Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Shave November

My legs resemble a hairy mammoth, but don't freak out. There's a method to my madness.

Confession: So far, my participation in No Shave November is purely accidental. If I'm being completely honest, I'll also confess I haven't shaved my legs since Saturday night. Too much information? Sorry.

Anyway, I'll probably shave at some point this month. I'm sure my boyfriend just breathed a sigh of relief.

Plenty of people won't shave in November, though. No Shave November is an official event with its own website. Why do people forgo shaving for an entire month? Sometimes, it's to raise awareness for a specific cause, often prostate cancer.

Even if I don't last an entire month, I'm glad that we've entered a season when long pants weather makes it OK for women to only shave once a week, sometimes less. During my first year at the Ledger, I wrote a column about the bliss that comes with shaving sporadically in winter.

A reader called and accused me of not being ladylike.

Guilty as charged.