Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween party recap

Happy Monday, party people! Did you go out for Halloween? If you went downtown, you were hardly alone. My boyfriend and I started Saturday night at Belloo's. I opted for a Jager-heavy cocktail called "embalming fluid" and surprisingly did not vomit. Yet. Haha.

After Belloo's, we hit Broadway with the goal of grabbing a "quick drink." Instead, we ended up walking up and down the the street while marveling at the massive crowds. The line at Oxygen (shown above) was typical for many of the prominent dance clubs.

Mix Ultra Lounge, which DJ Roonie G owns, was especially crowded. The line in this photo doesn't even give you a complete idea of just how many partiers waited outside. I maintain that Halloween is Columbus' nightlife event. It's pretty cool to see long lines outside the majority of hot spots.

Check out this massive group of partiers who stood outside Flip Flops Saturday night. As far as costume trends, I saw a little bit of everything. We had the usual assortment of sexy schoolgirls and fairy tale characters, but I also saw many partiers who considered more practical factors (like warmth) while devising their costumes. I noticed some cool Grecian looks.

Finally, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween nightlife. But doesn't my dog look cute in her cheerleader costume? We had a great time at the fall festival at Second Avenue Animal Hospital.

My dog is one of the rare pets who actually enjoys dressing up. She wore her costume through Sunday evening and whined when I took it off. Luckily, I'm already eying a certain Mrs. Claus costume at Petsmart.

Photos by Alan Riquelmy