Friday, September 14, 2007

what's going on this weekend?

How happy do you think I am that the weekend's almost here? The answer is extremely happy. While I watch the clock during my remaining hour and a half of work, I'll leave you with the following entertainment options.

*Remember, Bikes on Broadway takes place downtown all weekend. You may or may not be excited about this. Either way, if you can stand the crowds -- and massive quantities of leather -- you should hit up Broadway Friday or Saturday night. Tons of bars are doing drink specials in conjunction with the event.

*Tonight I'm going to Memory Lane (1812 Midtown Dr.) to take a photo for next week's bar profile. You may know this Columbus club as Menopause Lane, even though I maintain rumors of a 50-something crowd are greatly exaggerated. Read a summary of the nightclub here and be sure to say hi if you see me!

*Saturday, I'll probably make my usual trip to Belloo's for Little Black Dress Night. You know the drill, ladies. Wear a black dress and get in for free, plus a $10 gift certificate for the bar.

*If you want to venture beyond the downtown scene, head over to Muldoon's, where you can catch party band Mindblender, a local favorite.

*Finally, if you're looking for a new place to eat this weekend, check out The Beefstro, 5727 Moon Road. I was there to do an interview today and it's actually a really cool place if you're looking for a nicer dining option. Expect primarily steak and seafood. Prices range from $9.95 (grilled chicken) to $27.99 for a 24-oz. Porter House steak. Mmmm. Hours for Friday and Saturday are 5-10 p.m. It's closed Sunday.

Beefstro = best restaurant name ever!!!!!

Have a great weekend!