Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day wedding proposals

Before I get into my main point, I'll direct you to my roundup of local Valentine's activities, other than dining options. This weekend includes a couples' 5K race (Saturday) and a couples' yoga workshop (Sunday).

Anyway...proposing on Valentine's Day is a total "no," right?

I mean, it seems like one of the least creative proposal options ever. Get engaged on Valentine's Day and the specialness of your love will inevitably be buried by all your friends' romantic fluff.

But not everyone sees things my way.

Roughly 10 percent of annual engagements take place on Valentine's Day, according to this Huffington Post article. It offers tips for guys who are thinking about proposing on Feb. 14.

An excerpt:

Just like pro sports teams charge extra for tickets to a big rivalry game, restaurants and florists will raise prices for Valentine's Day. This may mean more to you if you're on a tight budget or blew all your money on the ring. Consider combatting the costs with incorporating a home-cooked meal.

Hmm...sorry, I still don't see the appeal of a Valentine's Day proposal. Do you feel the same way?