, 2007

dating down

For the first time, women in their 20s who live in several American cities are earning higher wages than men in the same age range, according to this article.

To my male readers...would you be intimidated/excited/indifferent about going out with a girl who made more money than you?

Ladies...feel free to weigh in with your thoughts, too.

the monday moan

Last week, a court commissioner ordered Britney Spears to undergo random drug and alcohol testing, and regularly meet with a parenting coach.

The reason? Um, she's Britney Spears. Of course, there were a variety of factors...but one was a former bodyguard's claim that she parades around naked in front of her kids. Which brings me to this week's Monday Moan:

When are kids too old to see their parents in the buff?

For more info on parenting, see my co-worker Annie's blog, available here.

read and reap

Happy Monday!

Figured I'd start today off with another passage from "Hidden Agendas." Here goes:

"I'm going to spank you for having condoms on hand. Remind me to do that."

"I wanted to be a Girl Scout," she moaned. "Always prepared."

"That's Boy Scouts," he growled, pressing her thighs as she lay on her side.

OK, is it just me or does anyone else think there should be a nighttime ban against mentioning any activity involving kids and uniforms?

Friday, September 21, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

First, a plea for help. Tonight (Friday) I'm going downtown to interview people for an upcoming piece about what it's like to be single in Columbus. Single in the City, if you will. So if you see me at any point tonight, PLEASE TALK TO ME. That would be greatly appreciated. You'll get in the paper, I'll get material for my story. Everybody wins.

Also, don't forget about the Alabama/Georgia bar crawl downtown Saturday. You know the cover gets you into lots of downtown bars.

See you there!

old people rule

Just got an e-mail from a 63-year-old fan who describes herself as an old babe. Perfect. Essentially this is the coolest e-mail I've ever received. Why? Check out these excerpts:

*"I laugh as I read your analogy, and recall the crazy times my friends and I had...Our motto was never leave home without a toothbrush and FDS." (FDS = lube)

*"On our way to our 20th anniversary cruise, my husband asked, 'Isn't being married much better than being single?' To which I replied, 'Let's talk about this at home, wouldn't want to ruin a perfectly good cruise.'"

*"Pickup trucks are yard vehicles, not the major source of transportation. If he has a truck he's out of luck."

*"If you wear a cowboy hat, you better have just gotten off the plane from Dallas and have the deed to your oil well in your pocket."

*"I love jeans on men as well as anything, but not if you work in them."

*"If they (men) have children under the age of 40, living any closer than California, I hope they have a watch. I wouldn't give them the time of day!"

See, this lady is awesome. Amid all the uptight people looking to shut down local bar crawls because they -- gasp! -- bring people downtown, it's nice to know some people's party potential only increases with age.

four score

Happy Friday!

Angelina Jolie has slept with a total of four men, she says in this article. She says she married two of the guys, but offers no clues on the others. Any guesses...other than my male co-workers?

And does the number surprise you? Somebody once told me a typical guy wants his girlfriend to have had three partners, one of is him.

Is this true?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

the marriage myth

Do married people live longer?

It's a debate I'm addressing after reading a recent comment on my co-worker Allison's blog. The commenter notes that marriage is good for your health.
Many people use that claim to endorse the virtues of coupledom, and subtly bash the single life.

But it's not entirely true, according to social scientists like Bella DePaulo, author of the pro-singles book "Singled Out."

People marrying for the first time often report better health, but the period around divorce is also associated with better health for the people breaking up, DePaulo concludes. Read more here.

And here's the thing: All correlations between good health and marriage are based GOOD marriages. Meaning that if health advantages do exist -- a topic still up for debate -- you only reap those benefits if you're happy.

Conversely, bad marriages have in some studies been shown to have adverse effects on your health.

Widespread claims of a correlation between good health and marriage make some people say we're still living in a society that is for the most part anti-single.


an intoxicating position

Attention, guys...when you offer to share a bottle of wine with us, we know your ultimate goal is to get laid.

Why not be a little more obvious and buy some Kama Sutra wine? Each variety features a different position for you to try, and instructions on how to do it.

Read more here.

you know you love me

So, um, I watched the series premiere of "Gossip Girl" last night. Stop laughing.

In summary, the show is basically about a whole bunch of rich East Coast high school kids drinking and having sex. Hot.

OK, maybe there's more than that. They're drinking, having sex and stealing their parents' Viagra. Much better.

