Monday, July 25, 2011

Drag queens and Bootleggers

Wow. Where do I begin?

It was an interesting Friday night, one of those party experiences that makes you glad you haven't totally resigned yourself to life in sweatpants.

My boyfriend and I started our night at the "Rocky Horror" screening at Benning Brew Pub. It was fun, but I'd love to see a bigger crowd next time. Anyway, a chance conversation at the movie led us to the Goetchius House, 405 Broadway, in downtown Columbus.

Or, um, perhaps I should say the building formerly known as the Goetchius House. It's now called The G-House of Columbus, an 18-and-older club.

We arrived just in time for a drag show, which was pretty awesome. The last time I was inside the G-House, it had a formal dining setup. My, how things change.

I'd definitely come back. It reminded us that we're not living in an entirely close-minded city after all.

After the G-House, I headed over to the grand opening of Bootleggers (1039 Broadway), formerly known as Daileys. The new venue is billed as "a mix of modern country acts and an attitude that resembles that of Wild Bills in Atlanta."

The biggest change between Daileys and Bootleggers: "Let there be light." Yes, the new bar is much lighter than Daileys, which often resembled a dark abyss. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Design-wise, a major addition is the tire swing inside, pictured above. The girl riding the swing asked me to get on there with her for a picture, but I declined.

Another big change is this outdoor patio, which has lots of potential. Friday's biggest drawback was the extreme heat inside the bar. I later learned that the A/C was broken. Awkward.

Nonetheless, I have high hopes for Bootleggers and I'm interested to see how much the bar sticks to its country vibe. Country music venues have had a mixed history here.

What do you think?