Monday, January 10, 2011

Speed dating in Columbus

UPDATE: The event is now open to people 25-45.

Single? Try an upcoming speed dating event.

It's Sunday, Jan. 30, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Open to people 25-45, the event will include a series of eight-minute dates at Springhill Suites on Whittlesey Road. Cost is $34.88. Click here to register.

Local speed dating is a funny thing. I always get calls and e-mail from readers complaining that the bar scene is the only way to meet dates in Columbus.

A speed dating event comes along and -- BAM! -- you'd think tons of people would sign up.

That hasn't happened in the past.

Unfortunately, many of the speed dating events I covered were eventually canceled due to lack of participation. Why? I have a few guesses.

For starters, Columbus still doesn't fall into "big city" territory. You might already know at least one person at your speed dating event. Which can cut into your optimism.

More importantly, we have an extremely skewed gender ratio due to the military. It's likely many of the single guys who sign up will be in the military, which can be disheartening if female participants aren't into military types.

But I hope the upcoming speed dating event succeeds. We need proof that relationship's aren't only formed in nightlife's traditional meet market.