The central plot revolves around Serena, who left town after sleeping with her best friend Blair's boyfriend, Nate. Now Serena's back, and Blair knows what happened, since Nate conveniently told her the story on the night they were supposed to lose their virginity to each other.

Now add a bohemian guy who wants to hook up with Serena, some cheesy subplots involving their parents and a few smatterings of date rape.

Meanwhile, an anonymous blogger named Gossip Girl is telling the whole story online. Because these are kids of the 21st century, even though they still make paper invitations for parties.

Is it bad that I'm still obsessed with teen soap operas? Don't answer that.

At my high school, we reached the height of our excitement when some girls skipped out on a mandatory liturgy and stole a bunch of stuff from backpacks.

Color me repressed.

read and reap

Happy Thursday!

Consider yourself lucky. Today's passage is from "Hidden Agendas" by Lora Leigh, possibly the best source of Read and Reap inspiration EVER. The front cover teases, "The best-laid plans can lead to danger...or desire." So far, it's made for two stellar passages, the first of which is this:

"Get up sugar," he drawled, gripping her arms and drawing her up with him. "You have a full day ahead of you and I have things to do to keep that pretty little butt of yours safe so I can spank it later."

Talk about a wake-up call!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Want to stare at the computer and get wasted? Me too.

Luckily, we now have this Facebook drinking game. Prompts instruct you to take drinks based on features like pictures (one shot if your profile pic is a blank expression looking away from the camera) and personal info (two shots if you have a quote from Napoleon Dynamite).

I'm not a member of Facebook -- yet -- but I am an avid MySpace fan, so I have plenty of additions to this game. For example:

*Take three shots if the user's main pic is a group shot of four people -- three hot, one ugly.

*Take two shots if all the photos in the user's albums are variations of his or her main pic.

*Take two shots if the user's profile begins with, "I'm finally on MySpace/Facebook."

*Take three shots if the user includes an inspirational quote involving rainbows.

What are your additions?

ice chewers unite!

Just came across this list of the 8 strangest communities on the Web. You'll find everything from Ice Chewers to Furrs Fur Christ.

Prepare to be amazed...or weirded out.


Happy Wednesday!

It's not only Hump's also International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If your co-workers have already stolen all the good scurvy references, get some more catchphrases here.

You can also go here to translate normal phrases into pirate-speak. "That's hot," for example, translates into, "Aye, that's hot." Or, "Gar, where can I find a bottle o' rum?"

Seriously, landlubbers.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

revenge of the nerds

In honor of tonight's two-hour season premiere of "Beauty and the Geek" (8 p.m. on The CW), you guys should check out this video of the top "Star Wars" lines that could be followed by "that's what SHE said."

Examples include "Point that thing some place else" and "You got something jammed in there real good."

Hungry for an additional nerd fix? Check out this Web site for Columbus State University's very own Campus Nerds. You can learn all about International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is tomorrow.

Get me some booty, bitches!

get ready, gold diggers

OK, forget MILFs. Old guys, it's your turn to shine.

Old men who hook up with younger women have potential to extend our species' lifespan, according to this article.

When it comes to finding mates outside our age bracket, the advantages seem endless. Which makes me wonder: Are there any drawbacks to dating someone significantly younger or older than you are?

Monday, September 17, 2007

cougars rule!

Just came across this article about how more and more older women are going out with younger men. In a recent AARP survey, some 34 percent of all women over 40 were dating younger guys.

Guys...what makes a MILF so appealing?

the monday moan

While perusing Glamour over the weekend, I came across this article, "How to make any man better in bed." It has all these success stories from women who transformed bad kissers (or worse) into the men of their dreams.

Which inspired me to write today's question.

Does it just take a little guidance to ignite physical chemistry? Or are some people just plain physically incompatible?

Discuss. Now.

real men wear...


Honestly, I've never really caught on to the whole men-in-pink scene. Not because I'm opposed to it, but just because it seems like any time you see a guy in pink, he always feels the need to immediately explain his choice of color.

I don't think it's hot. I don't think it's ugly, either. I just prefer more dominant colors.

Nonetheless, more and more men have been spotted in pink lately, with mixed results. "Lost" star Terry O'Quinn made headlines last night when he accepted his Emmy while sporting a neon pink collared shirt. (See pic above.)

O'Quinn's choice in fashion comes shortly after this big story about two Nova Scotia boys who got more than 400 kids to wear pink to support a bullied younger student.

