Monday, January 31, 2011

Life as a 20-something

I recently mentioned reporter Sara Pauff will now post the weekend lineup on Fridays. Sara's taking over many of the nightlife duties as I help bolster the paper's online presence.

(On that note, are you friends with us on Facebook? Do it. Now.)

In conjunction with her new role, Sara is writing a new blog, 20 Somethings. Big surprise: It's geared toward readers who are in their 20s. Check it out. Her most recent post addresses the seemingly unavoidable spread of Facebook envy.

Full disclosure: I had somewhat of an identity crisis as I prepared to transition into my new role.

When I told sources about Sara's new responsibilities, they often said, "That's good. You don't go out as much as you used to, anyway."

But I'm still fun, right?

I lost lots of sleep over a fear that I'd lost my fun factor.

To an extent, the assessment was right. When I moved to Columbus, I was single and 24. I also had an extremely high stomach tolerance for sweet drinks.

Now, I'm 28 and in a serious relationship. I drank one glass of white wine the other night and got sick to my stomach.

At the onset of my reporting job here, I vowed to just take life as it happens. I didn't want to maintain some sort of fake persona solely for the sake of having other people believe I was some ultimate party girl.

When I found a boyfriend, many people said I should ignore that portion of my life and still write from a single girl's perspective. But that wasn't my reality.

Time passes, things change and people grow up. Ignoring those facts is almost worse than not being fun.

So I'll just keep writing as usual. After all, I'm not totally an adult. I'm still not married.

Thanks for reminding me, Mom.