Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Career versus marriage?

Would you take extended time off work to fine-tune your marriage?

One women did it, and wrote about her experience in an e-mail to the Wall Street Journal's Juggle blog. The 29-year-old childless woman took time off work to focus on "building a home and extending the honeymoon period."

The mini-sabbatical lasted three months. Would you do the same?

It's kind of an unfair question, since few of us have the financial freedom to even contemplate the decision. Let's ignore that element for a moment.

I understand the importance of working on your relationships. And as someone who's never been married, I'm probably in a poor position to comment on the topic.

But I think "building a home" is a two-person job. One person taking time off work to fine-tune the relationship doesn't do much to establish a groundwork of mutual understanding.

Where do you stand?

(via My Daily)