Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Training your man

Training treats for boyfriends? Don't discard the idea.

I came across an article that draws parallels between Man Training 101 and Puppy School. It instantly reminded me of "What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love and Marriage," a book I profiled a few years ago.

Both writers apply animal training lessons to human interactions.

Naturally, the approach is vulnerable to criticism. You can easily argue it skews the dynamic in what's supposed to be a relationship between equals.

The aforementioned puppy school story attracted comments like, "Any woman who thinks she is going to use puppy training on an adult male is going to find that she's the one shown the door."

Side note to women: Even if you agree with the concept, it's probably not a good idea to tell your boyfriend you're training him like a puppy.

Anyway, what do you think of the approach? Offensive? Useful? Offensive and useful?