Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PMS. Discuss.

Listen up, ladies. Don't you know men are the real PMS sufferers?

Calm down. That's not my personal opinion.

I'm simply inviting you to discuss a new ad campaign designed to "encourage open conversations between men and women about an awkward subject," according to a source interviewed in this article.

The ad campaign, which focuses on PMS, doesn't come from a medical association or women's advocacy group.

Instead, it comes from the California Milk Processor Board -- the group behind the "Got Milk?" ads.

See, the dairy group believes calcium could improve PMS symptoms. So it's encouraging men to buy more milk for their wives and girlfriends.

You know, because we're not capable of curing our own maladies.

The campaign's end result? Billboard ads with men beside messages like "I'm sorry I listened to what you said and NOT what you meant," or "I apologize for not reading between the RIGHT lines."


I'm sure things could be worse. But I'm not sure if the dairy world will gain fans by focusing on a male responsibility to rid the world of PMS.

And while I'm all for openness in relationships, I don't know what couples gain from having in-depth discussions about "that time of the month."

What do you think?