Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coca-Cola Freestyle

Going on a movie date? Prepare for some serious indecision -- well, at least if you're going to Carmike Cinemas' Ritz 13.

The movie theater has five new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, newfangled soda fountains that boast more than 100 different beverage brands.

Watch the fun video I made with Cameraman on Wednesday.

Your approach to the beverage selection process might have some parallels to dating.

If you choose classic Coke after perusing all the options, you're probably a traditional dater who relies on time-tested standbys like roses, chocolate and dinner dates.

Mix your Coke with, say, Powerade and you're traditional with a slight streak of unpredictability.

And if you go for something really wacky -- maybe a mix of Fanta, Minute Made Lemonade and Barq's -- you thrive on an unconventional approach to relationships.

Wow, I crafted that analysis pretty quickly. What do you think?