I'd like to know what you think. Guys, what would it take for you to buy a pink shirt? Assuming you bought one, where would you wear it? And ladies, what would be your first thought if a guy showed up in pink on a first date?

weekend recap

It was a pretty typical weekend in Columbus, with the obvious highlight being my trip to Memory Lane Friday night. (Shout out to the avid blog fan I met in the parking lot...did I give you an adequate assessment of the crowd?)

Memory Lane, as you'll read in this week's bar profile, is a club that has long been stereotyped as a top destination for older partiers. I, however, have never seen that to be the case. In fact, I've always considered it a simply less crowded version of the Shanty Shack. Granted, the ambiance is a little stiff, and the majority of the chairs inside are the kind you sat in while taking the SAT.

That said, it's a friendly, down-home type place that often doesn't get the credit it deserves.

One of my favorite things about Memory Lane is its emphasis on line dancing, which I love. I pretty much consider myself the best line dancer in the world. My only handicap is the fact that I have absolutely no sense of rhythm.

My favorite line dance is by far the Electric Slide. I often try to do it while driving. Not a good idea.

Anyway, about 45 minutes into my stay at the club, I encountered a major Electric Slide emergency. The DJ put the song on, but only two people occupied the dance floor. And they were just dancing normally, with complete disregard for the intricate choreography.

So I jumped out of my (high school classroom) chair and tried to show them how it's done. See the result in the pic above.

It's electric!

Friday, September 14, 2007

read and reap

This passage comes from "Sinful Between the Sheets" by Barbara Pierce. The front cover tease? "Desire lies in forbidden places." Oh yeah. This should be good.

"I would have never touched her had I known she was a virgin," Fayne sullenly confessed.

It was his fault that they had parted awkwardly. Since she refused to speak with him -- and Fayne had his pride -- Fayne had helped her dress, repairing the damage to her clothing the best he could. Angry and disillusioned, Kilby had left him alone in the room.

"It is an affliction many young ladies suffer from." Ramscar picked up the bottle of wine placed between them and refilled his friend's glass. "As men, I consider it our solemn duty to relieve them of it."

Yeah. That's what they all say. And is anybody really named Fayne?


Britney won't be appearing at Sunday's Emmy Awards ceremony after all, according to a statement from her record label. Read more here.

So I guess now there isn't any real reason to watch, aside from the possibilities for snarky fashion commentary. Hit this blog up Monday for pics from the main event.

what's going on this weekend?

How happy do you think I am that the weekend's almost here? The answer is extremely happy. While I watch the clock during my remaining hour and a half of work, I'll leave you with the following entertainment options.

*Remember, Bikes on Broadway takes place downtown all weekend. You may or may not be excited about this. Either way, if you can stand the crowds -- and massive quantities of leather -- you should hit up Broadway Friday or Saturday night. Tons of bars are doing drink specials in conjunction with the event.

*Tonight I'm going to Memory Lane (1812 Midtown Dr.) to take a photo for next week's bar profile. You may know this Columbus club as Menopause Lane, even though I maintain rumors of a 50-something crowd are greatly exaggerated. Read a summary of the nightclub here and be sure to say hi if you see me!

*Saturday, I'll probably make my usual trip to Belloo's for Little Black Dress Night. You know the drill, ladies. Wear a black dress and get in for free, plus a $10 gift certificate for the bar.

*If you want to venture beyond the downtown scene, head over to Muldoon's, where you can catch party band Mindblender, a local favorite.

*Finally, if you're looking for a new place to eat this weekend, check out The Beefstro, 5727 Moon Road. I was there to do an interview today and it's actually a really cool place if you're looking for a nicer dining option. Expect primarily steak and seafood. Prices range from $9.95 (grilled chicken) to $27.99 for a 24-oz. Porter House steak. Mmmm. Hours for Friday and Saturday are 5-10 p.m. It's closed Sunday.

Beefstro = best restaurant name ever!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

read and reap

Hope you guys are having a great Friday!

Today's gem is from "One with the Night" by Susan Squires. It's about finding romance in 1822 London. Perfect. Here goes:

She had bitten him! But he did not cry out. She held him by the nape of his neck as she sucked at the great big artery in his throat. How could sucking his blood be sexual?

Well, there's a fetish for everyone...

gimme more!

Had a great time at the Catfish game last night. The highlight was the four hot dogs I ate. Mmmm.

Speaking of processed meat, I was happy to arrive at work today to learn there's yet another update to the Britney saga.

She's considering appearing at Sunday's Emmy Awards to apologize for her botched VMA performance, according to a source close to the awards show. Read more here.

