Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flexible flirting

Anyone already thinking about Valentine's Day? Yeah, me neither.

OK, you caught me. Of course I'm thinking about Valentine's Day. At least I'm not alone in prematurely obsessing. Some of my female Facebook friends have already posted updates about their plans.

I'm not sure if those updates reflect reality or a bragging method, but still...it's time for my first Valentine's post of the season.

What's your reaction to the phrase "yoga for lovers"?

There's actually a purpose behind the question. Art of Yoga in Columbus will host a yoga for lovers/Valentine partner workshop on Feb. 12.

You can spend an "afternoon exploring the blessings of intimacy & love through the practice of partner yoga & Thai Yoga Massage."

It might be the most creative option, but it's certainly not the only couples-oriented activity that will surface in February. I've also heard about local cooking classes for couples and even a Valentine's relay race for couples. (I'll blog about those activities soon, I promise.)

If you're in a relationship, do these ideas intrigue you? And how hard would it be to convince your partner to attend the aforementioned yoga event?