Monday, December 13, 2010

Too old for hunch punch?

Dawn wrote an excellent blog post about avoiding a frat party vibe while planning a holiday party.

I haven't thrown a real-world holiday party yet, but I hope to eventually reach Dawn's level of awesomeness. Perhaps it'll coincide with the day I finally tear down my Periodic Table of Mixology poster. Kidding.

Anyway, here's my favorite part of Dawn's post:

I like to use sparkling wine instead of hard alcohol to make punch. There is a difference between hooch juice and Christmas punch, after all.

Who doesn't have a good "hooch juice" memory? I remember watching someone mix it up in a bathtub. Ah, college.

As much as I'd like to consider it college phenomenon, plenty of bars still boast "hooch juice" or "hunch punch" as a nightly special.

Which makes me ask this simple question: Are you ever too old to sip questionably brewed alcoholic punch?