Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween costumes for men

During my annual trip to adult costume retailer Night Moves (2723 Manchester Expressway, Columbus), someone told me most men have a simple goal when it comes to Halloween costumes.

They want to look "not dressed up, but dressed up."

Sigh. Must be nice.

Most women have to consider a whole slew of undergarment issues and temperature concerns. Often, double-sided tape is involved. Then, you get to the party and spend the entire night self-conscious about your bare midriff, while your boyfriend savors the nearby keg in his "chick magnet" getup.

Or maybe that's just me.

Either way, I think most of us can agree female Halloween costumes get a whole lot more judgment than spooky getups designed for men.

Nonetheless, Glamour offers a handy guide for women: What your man's Halloween costume says about him. Apparently, someone dressed up as a Chippendales dancer still has a chance on the meet market scene. Who knew?

Weigh in, readers: When it comes to Halloween costumes, can guys mess up?