Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pajamas are evil

I'll kick off today's blog updates with an obligatory sentiment: War Eagle!

I wanted to post something that encompassed Auburn's victory and dating, but I scoured the Internet and didn't have much luck. That is, with the exception of this story about an Oregon fan who wanted to marry an "Auburn hottie" and then annul the marriage after the game.

So I'll switch gears a bit and talk about pajamas.

Gawker tactfully notes, "Dear America: You cannot wear your pajamas at all times."

The piece is a reaction to the rise of Pajama Jeans and Jumpin' Jammerz, not to mention the overall tendency to wear flannel pants 24-7. The writer offers this harsh wakeup call:

Sometimes you put on pants with a zipper and a button, a real shirt, and shoes and go out into the cold hard world and do something with your life. No one wants to, but you have to, for the sake of decency and civilization as we know it!

Be something other than some stupid corporation's drooling, whining cash machine and make yourself into a real, whole, grown-up person. A good first step is always getting dressed.

Well said.

Also, with no offense to Gawker, I'll note I wrote a piece with the same message one month ago. My column even includes this line: "You can't wear pajama pants everywhere."

Weigh in with your thoughts on Auburn, pajamas and everything in between.