Tuesday, September 11, 2007

let the rumors begin

It's more Britney news, bitch.

Yesterday I wrote this article giving the highlights of Britney's VMA debacle. Since then there's been tons of speculation about why Sunday night's performance was so awful.

Of course, you can simply conclude that Britney is just not talented. Or you can buy into this stuff:

*Seems like the dominant rumor is that Britney heard Sarah Silverman rehearse her monologue. In it, Silverman called Britney's two kids mistakes and made an especially crude joke about the singer's, um, nether region. Initially, some sources said Silverman was specifically instructed by MTV to not mention Brit's kids in her routine.

But Silverman's rep denies the claims, maintaining the comedienne never rehearsed her full monologue ahead of time. Read more here.

*Meanwhile, this site has photos of a (maybe) broken heel that might have thrown the singer off course.

*And the chief explanation for Brit's train wreck...drunkenness. Many Web sites report that Brit showed up to her Saturday rehearsal hours late, with a frozen margarita in her hand. Plus, she reportedly nixed some dance moves because they were too advanced for her, and refused to wear a corset because it was "not sexy enough." Get the full story here.

*Decide for yourself and watch a video of the rehearsal here.

*Finally, there's the inevitable rumors about a post-show emotional breakdown. People also say Brit fired her hairstylist moments before going on stage. This article has the whole scoop.