Monday, August 27, 2007

weekend recap

That which doesn't kill us...

Gives us good blog post inspiration.


I stretched my comfort limits twice this weekend, first on Friday night when I volunteered to be hypnotized by Anthony Potmesil (aka: "The Erotic Hypnotic") at The Vault. I rationalized the decision by telling myself I'd have something really cool to post on the blog Monday morning. Still, I was pretty nervous, and maybe that's what prevented me from staying under Potmesil's spell the entire time. Or perhaps it was due to the fact that the male volunteer next to me kept grabbing my leg. Creep.

Anyway, Potmesil said that one in 10 people can be hypnotized, and that statistic was a little conservative for Saturday's crowd. Of the 10 people he pulled on stage, about 5 gave real entertainment value. I was under the spell during the sitting-down portion of the show, but when Potmesil said something about participants crawling around like goats, I was like, "Umm?"

The show -- one of five last weekend -- attracted an impressive crowd, and gave me a whole new impression of hypnosis. For example, I always thought that volunteers -- aka: victims -- have absolutely no idea what they did. False. You remember everything, you just don't know WHY you had enough balls to do it.

And I'm now a little more convinced that hypnosis is real. Even though I did wake up mid-experience -- after believing that every word the hypnotist said vibrated -- some people who knocked the validity of hypnosis pre-show were totally out during the show.

Let's just say I wish I would have still been under the spell when participants were humping their chairs like porn stars.

In a less eventful stretch of comfort, I ran Country's Midnight Express Saturday night and had a blast. Except it'll be a while before I hang out with that many teenagers again.