Monday, October 4, 2010

Weed dating

Believe it or not, this post's title doesn't refer to a meet market dominated by Phish tunes and Judd Apatow flicks.

Instead, weed dating is a meet-up option for single farmers.

Not so excited anymore, huh?

USA Today describes the trend here, calling it a variation on speed dating. Single farmers exchange small talk while weeding in rows of sprouting produce.

Weed dating is just another example of how niche-specific the matchmaking universe has become.

That's good for people whose lives revolve almost entirely around a specific interest like farming.

But I worry that the abundance of niche dating activities also makes people less inclined to leave their life comfort zones.

The underlying message of activities like weed dating?

Farmers should only date farmers. Pet lovers should only date pet lovers. "Star Wars" fans should only date "Star Wars" fans.

Then again, maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe niche dating events give hope to daters who think their hobbies are too eclectic for the mainstream relationship world.