Friday, September 14, 2007

read and reap

This passage comes from "Sinful Between the Sheets" by Barbara Pierce. The front cover tease? "Desire lies in forbidden places." Oh yeah. This should be good.

"I would have never touched her had I known she was a virgin," Fayne sullenly confessed.

It was his fault that they had parted awkwardly. Since she refused to speak with him -- and Fayne had his pride -- Fayne had helped her dress, repairing the damage to her clothing the best he could. Angry and disillusioned, Kilby had left him alone in the room.

"It is an affliction many young ladies suffer from." Ramscar picked up the bottle of wine placed between them and refilled his friend's glass. "As men, I consider it our solemn duty to relieve them of it."

Yeah. That's what they all say. And is anybody really named Fayne?