Monday, June 20, 2011

Push presents

As the oldest child of relatively progressive California parents, I grew familiar with the realities of the birthing process at an early age.

I learned many adjectives can characterize labor and delivery. Intense. Emotional. Maybe a little gross.

"Glamorous" was not one of the options.

Yet somehow, it seems like every new mommy these days links giving birth with getting bling.

Welcome to the world of "push presents."

This article describes the trend, which often consists of husbands giving their wives high-end jewelry to reward them for the physical pain of having a baby.

Sorry, friends...I'm not on board with this one. It seems like a selfish tendency that detracts from the emotional value of starting a family.

Then again, I might think differently after enduring swollen ankles and morning sickness.

What do you think?