Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Facebook numbers in status

I stayed silent during the "cartoon characters can save the world" movement. But Facebook's newest trend -- The Number Game -- is just too much to handle.

You've probably seen friends fill their statuses with numbers, followed by cryptic statements like, "63: You're a great drinking buddy."

Here's an official explanation for the game, courtesy of its Facebook page:

Ask your friends via a status or on chat to send you their favorite number if they want feedback on what you think about them

Post a status about that particular person, starting it with the number they sent you (It can be a compliment, something you like or dislike about them, or something you always wanted to tell them.

Annoying? Slightly.

But amid cryptic bra colors and suggestive purse placements, this seems like the first Facebook trend annoying enough to make people voice their displeasure.

One of my Facebook friends recently wrote this status update: "For you people coming up with numbers and writing something about that person. BE WARNED I AM DELETING YOU."

What determines your tolerance for a Facebook campaign?