Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bed sheet drama

I'll never forget a post-hookup story from a college friend.

She stayed overnight in a guy's room. The next morning, he asked for instructions on how to wash his sheets. They hadn't yet been in the washing machine.

It was, like, April.

Disgusting, right?

Maybe we're more inclined to let those things slide in college. But are we bound to become bed sheet snobs upon entering the real world?

Results of a recent survey suggest the answer is yes. The survey says bed sheets are one of the biggest dealbreakers for women, according to this blog post.

Among the top annoyances? Sports team sheets.

I totally agree. But also, I have no shame in admitting my New Kids on the Block sheets are (hopefully) still in a storage cabinet at my childhood home.

I'm not afraid to use them.