Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True love...and arson

Glamour asks an awesome relationship question: If you could burn three of your significant other's possessions and he/she would never find out, what would you choose?

In some alarming evidence of my inner pyromaniac, I answered this question all too quickly.

No. 1: A certain shirt

I won't reveal too many details, because we work together and this shirt often surfaces in the office environment. I will, however, say that this shirt bugs me beyond belief and I don't know why. Ready, set, burn.

No. 2: The couch

My biggest problem with hanging out at my boyfriend's place is that his couch is only designed for one person. Serious comfort issues arise. Long story short: I often end up sitting on the hardwood floor on a beanbag. If only some "accident" would require him to purchase a new two-person sitting device...

No. 3: Photos

Yes, I'm one of "those" girls. I hate seeing photos featuring my boyfriend with an ex. Go ahead and judge. You can also say I'm a walking contradiction, since I have one of my boyfriend's high school prom photos in my purse right now. Long story.

Your turn. Discuss your arson fantasies in the comments section.