Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dream double date?

Glamour has an interesting blog post that asks readers which celebrity couple(s) they'd like to join on a double date.

It's an interesting question, especially since finding real-life couples suitable for a double date adventure can be challenging.

Throw the celebrity factor into the mix and you have an entirely new set of concerns.

Even though I often write about celebrities, I'm not too interested in the prospect of hanging out with famous people. I worry they'll be really mean in person and shatter my expectations.

Initially, I didn't want to join this celebrity double date discussion, but then the answer hit me.

Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed.

I'm totally obsessed with this couple, which includes an "American Idol" finalist and a "Twilight" star. I've already interviewed Paul McDonald, so I know he'd be nice on the date. I have no concerns about Nikki, either.

So, um, let's make this happen.

Which celebrity couple would you join on a double date?