Thursday, June 23, 2011

Journalists fail at love

Imagine my disappointment upon seeing journalism listed as one of the worst careers for love in this article.

Ouch. Why do you have to be that way, universe?

The reasons behind the distinction don't surprise me: bad hours, lots of stress and an inability to get romantically involved with sources.

I wish I could refute the label, but it's somewhat true.

During my career as a professional journalist, I've mainly dated fellow writers. My boyfriend and I have dated throughout most of our time at the Ledger.

That eliminates the whole "not dating your sources" thing, but it hardly makes for a flawless relationship.

The stress factor is still there, and perhaps it's even worse because in my free time I have someone constantly reiterating the same stresses I'm already feeling. If we're not careful, we enter a deep abyss of work-related conversation.

Sounds fun, right?

I bet you really want to double date with us now.

Since neither of us is looking for a dramatic career change, we'll have to accept life in one of the worst careers for love.

I think that with the wrong attitudes, any career can destroy a relationship. A journalist's schedule isn't always ideal, but it's hardly in the realm of the many deployments I've witnessed since moving to Columbus.

Want to share some reflections about your job?