Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seventy years of marriage

Check out my article about a local couple celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary today. I had fun doing the interview and left feeling a little more confident in the power of love.

In my career as a professional journalist, I've done my share of anniversary stories. I've also interviewed quite a few people who have lived to be 100. And beyond.

When I write these articles, I go into the experience expecting the interviewee to disclose some shocking secret to longevity.

That pretty much never happens.

Instead, they generally speak to the benefits of living a simple life and sculpting your basic life philosophy according to, well, common sense.

Here's what the husband in the 70-year relationship said when I asked him about conquering obstacles to marriage:

"We’d just always come home when we were supposed to."

Amid life's pressures, things aren't always that simple.

But sometimes they are.