Monday, July 18, 2011

Museum of Broken Relationships

Relationship goddesses Em & Lo offer some good news: The Museum of Broken Relationships now has a permanent collection of items in Europe.

So you can now dream of donating those gifts from your ex -- all in the name of furthering cultural research.

I've written many times about the "stuff" that's leftover when a relationship ends.

I generally err on the side of throwing it away -- or, um, donating it to a worthy cause -- but many people savor those tokens even when they hate an ex beyond belief.

It seems like members of my generation have become more likely to hold on to mementos from the past, including failed relationships. I blame it partially on the scrapbooking craze that surfaced during my late high school/early college years.

I assume eventually, we'll look at all these "keepsakes" and have a revelation: "I don't need all this stuff."

But we still want to believe we've led extraordinary lives, which could lead to the creation of venues similar to the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Would you buy a ticket?