Thursday, November 18, 2010

Divorce stigma?

Do divorced parents put you at a disadvantage in the dating world?

The Huffington Post has an interesting article about a possible dating stigma surrounding children of divorced parents. An excerpt:

Yet as the stigma about children of divorce began to weaken, new realities appeared. Social science evidence now demonstrates that, compared to those who grow up with married parents, children of divorce are at greater risk for a host of social problems.

Divorce also appears to be transmitted inter-generationally. Studies now show that when they grow up the children of divorce are themselves at significantly greater risk of divorce compared to those who grew up with married parents.

My hardest relationships came when I dated guys who from unstable families.

It's unfair to prematurely doom someone to their parents' fate, but most of us end up becoming our parents to some extent -- no matter how much we resist it.

But that doesn't mean our relationships will follow a pre-determined path. Watching your parents stay together is sometimes more painful than watching them divorce.

The goal is to watch, learn and remember that even the fullest arsenal of dating knowledge can't prepare you for the real world.