Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wedding diet myth?

Want to know the most-repeated thought that went through my mind while training for a half marathon?

"Man, I really wish I was getting married soon."

My logic was that I didn't know when I'd have another goal that would force me to get in shape.

I've always loved exercising, but I've also always been terrified of the grueling workouts that celebrities take on prior to getting married.

Exhibit A? This outline of Kate Middleton's "wedding dress workout."

I always imagined that I, too, would endure grueling workouts and awful diets in the weeks before getting married.

But are pre-wedding workouts confined to gossip magazine headlines?

Once I entered the real world -- and watched real people get married -- not too many of my female friends endured a crazy fitness regimen before tying the knot. Or maybe they did, but just didn't want to publicly admit it.

Weigh in: Are wedding dress workouts real?

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