Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avoid politics while dating?

Here's a study suggesting people are more likely to reveal their weight than their political views in online dating profiles. An excerpt:

"At some point in the dating process, we somehow filter out people who do not share our political preferences," said study researcher Casey A. Klofstad of the University of Miami. "Our best guess is that in the short run, most people want to cast as wide a net as possible when dating. However, in the long run, shared political preferences become a critical foundation of lasting relationships, despite the fact that many Americans are not even interested in politics."

Pretty interesting, huh?

It's intimidating to discuss politics at the early stages of a relationship. Naturally, there's the chance your partner will have an opposing viewpoint. But I think people also worry about having to back up their stance and appearing uneducated.

Also, revealing your political views in an online profile is an entirely different matter. Generally, people's political beliefs are more complex than the simple categories you choose online. It's often easier to opt for no answer than an adjective that only partially describes your stance.