Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding gift guidelines

You get the wedding invitation and can't wait for the big night. Open bar...great music...limitless food. Then, you remember a critical drawback.

You must bring a gift.

Some people love perusing wedding registries. Others dread the task. When it comes to wedding presents, I've always been a gift card kind of girl.

Wedding gifts only stress me out when I'm shopping for someone I've never met -- say, one of my boyfriend's friends who's getting married. Again, this is why I subscribe to the gift card religion.

CBS gives price recommendations for wedding gifts, courtesy of The Knot.

Spend $50-$75 on a co-worker and/or distant family friend or relative; $75-$100 on a relative or friend; $100-$150 on a close relative or a close friend.

Do you agree with the estimates?