Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting to know you

I joined another social networking site. I'm now three clicks away from needing an intervention.

My newest obsession/investigative project: TheIceBreak, a website for couples. No, it's not geared toward the swinger crowd.

Instead, it's designed to enhance your relationship.

You sign up individually, answer some questions and then get some suggestions designed to help you "discover more about each other."

I got this romantic "fix" based on the stats I submitted: "Plan a picnic for outdoors or living room."

Um, OK.

Nobody sees your answers to the initial set of relationship questions, and you and your partner don't have to sign up for the site together.

But upon signing up, I was strongly encouraged to invite my boyfriend.

The site includes a private "wall" where you can post messages to each other, as well as a place for you to post your sizes to "help your boyfriend find you a gift for those special days."