OK, um, this probably won't happen.

But do you think I'm going to watch anyway? Totally.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

what's going on tonight?

It's Thursday, and instead of referring you to the usual Thursday night hot spots, I'm going to urge everyone to come hit up the Columbus Catfish game with me at 7 p.m. It's at Golden Park, 100 Fourth St.

I really have no idea who they're playing, but beer is only $1.

What more incentive do you need?

more britney

Was Britney's hair the source of her disappointing VMA perfomance? Yes, according to this article.

It claims she freaked out after looking at her hairdo and had to be given antidepressants by a doctor.

"She went into a wild rage and started lashing out at everyone -- including her stylist," an MTV source says.

A doctor repeatedly then gave Brit the prescription drugs -- "enough to floor an elephant," according to the source.

The hair drama supposedly comes from the singer's objections to Ken Paves, aka: Jessica Simpson's stylist, doing her hair. Reportedly, when Brit said she prefers female stylists, Paves decided to leave without fixing her extensions.
It's Britney, bitch!

bark vader

The biggest upcoming nightlife trend? Bars where pet owners can get canine-friendly cocktails for their dog companions, according to this article.

It lists a whole bunch of specialty beverages already made especially for dogs, everything from wine to energy drinks.

The best, however, is the dog-suitable beer in the pic above.

My dog, Bayley Michelle, would LOVE it! Especially when elegantly paired with an entree from Taco Bell.

to-do list

Check out this list of "25 Skills Every Man Should Know." Don't get your hopes up, Cosmo fans...the majority are handyman tasks. Still, I'm interested to know what you think. For your consideration, here's a cut-and-pasted version of the list:

1. Patch a radiator hose

2. Protect your computer

3. Rescue a boater who has capsized

4. Frame a wall

5. Retouch digital photos

6. Back up a trailer

7. Build a campfire

8. Fix a dead outlet

9. Navigate with a map and compass

10. Use a torque wrench

11. Sharpen a knife

12. Perform CPR

13. Fillet a fish

14. Maneuver a car out of a skid

15. Get a car unstuck

16. Back up data

17. Paint a room

18. Mix concrete

19. Clean a bolt-action rifle

20. Change oil and filter

21. Hook up an HDTV

22. Bleed brakes

23. Paddle a canoe

24. Fix a bike flat

25. Extend your wireless network

How did you do, guys? And many of these tasks do you expect out of your man?

too hot to handle

Happy Thursday!

Actually, it's not that happy, since our office air conditioning is broken and it's hotter than a mofo in here. Which is an even better excuse to aimlessly search the Internet.

Among today's coolest finds is this Web site, where you can peruse celebrities' retouched photos. Once you arrive at the main page, click on "portfolio" and then click on your favorite thumbnail. You can see the differences in the photos by moving your mouse on and off of the large pic.

Instant self-esteem boost.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

mild gone wild

Not-so-innocent Disney star Vanessa Hudgens has been offered $500,000 to join the Girls Gone Wild family, according to this article.

The offer came in a press release sent from prison by GGW CEO Joe Francis. Last week, a nude photo of Hudgens surfaced on the Internet.

No word on whether the "High School Musical" star will accept the offer.

What's Zac Efron gonna think?

fat pig?

After she blew her performance at Sunday's VMAs, Britney Spears ran off the stage yelling, "I looked like a fat pig! I looked like a fat pig!" this article reports.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

let the rumors begin

It's more Britney news, bitch.

Yesterday I wrote this article giving the highlights of Britney's VMA debacle. Since then there's been tons of speculation about why Sunday night's performance was so awful.

Of course, you can simply conclude that Britney is just not talented. Or you can buy into this stuff:

*Seems like the dominant rumor is that Britney heard Sarah Silverman rehearse her monologue. In it, Silverman called Britney's two kids mistakes and made an especially crude joke about the singer's, um, nether region. Initially, some sources said Silverman was specifically instructed by MTV to not mention Brit's kids in her routine.

But Silverman's rep denies the claims, maintaining the comedienne never rehearsed her full monologue ahead of time. Read more here.

*Meanwhile, this site has photos of a (maybe) broken heel that might have thrown the singer off course.

*And the chief explanation for Brit's train wreck...drunkenness. Many Web sites report that Brit showed up to her Saturday rehearsal hours late, with a frozen margarita in her hand. Plus, she reportedly nixed some dance moves because they were too advanced for her, and refused to wear a corset because it was "not sexy enough." Get the full story here.

