Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Success isn't sexy?

If you're one of the women who thinks men are intimidated by your career ambitions, consider this NY Times article fuel for your fire.

The writer asks a question that I think seems a bit tired, despite ongoing discussions of gender roles and workplace equality.

"Is female empowerment killing romance?"

It's not hard to map out the rest of the article. Woman overtakes man in the labor market. Man gets insecure. Man breaks up with woman.

The piece even includes quotes like "success is not sexy" and "men don't want successful women, men want to be admired."

Am I the only one who doesn't buy it?

When I interviewed comedian/relationship expert Steve Harvey last month, he refuted claims that men get intimidated by women.

I know plenty of women who use "men are intimidated by my success" as a way to explain a relationship status.

While these women boast successful career lives, they also often have other flaws that interfere with their success in dating.

It's easier to reconcile our social failings by believing others envy our strengths, rather than admitting they're afraid of our weaknesses.