Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sex and the City forever!

You know the trick.

You're too nervous to directly discuss a relationship issue with your significant other, so you conveniently schedule some quality TV watching time during a "Sex and the City" marathon.

Oh wow. What a strange coincidence. We just happen to be watching an episode that revolves around saying "I love you."

"What do you think about the show, honey?"

Sound familiar?

Here's one of the long-term effects of "Sex and the City":

Jezebel details recent research suggesting college students "were twice as likely to discuss sexual issues with their partners after seeing a similar conversation on the show."

The study pertains largely to sexual health issues, but I'd suggest the series continues to spur conversations spanning multiple aspects of the relationship world.

I don't like everything about "Sex and the City" -- I'm a particularly harsh critic of the films -- but I appreciate the many social conversations it inspired.