Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What went wrong?

I've always been a fan of post-breakup exit interviews.

After the initial rage subsides, a natural curiosity often comes in the aftermath of severed romantic ties.

"What could I have done differently?"

"Why didn't you break up with me earlier?"

"Am I really THAT bad?"

Enter WotWentWrong.com, a website that promises, "We help people to find out why their relationship ended."

I learned about the site from this story and was immediately intrigued. The site lets you solicit feedback from an ex about why your relationship turned sour.

Good idea? Sure! Well, maybe.

It's one thing to ask the aforementioned questions...it's another thing to accept an honest response. And in many cases, we know what went wrong. We just don't want to say it out loud.

You can argue the site helps people become more successful daters in the future. But you can also argue the site keeps us stuck in our often unresolvable pasts.

What do you think?