Thursday, September 6, 2007

it's britney, bitch

Is it bad that I'm totally loving the new Britney Spears single?

Yeah, apparently.

I first heard the song, "Gimme More," while in the parking lot of my local Barnes & Noble. I was just about to leave the car and browse when a DJ introduced the tune, which you can listen to here.

So I just sat there in my car listening to all of its four-minute, eight-second glory...all the while dealing with the creeping sense of guilt. At the same time, as I resisted an urge to get up and dance, I had a private level of satisfaction. The kind you get when you realize a burrito that was dropped on your dog hair-laden floor still tastes absolutely fantastic.

No, it's not any kind of musical masterpiece, but when you take "Gimme More" for what it is -- a dance track -- the sound is actually pretty good. Some critics are even calling it Spears' best song since "Toxic," according to this article.

Sure, there's that whole train wreck/white trash factor, but few pop fans will argue the fact that if nothing else, Spears is a good performer. This comes straight from the girl who purchased "Britney Spears: Live In Las Vegas." And learned the dance to "Born to Make You Happy."

Now everyone's waiting for her newly confirmed appearance at Sunday's VMA Awards, when she'll perform "Gimme More."

It brings to mind images of her 2001 stint at the MTV show, when she hit the stage with a snake around her neck. Now, it seems as if it is her audience that has the power to choke the former Mouseketeer's career if she doesn't play her cards correctly.

Fortunately, Brit's ready to fight back -- beginning with the opening words of the single set to determine if she's poised for a comeback.

"It's Britney, bitch."

More, please!