Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I can't flirt

American women have failed at the art of flirting -- at least if you believe the results of a study conducted by one social networking site.

The site examined how often its female users initiated contact with men. Spanish women took the top honor, while American women placed 19th.

Jezebel suggests the study could have some holes, namely the fact that the website at the research's center (Badoo) seems to be more popular in Europe and Latin America than in the US.

Nonetheless, Jezebel's post raises an interesting question:

Does successful flirting yield a more successful relationship?

I say no. I've watched female friends pride themselves on the art of flirting, only to attract an abundance of phone numbers but a lack of quality.

I agree with the Jezebel blogger's assessment: "Flirting, I've come to realize, is an activity unto itself. The people who are really good at it — and who really love it — often do it with no expectation that it will lead to a relationship or sex."

Maybe now I'll feel a little less ashamed when I try to "strut" and end up falling flat on my face downtown.