*Decide for yourself and watch a video of the rehearsal here.

*Finally, there's the inevitable rumors about a post-show emotional breakdown. People also say Brit fired her hairstylist moments before going on stage. This article has the whole scoop.


read and reap

Hope everyone's having a great Tuesday.

Today's passage is from "Irresistible You" by Francis Ray. The book's front cover teases, "They can resist anything but each other." I expected some good material and wasn't disappointed. Here's one of my favorite passages:

Sabra didn't remember ever feeling so at peace and happy. It must have showed on her face, because Pierce had reached over and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Having fun?"

"Yes, although my backside might regret it later."

Isn't that always the case?

Monday, September 10, 2007

false advertising

Happy Monday!

This week's usual weekend recap is a rant directed toward the disorganization that's grown to characterize the typical downtown bar crawl.

I began my night at The Loft, since I had promised former Columbus resident John Scott Evans that I'd stop by and listen to his set. I figured it would all work out well, since The Loft was one of the bars slated to participate in a First Friday Bar Crawl that lets you get into the majority of downtown hot spots for one unspecified cover charge.

So I handed my $10 to the guy checking IDs at The Loft and asked for a bar crawl wristband.

Cool, right?


He said, "Um, we're not participating in the bar crawl."

Though annoying, under normal circumstances I would have accepted the explanation as a misunderstanding on my part, or some sort of last-minute fluke.

Except on the outdoor walls of The Loft, there was a poster listing the hot spot as a participant. (See photo above.)

That was probably the epitome of the night's disorganization, but as the bar crawl progressed I learned that few bars had the drink specials that organizers touted as one of the night's main draws. Moreover, the lip print contest at Rumors, originally slated for Labor Day weekend, had been postponed yet another week.

Yes, I know some level of disorganization is expected whenever nightlife plans are concerned. But if Columbus really wants to give area partiers consistent nightlife options, bar owners need to show us they have their stuff together.

Friday, September 7, 2007

i need sax

That's why I recommend hitting up the Columbus Jazz Society's Concert and Jam Session featuring saxophonist Mace Hibbard on Sunday night. It's 6-9 p.m. at Liberty Theatre (813 Eighth Ave.) and tickets are $7.

What else is going on this weekend?

Just learned there's a bar crawl downtown Friday night. It's the usual cover gets you into the majority of Broadway bars.

Also on Friday...a band called Whiskey Shit Vomit is playing at Soho. They're joined by The Hot Rods. Show starts at 10 p.m.

Who knows where I'll end up Saturday? Options: downtown, Belloo's, Shanty Shack. Think about it.

I'll give you the full report Monday.

mile-high club

A 23-year-old college student (who's incidentally also a Hooters waitress) was recently lectured by a Southwest Airlines customer service representative, who said she was dressed too provocatively to fly. Since she didn't have any other clothes to change into, she had to cover her legs with a blanket for the rest of the flight.

Read the full story here.

The girl is featured in the pic above, wearing what she wore during the infamous flight.

Think she's out of line? Personally, I think her biggest problem is being a butterface.

damage control

Happy Friday!

By now most of you have heard about the nude pic of Vanessa Hudgens, the chick featured (clothed) here. She's best known for her lead role in the Disney movie "High School Musical."

Anyway, the pic leaked yesterday, and even though the majority of fans were skeptical, Hudgens, 18, later admitted in a brief statement via her publicist that it was really her.

Multiple sources are already speculating Hudgens will be fired from all future Disney promotions. How did the pic leak? People are speculating it was posted by her boyfriend Zac Efron, 19, also of "High School Musical" fame.

(You can read more in this article, which may link to the nude pic. You might also be able to see the pic here, but I didn't tell you that. Perverts.)

The most ironic part? Today I found this Aug. 31 article, titled "Vanessa Hudgens: 'I'm a good kid.'"

Here's a sample quote from the actress: "I've been brought up with very good morals, and I'm not going to go out and do something I don't want other kids to do."

What do you guys think? Do you feel sorry for Hudgens, or do you think this happened because of her own stupidity? Does the pic alone make her immoral?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

what's going on tonight?

It's Thursday, and tonight I'm going to try to hit up The Phenix City Amphitheater, where you can see the All That Jazz concert at 5:30-9 p.m. John Scott Evans, David Ragsdale and Kevin Vannoy are slated to perform. It's $10, $5 with student discount and free for kids 12 and younger.

