Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday overload

This is when I wish I was a kid again.

Remember how the days leading up to Christmas seemed to pass so slowly? I sometimes made mental countdowns leading up to the day before Christmas Eve, in an attempt to make the time pass faster.

Now, it seems like all my adult friends are asking the same question this month.

"Where did the time go?"

It's a little sad. When you're an adult, Christmas is often something that simply arrives...no major countdown, no sleepless nights of anticipation. But what's the alternative? Most of us can't take time off work to savor the season.

Christmas is almost 10 days away and I've only bought one present. My travel plans for the holiday are still in the works. And as trivial as it sounds, I'm sad I haven't even taken my dog to see Santa yet.

"Real life" comes with the harsh realization that Dec. 25 really is just another day of the year. The universe doesn't stop to allow for Hallmark-worthy moments. Christmas doesn't discriminate against negative emotions.

So yes, I'm experiencing a slight seasonal overload...and trying to remind myself that a busy schedule hasn't blinded me to the intangible gifts that should define this time of year.