Monday, May 16, 2011

Passive-aggressive behavior, wedding style

"So, are you going to lose some weight before your wedding?"

That's probably the most common passive-aggressive wedding question I've heard on the social scene.

Now that I think about it, that question is so overtly rude that it might not even fall into the realm of passive-aggressive behavior.

It crossed my mind when I found this collection of passive-aggressive wedding notes. They span topics like weight, religion and more. You'll even see a few passive-aggressive Facebook posts.

As someone who's never been engaged, I can't exactly offer advice on handling passive-aggressive comments prior to your wedding. (Katie might have some tips, however.)

But I imagine the comments aren't too different from inquiries you get when people want to know why you're not dating. Or engaged. Or having kids.

You can brainstorm a witty response. Or, you can just smile, laugh nervously and hope somebody questions your interrogator's double chin.