In tonight's other live music news...

You can catch house band The Rhythm Roosters at Broad Street Blues. Show starts at 9 p.m. and cover is $5.

Atlanta-based rock act No Longer Mica takes the stage at Soho Bar & Grill at 10 p.m. Cover is $5.

Finally, stop at Scruffy Murphy's and see the rockers from Connor Christian and the MorningStar Revival. Show starts at 10 p.m. and there's a $5 cover.

alone again. naturally?

This week's column is about singlism, a new buzz word that refers to discrimination against single people.

I was inspired by "Singled Out," a recent book that aims to debunk the myth that married is better.

In spite of the fact that many readers have interpreted the column as an excuse to hit on me, I think the idea of singlism touches on some important questions. Especially here in the South, where I think there is much more pressure to be married than what I experienced while living in California.

I saw the same thing when I lived in small-town Wisconsin -- many more people getting married directly after, or even during, college. I'm not saying that's a bad thing -- I'm just saying that small towns in particular seem to hold some sort of expectation that makes people marry early.

Am I right? Is this geographic, or are there other factors at work?

watch out, cousteau

I'll let you guess what this snorkel is designed for. Give up? Read more here.

it's britney, bitch

Is it bad that I'm totally loving the new Britney Spears single?

Yeah, apparently.

I first heard the song, "Gimme More," while in the parking lot of my local Barnes & Noble. I was just about to leave the car and browse when a DJ introduced the tune, which you can listen to here.

So I just sat there in my car listening to all of its four-minute, eight-second glory...all the while dealing with the creeping sense of guilt. At the same time, as I resisted an urge to get up and dance, I had a private level of satisfaction. The kind you get when you realize a burrito that was dropped on your dog hair-laden floor still tastes absolutely fantastic.

No, it's not any kind of musical masterpiece, but when you take "Gimme More" for what it is -- a dance track -- the sound is actually pretty good. Some critics are even calling it Spears' best song since "Toxic," according to this article.

Sure, there's that whole train wreck/white trash factor, but few pop fans will argue the fact that if nothing else, Spears is a good performer. This comes straight from the girl who purchased "Britney Spears: Live In Las Vegas." And learned the dance to "Born to Make You Happy."

Now everyone's waiting for her newly confirmed appearance at Sunday's VMA Awards, when she'll perform "Gimme More."

It brings to mind images of her 2001 stint at the MTV show, when she hit the stage with a snake around her neck. Now, it seems as if it is her audience that has the power to choke the former Mouseketeer's career if she doesn't play her cards correctly.

Fortunately, Brit's ready to fight back -- beginning with the opening words of the single set to determine if she's poised for a comeback.

"It's Britney, bitch."

More, please!

read and reap

Happy Thursday!

Today's passage is from Celeste Bradley's "Seducing the Spy," a romance novel whose front cover teases readers with, "He lived for duty -- until she taught him the meaning of desire." Sounds like some good material. Here goes:

No harm done, unless one counted the jellied condition of her knees and the throbbing condition of her -- well, suffice to say that harm had been done. Garrett was right. She ought to take this man into that obscenely large bed and make him never want to leave it.

Nothin' like a woman in control. You go, girl!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

give it back

Sick of guys wearing pink? You're not alone. This list outlines the top 10 things men never should have stolen from women. Here they are:

10. Pink

9. Boobs

8. Purses

7. Bras

6. Girls' night out

5. PMS

4. Thongs

3. Spandex/short shorts

2. Eyeliner

1. Makeup

My addition to the list? Capris. Or in male form, manpris. Eww.

busy signal?

Some 7 percent of respondents in this survey admitted to talking on the phone during sex.

Deal breaker or necessary multi-tasking?

hello, kitty!

Check out this Hello Kitty-themed wedding in Hong Kong, complete with a maid of honor and best man both dressed as variations of Hello Kitty.

You can also bid on a Hello Kitty "personal massager" here.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Results of two major romance-related studies were recently released. Prepare to be completely shocked, everyone.

First, researchers discovered that women placed a huge emphasis on kissing -- "but men placed less importance on it, using it to increase the likelihood of sex." Read more here.

In the second study, researchers found that women are likely to be choosy when it comes to finding a mate, while men are more inclined to go for good looks.

Wow...I can't believe this stuff!

Of course, I'm kidding. It seems like science is just stating the obvious.

That said, do you find any comfort in knowing that many common relationship problems have scientific backing? Or does science just heighten your faith in incompatibility?