Thursday, October 27, 2011

You scare me. I love you.

Haunted houses certainly have drawbacks. Masked men with chainsaws are often involved, not to mention those horrifying body-distorting mirrors.

It's almost enough to make you avoid haunted houses entirely...until you hear this news.

Scary places can help your relationship.

It's true. RedEye explains the science behind the process:

Basically, when your body is physiologically aroused -- and not necessarily in the sexual way; we’re talking skyrocketing blood pressure, drenched palms and a heart rate like a dubstep bass line -- your brain mistakenly links that feeling with whatever’s in your environment.

So if you’re in your date’s direct line of sight as his or her heart goes pitter-patter, he won’t just blame the slasher flick—he’ll convince himself you’re a heartthrob.

Interesting, huh? But remember: Not everyone shares your passion for scary things. So don't push the idea if references to "Psycho" make your date's face turn pale.