Friday, July 15, 2011

Rewarding your boyfriend

Thanks for washing the dishes, honey. Do it three more times and I'll let you have a boys' night out.

Sound crazy?

The mentality isn't too distant from this idea of giving your husband/boyfriend "points" for doing household tasks. Those points can eventually be redeemed for permission to do guy-friendly things like a day at the bar.

One Jezebel blogger isn't too keen on the idea. She writes:

It only plays into the (evidently not) antiquated notion that men should be rewarded—whether it's with sex or "mileage points"—for lowering themselves to the same meager chores that are expected to be performed by women as some sort of responsibility that comes with having a vagina.


But I have to agree. Sure, compromise is an integral part of all relationships. When you're dating/married, you're going to do things you wouldn't do while living alone. But that's part of life. It shouldn't require any special recognition beyond "thanks."

And the whole "point system" thing extends beyond household tasks. I know a girl who rewarded her boyfriend for not hitting on other girls during nights at the club.

Really?!? The dating world is rough, but it certainly hasn't gotten so bad that you must use a reward system to build the man of your dreams.