Thursday, September 1, 2011

Too old for frat parties?

This week's nightlife column is about the common urge to hang out at your alma mater after graduating from college.

I’ve had many boring weekends since leaving college, but keg parties and dorm rooms were always much more than a car drive away.

But even without geography on my side, I’d like to think common sense alone would keep me away from the college party scene.

Many of us have memories of "that person." You know, the one who graduated with honors, secured a job quickly -- but still somehow ended up hanging out in the dorms nearly every weekend.

You publicly praised his or her presence -- while privately wondering if social life in the real world is really worse than college.

I suppose there are exceptions.

You have more freedom when you return for an athletic event or homecoming celebration. You know, events specifically designed to let alums mingle with a crowd naive enough to attach value to box wine.

That’s probably the best setup for victims of college nostalgia.

Because from what I’ve heard, trips back to the dorms are often accompanied by a harsh realization.

You’re too old for this stuff.