Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My blog, my breakup

This blog can be a great vehicle for emotional release. On a less pleasant note, it also has potential to ignite a breakup.

I've heard plenty of stories about women who unintentionally end their relationship by starting a relationship blog.

I'm at a slight advantage since I write this blog for work and thus can't divulge too many gruesome details of my personal life.

Nonetheless, I'll never forget when a blog post about keeping in touch with exes led my boyfriend to give me the silent treatment for three days.

The memory resurfaced after I found this advice column concerning a girl whose boyfriend broke up with her after finding her blog.

She didn't write about their relationship. Rather, she posted some "not-so-nice" photos of herself. He freaked out and broke up with her.

Wrong move? I don't know.

Either way, I think many of us regard our digital self as someone completely separate from the self we put forward in face-to-face interactions.

While good in theory, that view simply isn't realistic.