Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Much Ado About Loving

Quick disclaimer: This blog topic seems ideal for my colleague, Sara Pauff, but I'm going to write a snippet anyway in hopes that she'll write a follow-up blog post or even a column. Game on!

Have you heard about this book, "Much Ado About Loving"? The book basically uses literary classics to deliver relationship advice.

If you're creative enough, I think you can turn anything into a relationship manual. Trust me, I've written columns about the hidden romantic undertones in Easter candy.

Nonetheless, I remember reflecting on modern relationships while taking a Jane Austen course in college. The tendency isn't too surprising. After all, that's often one of the signs of a good book: lessons that transcend time.

Have you used any literary classics as relationship manuals? Do you have a dream partner from a Jane Austen novel?

You can take it from here, Sara...